Alexander Cameron's Birthplace

Alexander Cameron was born on the rugged west coast of Scotland in Highland Argyllshire, the son of John Cameron. His birthplace (as listed in the 1861 Scottish Census) was Strontian parish in Argyllshire. Research in Strontian parish records show a large number of Camerons in that area. Records left by his granddaughter, Catherine Cameron Southam, show him as being "of Mull", Argyllshire, an island near the coastal parish of Strontian. Mull is one of the rocky, beautiful Hebrides Islands. Today a ferry takes you on a 45-minute trip to Mull, which is dominated by the ancient castle of the MacLeans. The same records of Catherine Southam show this family group, listing Alexander Cameron's parentage:

John Cameron born abt. 1769 of Mull

Mrs. John Cameron " " 1771       "


Donald 1791    of Mull

Peter 1793           "

John 1795            "

*Alexander 1797  "

Thomas 1799       "

Jennet 1801         "

Kirtsey 1803       "

(Temple Record Book of Catherine Cameron Southam, FHS# 218887)

Cameron Temple Book

Alexander Cameron’s son, John Alexander Cameron wore the kilt of Cameron of Erracht. The Camerons of Erracht were a subclan of Clan Cameron, descended from a Cameron son: “Erracht, (The Camerons of)  The first Cameron of Erracht was Ewan, eldest son of Ewen, thirteenth Chief of Clan Cameron, by his second wife Marjory MacKintosh. The family has been known as “Sliochd Eoghainn ic Eoghainn”, or the descendants of Ewen, son of Ewen. The residence of the family was within a short distance of the castle of the Chief, situated on an elevated plateau at the entrance to Glenlui, and seen from the Caledonian Canal between Gairlocy and Banavie. Donald Cameron of Erract took his place beside Lochiel as second in command of Clan Cameron during the Rising of 1745. As a result, Donald was a wanderer from his family and friends for about three years after Culloden."

John Alexander Cameron kilt

Alexander’s father, John Cameron was born in about 1769, according to the family record books kept by James and Catherine Cameron (grandchildren of Alexander). John’s wife is listed simply as “Mrs. John Cameron” with no other name given. She is sometimes shown as “Annie” on compiled family trees, but with no source given. Other sources place their marriage at Kilmalie, a parish to the north of Strontian, but there were so many John Camerons in that area that more attention needs to be given to finding the right John Cameron.  There is a baptism in Strontian in 1807 for Jean, daughter of John Cameron, Mull and Anne Beaton in Scotstown. Jean and Jane were interchangeable in Scotland, and Janet/Jennet are a diminutive form of the name, so this is possibly the Jennet shown in Cameron family records. John is the only one designated as of Mull in the time period.

John Alexander Cameron knife

John Cameron’s (b. abt 1769) parents were likely born in about 1740. This would place John Cameron’s father’s birth before the Rising of 1745 and Battle of Culloden. Camerons responded to calls to fight in the Rising in great force, and it is possible that John’s (1769) grandfather fought at Culloden. There is a tradition that the knife which belonged to John Alexander Cameron (shown above) was used at Culloden by a Cameron ancestor.


The parish of Strontian (or Sunart) was formed from the parish of Ardnamurchan in 1804. The parish of Ardnamurchan is partly in the county of Argyll and partly in the county of Inverness. It includes the districts of Aharacle and Strontian. This description is given: “ARDNAMURCHAN, a parish partly in the county of Argyll, and partly in the county of Inverness; comprising the quoad sacra districts of Aharacle and Strontian. The present parish of Ardnamurchan, previously to the Reformation, was distributed into three separate parishes, comprehending the five districts of Ardnamurchan, Sunart, Moidart, Arasaig, and South Morir. These districts still remain as distinct portions, and from the first the parish takes its name, signifying "the promontory" or "heights of the great sea." The parish is in the presbytery of Mull and synod of Argyll, and is ecclesiastically distributed into five portions, namely, the parish church district, two quoad sacra parishes, a district under the care of a missionary, and another under that of an assistant.” (New Statistical Account of Scotland)

According to, Clan Cameron Cadet Families: “The Camerons of Ardnamurchan - Along with the Camerons of Sunart and Morvernk, these Camerons are descended from Donald na Cuirc Cameron of Glendessary, son of Allan M’Illduy of Lochiel and other affiliated Camerons, who in or about 1650 secured tacks of large areas in these districts aand “colonized” them with Cameron clansmen. In addition to Camerons there were also a fair number of MacMillans, MacPhees and MacLachlans.”

Separate parish registers exist for Strontian beginning in 1804. Ardnamurchan parish registers exist from 1777, but are blank from January 1779 to May 1802, and April 1809 to May 1810. These gaps in the parish registers are, unfortunately at the times when the Cameron children were born. The birth years in James and Catherine's family record books are obviously estimated, as they are exactly two years apart, so it is possible that one of the later children were born after the records resume in 1804. To view research on Camerons in the Strontian parish register and other records, click on Camerons in Strontian.  

Catherine MacCallum's Birthplace


Catherine MacCallum was born (as listed in the 1861 Scottish Census) in the parish of Kilbrandon, Argyllshire. Only one Catherine MacCalllum appears in the Kilbrandon parish registers in the right time frame - Catherine, daughter of John MacCallum and Jean MacLean of Esdale on 15 June 1795 (FHS# 102373), and it was believed that these were her parents. However, new records have become available that point to a different parentage. This record is a death certificate for Catherine Cameron, who died at the home of her daughter, Hellen Cameron in Ballymenuch, Strachur parish.


1862 Deaths in the Parish of Strachur in the County of Argyll
Name and Surname: Catherine Cameron (married)
When and Where Died: 1862 March Eighteenth, 9 h. 0 m. p.m. at Ballymenach

Sex: F
Age: 69 years
Name, Surname and Rank or Profession of Father: Malcolm McCallum, Crofter
Name, and Maiden Surname of Mother: Ann McCallum m.s. (maiden surname) Maxwell

Cause of Death, Duration of Disease, and Medical Attendant by whom certified: Bronchitis, 3 months, as cert. by Dr. Paul
Signature and Qualification of Informant: Archibald Cameron, son in law, present
When and Where registered: 1862 March 26th, A. McLachlan, Asst Registrar

This is most certainly our Catherine MacCallum Cameron. Her daughter Hellen, with husband Archibald, are found in the 1861 and 1871 census in Ballymenach, Strachur. A letter to John Cameron in 1859 from his brother-in-law, James Cameron, mentions Hellen and Archibald's home in Strachur. Catherine lists her birthplace as Kilbrandon in the 1861 census. Parish registers for Kilbrandon and Kilchattan show Malcolm Cameron and Anne or Agnes Maxwell having children in Kilbrandon in the right time period.

Malcolm and Ann have the following children in Kilbrandon: George, christened in 1782, John, christened in 1787, and Catherine, born in about 1795. Malcolm is show as being "of Ballyvicar" in George's christening. Ballyvicar is a townland in Kilbrandon. Malcolm is shown as an "Inkeeper of Caolis" in Kilbrandon at John's christening. Catherine's death certificate shows Malcolm's occupation as a crofter. "A crofter is the person who occupies and works a small landholding known as a croft. A crofter is normally the tenant of the croft, paying rent to the landlord of the croft." (Scottish Crofting Federation,



Alexander Cameron and Catherine MacCallum were married in the nearby parish of Kilmelford. Alexander Cameron was only 16 years old at the marriage, and Catherine was 18 years old.


Alexander Cameron, Servant in Fernoch Melford

Catherine McCallum, Daughter of (blank)

gave in their names for proclamation of Banns on the 4th December and after being legally proclaimed

one Sabbath were married on the 9th

(FHS# 102380)

A Scottish gazetteer gives this description of Kilmelford: "The general surface of the parish is much diversified, comprising high mountains, hills, and dales, intersected by rivers, and ornamented with lochs, amidst a great profusion of beautiful and interesting scenery." Here in the parish of Kilmelfort these children were born to the Camerons:


John, Son of Alexander Cameron workman at Fernoch and Catharine Mac Callum his wife was born the (blank) and baptized the 5th November.


Hellen, Daughter of Alexander Cameron workman in Fernoch and Catharine Mac Callum his wife was born the (blank) and baptized the 22nd September

Christening record for John Alexander Cameron, Kilmelford, Argyllshire, Scotland


*John, son of Alexander Cameron workman in Fernoch and Catherine McCallum his wife was born the (blank) and baptized the (blank) January.


Flory, daughter of Alexander Cameron servant Melford and Catherine McCallum his wife was born the 8th July and baptized the 13th

The first son, John must have died. It was a common practice to re-use names in the event of a death of a child. Scottish naming customs were that the first son should be named for the husband's father. John Alexander Cameron, the second son, was born 25 December 1818, as shown in records left by his daughter, Catherine Cameron Southam, as well as LDS baptism records for the Glasgow Branch.

Family records show that a son, Malcolm, was born next, in 1825, but no record has been found of his christening. The family then moved to Catherine's home parish of Kilbrandon, where her father Malcolm lived, and a son was born here in 1826:


Duncan Cameron, lawful son to Alexander Cameron and his spouse Catharine McCallum born 7th June (FHS# 102373)

The family moved again, to the parish of Inishail, further inland near beautiful Loch Awe. Three more sons were born here:

1830 January 27 Peter to Alexander Cameron workman Balemore and Cathrine McCallum his spouse

Family records show James Cameron, born in 1831, but no record was found for him.

1832 April 11 Alexander to Alexander Cameron workman Rockhill and Cathrine McCallum his spouse

Like many other Scottish Highlanders, Alexander Cameron found it necessary to migrate to different areas seeking employment. Times were difficult, due to the Industrial Revolution, and the Highland clearances - estate owners found it more profitable to have sheep on their land than farmers. Many Highlanders lost their homes in this way. Many migrated to large towns like Glasgow. Alexander's son John was one of these, migrating to Glasgow, most likely to find employment in his trade as a shoemaker. It was here in Glasgow that he married Margaret Fairgrieve, and both were baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and then emigrated to the United States. His father Alexander did not travel so far. In the 1841 Scottish census he is found in Inveraray, a few miles east of Inishail. According to the description in the census, Inverary was a small town "consisting chiefly of one street, with the church in the centre, and another row of houses (termed the Newtown) facing the bay. The chief support of the place is the herring fishing. A considerable number of the inhabitants also find employment on the property of his Grace the Duke of Argyll, to whom, indeed, the whole town belongs."

1841 census

1841 census, Inveraray, Argyllshire, Scotland

The 1841 census shows:

Alexander Cameron  age 50  Ag. Lab., (born in Argyllshire?) Y

Cathrine  50, Y

Helen  20, Y

Duncan  15, Y

Peter  10, Y

Alexander  5, Y

(FHS# 101809. Note: In the 1841 census in Scotland, ages were rounded off to the nearest five years. Ag. Lab. means Agricultural Laborer)

1851 census

1851 census, Inveraray

The Camerons were still found in Inverary ten years later, in the 1851 census:

Alexander Cameron  Head  60  Farm servant, born Argyleshire, Kilbrandon

Catharine  Wife  56, born Argyleshire, Kilbrandon

Duncan  Son  23  Labourer, born Argyleshire, Kilbrandon

James  Grandson  3, born Argyleshire, Inveraray

(1851 census, Kilmun, Inveraray, FHS# 103646)

Note that Alexander Cameron's birthplace is shown as Kilbrandon here, like Catherine and Duncan. In the 1861 census, it is shown as Strontian. 


Letters written to John Cameron by his brother, Peter, in 1854, 1855, and 1857, and by his brother-in-law, James, in 1855, 1857, and 1859, give some information about the personalities and lives of the members of the Cameron family:

Alexander Cameron, the father of the family, worked at a variety of jobs. In Peter's letter, he says, "Father is working in a wood with horse. He is carting wood to the church, but small wages. He has his health, but cannot stand the work he used to do." James states that he was "jobbing away at laboring work, but wages are very small at Inverary and everything very high."

James describes a very sad scene after the death of Peter: "It was a terrible fog on the Clyde at the time, and the boat could not sail the appointed day, and your poor old Father sat on Inverary quay all night expecting the boat and got a severe cold which has not left him yet, and is not well since, although working a little with the carting about Inverary."

Catherine MacCallum, the mother of the family, was by Peter's description, "frail, but always rising and going about". She asked Peter to have John send some of the hair of the children (Catherine and James). James describes her as "of course not strong, but she holds up well." In 1857, Peter wrote, "Father and Mother is as you may suppose getting frail. Mother is very much so. I have not seen Father this three years. Mother was through this summer seeing us all." In 1859, James wrote, "I have never got Father to come to see us, although your mother has been many a time. She thinks nothing of coming all the way alone, altho she is very frail, and I am afraid will surely not be able to come again...It was sore on mother to take Peter with her a corpse."

John Cameron, the first child, died as a child.

Hellen Cameron married Archibald Cameron 30 January 1845 in Inveraray. They had seven children, Duncan, Catherine, Anne, Flora, Alexander, Archibald and Helen. All of the children were born in Stralachlan, Argyllshire between 1846 and 1859. Archibald worked for a while at herring fishing, then day labor. James describes their situation in 1859: "Archibald Cameron, Hellen's husband, is still in Strachur. They have a cow, and he works on the same farm. They have six of a family, three boys, three girls, nice children...Arch and Hellen cannot have a great deal more than the necessities of life as the wages are very small there and victuals is very high here this few years, but they are happy, which is better than luxury without happiness.

Hellen and Archibald are found in the 1861 Scottish census in Balimenach, Strachur parish:

Archibald Cameron, head, age 45, born Strachur, laborer
Helen, wife, age 42, born Melfoot, Argyllshire
Ann, daughter, age 11, born Strachur, scholar
Flora, daughter, age 8, born Strachur, scholar
Alexander, son, age 6, born Strachur, scholaar
Archibald, son, age 4, born Strachur
Ellen, daughter, age 1, born Strachur
Mary Brodie, sister, age 58, born Strachur, pauper

(1861 Scotland census on

Hellen is found in the 1871 Scottish census in Ballimenach, Strachur parish:

Helen Cameron, age 51, born Kilmartin, ford, laborer's wife
Archibald, son, age 14, born Strachur, scholar
Helen, daughter, age 12, born Strachur, scholar
Elizabeth, niece, age 2, born Glasgow

(1871 Scotland census on

Hellen died 16 May 1882 in Strachur, as the widow of Archibald Cameron, labourer. She died of bronchitis. Her parents are listed as Alexander Cameron, farm manager, and Catherine MacCallum, both deceased. The informant was her son Archibald Cameron.

John Cameron, our ancestor, joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Scotland. He emigrated to America. His sisters knit a shawl for him to take with him. He treasured this shawl through his life. Many of the family remember seeing it lay across his lap as he would sit in his chair.

Flora Cameron married James Cameron 26 February 1847 in Inveraray. James was the son of James Cameron and Jane Cameron. They had nine children: James, Alexander, John, Peter, Catherine, Jane, Thomas, Jean, and Robina.. The first two children were born in Inveraray, then by 1851 the family had moved to New Cumnock in Ayrshire. They had a "good place" in Ayrshire. In his letters from Knockshinnock, Ayrshire, James said, "I left Inverary and came here as keeper four years past a Whitsuntide last. Beside the game I have now charge of improvements and everything on the property." In 1859 James wrote "I am sorry to say that Flora, my wife, your sister, has not been stout this twelve months past. About this time last year she took seriously ill with dysentery and has not been so well since. At that time our youngest child, a nice little girl, was ten months took a similar trouble to the mother, and it did not get rid of it, and died in July last. It died in July last. It died in Hellen's at Strachur. As Flora and the child was not about, Hellen was very anxious that Flora should go home for a change of sea air, and Hellen came here and took Flora and the child with her. They were only there a week and had not got across the Loch to Father's when the child got worse. A great grief to us all, but especially to Flora."

Flora and her son Alexander are found in the 1851 census in Kinchreggan. James is not at home, and is likely on his way to New Cumnock. Their son James is living with his grandparents at the time of the census. Flora's brother Malcolm was living with Flora in Kinchreggan.

Flora Cameron, head, married, age 25, housekeeper, birthplace Argyllshire, Inveraray
Alexander Cameron, son, unmarried, age 2, birthplace Argyllshire, Inveraray
Malcom Cameron, brother, unmarried, age 23, laborer, birthplace, Argyllshire, Inveraray

(1851 census, Glenaray & Inveraray)

Flora and James are found in the 1861 Scottish census in Burfors Alton, New Cumnock parish, Ayrshire:

James Cameron, head, age 39, born Strathblane, Stirlingshire, gamekeeper and land steward
Flora, wife, age 34, born Milfarse, Argylshire
Alexander, son, age 11, born Inverary, Argylshire
John, son, age 9, born born N Cumnock, scholar
Peter, son, age 7, born New Cumnock, scholar
Catherine, daughter, age 5, born N Cumnock
Thomas, son, age 1, born N Cumnock

(1861 Scotland census on

Flora and James are found in the 1871 Scottish census in Burnfoot Carcow, New Cumnock, Ayrshire:

James Cameron, head, age 49, born Strathblane, Stirlingsh, gamekeeper
Flora, wife, age 44, born Kilinver, Argylesh
Catherine, daughter, age 15, born New Cumnock, scholar
Thomas, son, age 11, born New Cumnock, scholar
Jean, daughter, age 9, born New Cumnock, scholar
Robina, daughter, age 5, born New Cumnock, scholar

(1871 Scotland census on

James Cameron died 1 June 1874 in New Cumnock.

Flora is found in the 1881 census in Burnfoot Afton, New Cumnock, Ayshire:

Flora Cameron, head, age 54, born Kilinver, Argyleshire, game keeper's wife
Peter, son, age 27, born New Cumnock, Ayrshire, game keeper
Thomas, age 21, born New Cumnock, annuitant? (possibly assistant game keeper?)
Jeanie, daughter, age 19, born New Cumnock, dressmaker
Robina, daughter, age 15, born New Cumnock, dressmaker
John Tait, visitor, age 4, born New Cumnock
George Hyslop, visitor, age 9, born New Cumnock, scholar
Angus Armstrong, lodger, age 31, born Sorn, Ayrshire, wood forrester

(1881 Scotland census on

Flora is found in the 1891 Scottish census in Braeside Cottage, New Cumnock, Ayrshire:

Flora Cameron, head, age 63, born Kilninver, Argyle
Catherine Tait, daughter, age 35, born New Cumnock
Thomas Cameron, son, age 31, born New Cumnock
Robina Cameron, daughter, age 24, born New Cumnock
James Cameron, g son, age 19, born New Cumnock, grocer
John Tait, age 14, born England, colliery clerk
Flora C Stephen, age 3, granddaughter, born New Cumnock
John R McLennan, boarder, age 28, born Inverness, watchmaker

(1891 Scotland census on

Flora died 26 May 1896 in Braeside Cottage, New Cumnock, as the widow of James Cameron, land steward and gamekeeper. She was 70 years old and died of "senile decay". Her parents were listed as Alexander Cameron, farmer, and Catherine MacCallum, both deceased. The informant for the death certificate was her son, Peter Cameron.

Malcolm Cameron seems to have been the black sheep of the family. James says that "I had Malcolm another winter, but poor fellow he behaved very bad and got another good place. After he left to be a soldier. I don't know where he is now." Peter adds, "We don't know where he is but I think he is at the seat of war, but pray that his soul may be saved for Christ's sake." Malcolm was "saying in his letters he repented the way he had behaved." In 1857 Peter said, "Malcolm is at home, he got his discharge." In 1859 James wrote "As for Malcolm, he has not behaved quite so well, but is doing, I hope, better now. He was also here with me a winter six years ago. He listed out of here to be a soldier in Scots Fusilier Guards through drink. He was at the Crimea, but Sebastapol was taken two days before he arrived. After the Rupian war he got his discharge, being rather undersize. He is now working with a Gentleman near Helenobaugh at Resneash, but I have not seen him since he listed, as he knew I was very much displeased with his conduct, but I learn he is doing better now." Family tradition is that he went to Australia.

Malcolm was found living with his sister Flora in the 1851 census in Kinchreggan, parish of Glenaray & Inveraray:

Flora Cameron, head, married, age 25, housekeeper, birthplace Argyllshire, Inveraray
Alexander Cameron, son, unmarried, age 2, birthplace Argyllshire, Inveraray
Malcom Cameron, brother, unmarried, age 23, laborer, birthplace, Argyllshire, Inveraray

(1851 census, Glenaray & Inveraray)

Malcolm's service military record is found on in the 1st Battalion Scots Fusilier Guards in Crimea, with a service date of 1854-1855.

Malcolm Cameron service record

                                                     UK Military Campaign Medal and Award Rolls


Duncan Cameron married Jemima Smith 12 June 1857 in Milton, Glasgow. In 1858, Peter wrote, "Duncan is married last May to a woman belonging to Stirling. I think a good deal of her. She served with me here and it was here that he got acquainted with her." Peter and Alexander were witnesses at the marriage. They had three children, Alexander (born 1858 in Kirkintilloch, Dunbarton), Catherine Jemima (born 1860 in Kirkintilloch) and Duncan (born 1862 in Neilston, Renfrew). Peter's letter in 1858 said that Duncan had a place in Ayrshire. Later he "left this place and got a place near Glasgow as Coachman." James describes him: "Duncan is also very steady and carries a first rate character. Both (Duncan and Sandy) are very kind in helping their parents."

Duncan Cameron marriage

Marriage record for Duncan Cameron and Jemima Smith in Glasgow

Duncan and Jemima are found in the 1861 Scottish census in Micklehill Enthouse, Kirkintilloch, Dumbartonshire:

Duncan Cameron, head, age 30, born Inveraray, Argylshire, coachman
Jamina, wife, age 30, born Alloa, Clarkmananshire
Alexander, son, age 2, born Kirkintilloch
Catherine, daughter, age 6 mo., born Kirkintilloch
Alexander, brother, age 22, born Inveraray, Argylshire, gardener
Duncan, nephew, age 12, born Cowall, Argylshire, message boy

(1861 Scotland census on

Duncan and Jemima are found in the 1871 Scottish census in Ardardan Gardners House, Cardross, Dumbartonshire:

Duncan Cameron, age 33, born Milport, Argyleshire, gardner (domestic servant)
Jemima, wife, age 30, born Allen, Clackmanshire
Alexander, son, age 13, born Campan, Stirlingshire, message boy (domestic serv)

(1871 Scotland census on


Peter Cameron wrote to John Cameron about coming to America. He was ill, "vomiting blood", and this illness killed him in 1858. During his life he worked at "driving and cutting wood and watching game". After he became ill he went to stay with James and Flora. In 1857 he wrote to John "I am not very strong nor never will I do think." He worked then as an undergardener. In 1859 James wrote "It is my painful duty to inform you that your Dear Brother Peter departed from this worldly scene on the 18th of November last. He had grown a very quiet steady man. He came here to assist me for a few months, and afterwards I got him in with the same master at a place near Kilmarnock halfway between here and Glasgow, and has been there for nearly three years as a general servant...Peter engaged in another place to be gardener but about the time he should have entered his new place he died. Seven weeks before he died he took a vomiting of blood which returned ever fourth or fifth day till it quite exhausted him. His mother was here seeing Flora at the time he took it. About three weeks after he took ill he went to Glasgow to the Doctors there, from there to Duncan's at Kirkintulloch where he died. Hellen and Sandy arrived the night before to see him die, along with Duncan and Mother, but he was dead the night before Flora got there. Duncan took the corpse to Inverary...I miss poor Peter very much. He was a friend indeed, and was always here by first train if any of us were unwell...I am happy to state and it must be very gratifying to you that he died very composed and resigned to the Lord's will, and gave good evidense of having found an interest in Christ, even long before his trouble. His mind seemed to be turned to things unseen."

Death certificate for Peter Cameron (

James Cameron
"died young".


Alexander Cameron, nicknamed "Sandy", worked in Strachur. Peter said, "They pay sheep for the half of his wages. He is a tall strong fellow." James Cameron wrote, "Sandy is shepherd on the same farm (in Strachur, with Archibald and Hellen), but I had a letter from Sandy today and he tells me he has given up his place and intends to try some other work... Sandy is a tall very good looking young man, the brawest of all the family, and remarkably clean, steady and well behaved.

Alexander is found living with Duncan and Jemima Cameron in the 1861 census in Kirkintilloch. He was 22 years old, and working as a gardener.

(To view the full text of the letters written to John Alexander Cameron by his family, click here.)

1861 census, Inveraray

The last record of the Camerons is found in the 1861 census in Inveraray. The house name was Cross Houses. Cross Houses was built by the Duke of Argyll in the 1750s as a part of the new town of Inverarary. There are three 18th century cottages.

Alexander Cameron  Head  65  Carter  born Argyllshire, Strontian

Catherine  Wife  66  Carter's wife  born Argyllshire, Kilbrandon

Catherine  Grdau  12  Scholar  born Argyllshire, Strachur

A carter was someone who transported goods with a horse and cart: "The carter might work with a pony and trap, even a donkey. Many carters worked carrying produce from the country into the towns on market days. Sometimes a carter worked in conjunction with his wife, fitting her work in with his. They formed a team." ("The Effects of Occupations on British Family Life"; Elizabeth M. Simpson).

Cross Houses Inveraray

Cross Houses, Inveraray


No record of the deaths of Alexander has yet been found. Catherine MacCallum Cameron died 18 March 1862 in Strachur, Argyll, Scotland.



ALEXANDER CAMERON, the son of John Cameron, was born in 1797 in Strontian, Argyllshire, Scotland. He married Catherine MacCallum 9 December 1813 in Kilmelford, Argyllshire. John worked as a servant in Fernoch. Catherine was born about 1795 in Kilbrandon, Argyllshire, the daughter of Malcolm MacCallum and Anne Maxwell. Alexander and Catherine had the following children:

1. John, christened 5 November 1814 in Kilmelford; died January 1819 in Kilmelford.

2. Hellen, christened 22 September 1816 in Kilmelford; married Archibald Cameron 30 January 1845 in Inveraray; died 16 May 1882 in Strachur.

3. John Alexander, born 25 December 1818 in Barachuil, Kilmelford, Argyllshire; christened January 1819 in Kilmelford; married Margaret Fairgrieve 26 August 1845 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire; died 8 October 1903 in Randolph, Rich, Utah.

4. Flora, born 8 July 1821 in Kilmelford; christened 13 July 1821 in Kilmelford; married James Cameron 26 February 1847 in Inverary, Argyllshire; died 26 May 1896 in Braeside Cottage, New Cumnock, Ayrshire.

5. Malcolm, born in 1825 in Argyllshire.

6. Duncan, born 7 June 1826 in Kilbrandon, Argyllshire; married Jemima Smith 12 June 1857 in Milton, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland.

7. Peter, born in Balemore, Inishail, Argyllshire; christened 27 January 1830 in Inishail; not married; died 18 November 1858 in Kirkintilloch, Dumbarton, Scotland.

8. James, born in 1831 in Argyllshire, died young.

9. Alexander, born in Rockhill, Inishail, Argyllshire; christened 11 April 1832 in Inishail.

  SOURCES: Kilmelford parish register, FHS# 102380; Kilbrandon parish register, FHS# 102373; Inishail parish register, FHS# 102370; 1841 census, Inverary, FHS# 101809; 1851 census, Inverary, FHS# 103646, p. 8; 1861 census, Inverary; IGI; Catherine Cameron Southam Temple Record Book, FHS# 218887; James Alexander Cameron Temple Record Book, FHS# 673267-8; letters written to John A. Cameron by his brothers, copy in my possession; death certificates for Catherine MacCallum Cameron, Flora Cameron, and Hellen Cameron on

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