Hit and Miss
Hit and Miss Antique Stationary Gasoline Engines


Fairbanks Morse Z
(aka "Dish Pan")
1 1/2 hp at 500 RPM
Manufactured  in 1922

My first hit and miss engine restoration.

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Here is my second engine. It was given to me by a friend. He didn't want it anymore!!

Fairbanks Morse Z
(aka "Dish Pan")
2 hp at 600 RPM
ser# 688392
Manufactured  in 1927

The entire hoist was manufactured by A. L. Young Machinery Company in San Francisco, California
It has a label on side of the main frame

This rig was used by J. T. Thorp & Sons Inc. ( http://www.jtthorpe.com/ ) untill it was retired (thrown out).

It is a throttled engine with a mag. It is missing the entire govenor bracket and all the parts and the type R mag.

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This is what is left of a another engine I also own.

3 - 3 1/2 HP
575 RPMs
Type CT3
Serial Number TC250732

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