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Welcome To The Information Page

    The Russian Mosin Nagant & Historic Military Firearms Page is dedicated to the collecting and preservation of the rifle Mosin and all other historic military firearms.

    The popularity of the Mosin has grown over the past few years as more and more people discover how interesting and affordable these rifles are to collect.

    The purpose of this site is to offer the novice and advanced collector an overview of the Mosin Nagant as well as information about cleaning and caring for them as well as articles about collecting and shooting them. This site grew out of a handful of photos several years ago that I posted to showcase some of my acquisitions. Since then I have done extensive research into the history of these rifles and have expanded the site with that information. You will also note that there are articles posted here from noted researchers like Terence Lapin and Karl-Heinz Wrobel. With their help and the help of researcher/collectors like Vic Thomas, this site has become one of the best known resources on the web for Mosin information!

    As you read through this site, keep in mind that it has been developed and dedicated to the idea of preserving these historic military firearms. We have been entrusted with these historic treasures so we have a responsibility to pass them on to future generations. So many great historic military weapons have become "extinct" over the years because non-collectors have approached them with an attitude that as "military surplus", they were junk and available in boundless quantities. As a result, they used these historic firearms for experiments in gunsmithing that were eventually discarded. Please join us in advocating the preservation of all historic military firearms.

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