Arien Allertsen Roosa and Maria Everts Pels

    Arien Allertsen Roosa was from Herwijnen, Gelderland, Netherlands. He was the son of Albert Heymans Roosa and Wyntje Ariens de Jongh. Arien had four brothers, Heiman, Jan, Aert, and Guert (died young), and five sisters, Eyke, Jannetje, Neeltie, Marritje, and Annetje.
    On 16 April 1660, he and his family set sail for New Netherland aboard de Bonte Koe. They settled in Wildwyck (later Kingston, Ulster, New York). Three years later, in 1663, the village was attacked by Native Americans and Arien's eldest sister and another of the Roosa children were taken prisoners. Nevertheless, Arien and his brother, Jan, ventured out to work in the fields without permission and were caught and fined by the Schout (sheriff). Arien was still a minor at that point.
    New Netherland was taken over by the English and tensions ran high between the English soldiers and the Dutch burghers throughout the colony. In 1664, Arien, his father, and Ariaen Huybertsen got into a fight with the English guard over a canoe that belonged to the Roosas. Neither party could speak the other's language very well and the conflict became physical. In 1665, Arien's father was summoned to court and many residents thought he would be arrested. A crowd, including Arien, assembled but the situation ended peacefully. Arien told the court that he was on his way to the minister with a message, saw something going on at the guardhouse, stopped briefly, and then continued his errand. In 1667, the Esopus mutiny took place as reaction to the abuses of the English commander at the Esopus, Captain Brodhead. Arien and his father were later charged as being among the key players in the mutiny. The governor banished the two Roosas and the others for their part but later reversed the sentences.
    Arien married Maria Everts Pels. Maria was the daughter of Evert Everts Pels and Jannetje Sijmons and the sister of at least two brothers, Evert and Symen, and at least two sisters, Rabecca and Elisabet.

Arie and Maria had:

1. Aldert Roosa, married Petronella van Etten (the daughter of Jacob Jansen van Etten and Annetje Adriaens-see Van Etten family) 21 Jun 1696 in Kingston, Ulster, New York.[1]

2. Jannetje Roosa, married Jan van Etten, died before 22 Jun 1731.[2]

3. Rebecca Roosa, baptized 20 Mar 1678 in New York City, Kings, New York, married Lourens Oosterhout 4 May 1701 in Kingston, Ulster, New York.

4. Evert Roosa, baptized 26 Oct 1679 in Kingston, Ulster, New York, married Tietje van Etten (the daughter of Jacob Jansen van Etten and Annetje Adriaens-see Van Etten family) 10 May 1702 in Kingston, Ulster, New York, lived in Hurley, Ulster, New York, will dated 5 Mar 1726/7 and proved 3 May 1749.

5. Weyntie Roosa, baptized 4 Jun 1682 in Kingston, Ulster, New York, married Nicolaus du Puy in 1706 in Kingston, Ulster, New York.

6. Engeltje Roosa, baptized Sep 1685 in Kingston, Ulster, New York, married Cornelis Schoonmaker 19 Dec 1711 in Kingston, Ulster, New York.

7. Annetje Roosa, baptized 22 Dec 1687 in Kingston, Ulster, New York, married Johannes Westbroek, Jr. (the son of Johannes Westbrook and Magdalena Decker-see Westbrook family) 19 Dec 1715 in Kingston, Ulster, New York.

8. Arien Roosa, baptized 3 Jun 1694 in Kingston, Ulster, New York, married Johanna de Hooges (the daughter of Johannes de Hooges and Margarita Post-see de Hooges family) 4 Dec 1713 in Kingston, Ulster, New York.

9. Mary Roosa, baptized 28 Aug 1698 in Kingston, Ulster, New York, married Gerrit Van Kampen 31 Jan 1717 in Kingston, Ulster, New York.

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Records of Baptisms of the Reformed Church at New York.

Baptism Date Parents Child Witnesses
1678 Adriaen Albertszen Roos Rebecca Stoffel Elswaert,
20 Mar Maria Adriaens Margrietie Claes

Source: Brassard, Theodore (comp.), Baptisms at the Reformed Dutch Church of New Amsterdam (1639-1730), Nottingham, NH:, 2000.

Records of Baptisms of the Reformed Church at Kingston, Ulster, NY.

Page Number Baptism Number Baptism Date Parents Child Witnesses
12 196 1679 Ary Heymansse Rosa Evert Jochem Engelbart.
26 Oct.  Marya Pels Neeltie Rosa.
16 264 1682 Ary Rosa Weyntie Heyman Rosa.
4 June Weyntie Aendriaanz d'Jong [3] Margriet Classz Rooseveld. [4]
24 426 1685 Ary Rosa Engeltie Gerard Aartzen.
Sept. Maria Pels Weyntie (surname not given).
30 544 1687 Arian Rose Alberson Annetje Jacob Barents Cole.
22 Dec. Maria Ever Pels Marietje Seymans.
42 785 1694 Arien Roos Arien Teunis Oosterhout.
3 June Maria Pels Ariaantje Roos.
54 1056 1698 Arien Roosa Mary Hillegond Roosa.
28 Aug. Mary Pels

Kingston Marriage Register.

Page 512, Marriage #118     1696, 21 June
ALDERT ROOS, j.m., born in Horle (Hurley), and PETRONELLA VAN ETTEN, j.d., born in Mormel (Marbletown), both resid. in Horle (Hurley). Banns published, but dates not given.

Page 517 Marriage #172      1701, 4 May
LAURENS OOSTERHOUT, j. m., born and resid. in Brabant, and REBECCA ROOSA, j. d., born and resid. in Horle (Hurley). Banns published, but dates not given.

Page 518 Marriage #191      1702, 10 May
EVERT ROOSA, j. m., born in Horle (Hurley), and TIETJE VAN ETTEN, j. d., born in Mormelt (Marbletown), and both resid. in Horle. Banns published, but dates not given.

Page 523 Marriage # 247      1706, (Date of marriage not given.)
NICOLAUS DU PUY, j. m., born in Kingstowne, and resid. in Rochester, and WEYNTIE ROOSA, j. d., born in Horle (Hurley), and resid. in Horle (Hurley). First publication of Banns, 5 April.

Page 525 Marriage #270      1711, 19 Dec.
CORNELIS SCHOONMAKER, j. m., resid. in Rosester (Rochester), and ENGELTJEN ROSA, j. d., of Kingston. Married on the presentation of a license.

Page 528 Marriage #306      1713, 4 Dec.
ARIAAN ROOSA, j. m., born in Horly (Hurley), and JOHANNA DE HOOGES, j. d., also born in Horly. Banns registered, 15 Nov.

Page 530 Marriage #338      1715, 19 Dec.
JOHANNES WESTBROEK, junior, j. m., born in Kingstown, and ANTJEN ROOSA, j. d., born in Horly (Hurley). Banns registered, 11 Dec.

Page 532 Marriage #361      1717, 31 Jan.
GERRIT VAN KAMPEN, j. m., born in 'Savengonk (Shawangunk), and MARYTJEN ROOSA, j. d., born in Horle (Hurley). Banns registered, 13 Jan.

Source: Hoes, Roswell Randall (comp.), Baptismal and Marriage Registers of the Old Dutch Church of Kingston, Ulster County, New York, Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1997 (originally published by De Vinne Press (New York), 1891).

From the Kingston, Ulster, New York Court Records.

Vol. I, Page 76-7, 9 Oct 1663
    Roelof Swartwout, Schout, plaintiff, vs. Pieter Bruynsen, Henderick Aertsen, Ariaen Roose, Jan Roose, Willem Aertsen, Cornelis Brantsen Vos, Jacob Joosten, Ariaen Huybertsen, Harmen Hendericksen, defendants.
    Plaintiff demands of the above mentioned defendant fines for violating the ordinance dated August 4, last, that no one should venture out to mow without consent and a proper convoy, the fines being,
    For Pieter Bruynsen,              25 gldrs.
    " Henderick Aertsen              75 "
    " Ariaen Roose,                     75 "
    " Jan Rose,                            75 "
    " Willem Aertsen,                  75 "
    " Cornelis Brantsen,               75 "
    " Jacob Joosten,                    75 "
    " Harmen Hendericksen,        75 "
    " Ariaen Huybertsen,             75 "
    Cornelis Barentsen, on behalf of his farm hands above named, answers that they are not guilty and that they are not disposed to pay the fine, but that the matter must be heard and decided by the judge having jurisdiction, and requests copy thereof.
    Cornelis Barentsen Slecht's reply having been heard, the court here decides it has jurisdiction, and orders the above defendants to pay the fines in full to the plaintiff.

Vol. I, Page 95, 30 Oct 1663
    Roelof Swartwout, Schout, plaintiff, vs. Ariaen Roose and Jan Roose, defendants. Plaintiff demands from defendants a fine of one hundred gldrs., for violating the ordinance dated August 4, in that they worked in the field without permission and a convoy, and also say that they had sufficient means of defence there.
    The Council of War and Commissaries decide that, as defendants are still young and minors, they shall be excused in this case.

Vol. I, Page 176, 18 Nov 1664
    Samuel Olivier, Joris Porter, Eduard Chattelton, appearing before the hon. court, say that on last Thursday, being Nov. 3/13 (they being stationed on the redoubt as a guard), Allert Heymans came with his people for the purpose of taking a canoe from the shore which canoe they had been ordered to watch by the guard which they relieved. Ariaen Huybertsen then came and took hold of the canoe for the purpose of shoving it into the water, whereupon Samuel Olivier came with his gun for the purpose of preventing the same, and threatened to shoot said Ariaen Huybertsen. Ariaen Albertsen, in the meantime, took the small shot out of his gun, and reloaded it with ball, and Allert Heymans also challenged the guard to fight them, man against man, and even raised his axe and threatened the soldier Eduart Chattelton to hit him with the same, and make a complaint about the violence committed against them in their quality of guards at the redoubt by the aforementioned persons. Allert Heymans answers that he arrived on the bank with his people, for the purpose of launching their own canoe, and to use it for hunting, whereupon Samuel Olivier, coming from the redoubt, with his gun cocked, spoke to them. They not being able to understand him, Ariaen Huybertsen, nevertheless, intended to float the canoe, whereupon Samuel pointed the gun at his chest, whereupon he, Ariaen, pushed the gun out of the way, and took hold of his arm, and, this happening, Eduard Chattelton approached Ariaen, aforementioned, with and oar and struck at him, whereupon Joris Porter drew his sword for the purpose of separating parties. Thereupon Allert Heymans called from the wagon, "Keep quiet, I shall immediately come over to you to get the canoe afloat." When he came near the canoe, Eduard Chattelton also came with his gun, holding the thumb on the trigger and pointed to him to let the canoe alone. In the meantime, he (Heymans) took up the axe from the canoe and threatened him with the same, whereupon Eduard reversed his gun and threatened him with the butt end. In the meantime Ariaen Allerts, seeing this also took hold of his gun and loaded it with ball. Allert Heymans further went with the others to the redoubt, and there they were better informed by each other. The English, then understanding them a little (and understanding) that it wastheir own canoe, thereupon gave them the oars, and allowed the canoe to follow, and even Eduard Chattelton himself assisted them in getting the canoe afloat. They also deny having challenged the English soldiers, and further deny having taken the small shot out of the gun, but (say) that they simply loaded it with ball, because it was unloaded.

Vol. I, Page 180, 25 Nov 1664
    Willem Beeckman, Schout, Plaintiff vs. Allert Heymans, Adriaen Huybertsen and Ariaen Allertsen, Defendants
    Plaintiff demands from defendants on account of violence committed on the bank near the redoubt against the guard there, being for Allert Heymans and Ariaen Huybertsen 25 gldrs. each for the poor and for Ariaen Aelertsen 50 gldrs. for the poor, because he loaded his gun with ball, while they were having a quarrel on account of the taking away of a canoe, and sustains that defendants were not permitted to be their own judges in their own behalf. Defendants, having been informed by reading to them the complaint made on Nov. 18 last by the English soldiers, and the answers given thereupon, affirm their foregoing answer, and thereto add that the difference between them originates in their inability to at first well understand each other, the one party being English, the other Dutch. The hon. court, upon the advice of Mr. Christoffel Beresfort, commander of the local garrison, decides that defendants are not permitted to be their own judges, but that they ought to have addressed themselves to the court, and therefore sentences defendant Allert Heymans to pay 20 gldrs. to the poor and Ariaen Huybertsen 10 gldrs. in sewan.

Vol. I, Pages 236 & 238, 2 Jun 1665
    Examination of the below-mentioned persons, in regard to the turmoil on May 26 last...
    Ariaen Allertsen Roos asked, whether he had the watch last Tuesday? says, "No." What did he at the guardhouse? says that he had something to do at the minister's, and seeing some people at the guardhouse also went there, and after having delivered his message to the domine, he returned home.
This examination of the aforesaid persons by the hon. court and Bugher Council of War is adjourned till the arrival of the hon. Ld. Gov. Genl. or his order, just as the different between Allert Heymans and Daniel Butterwout was, yesterday, also adjourned till the arrival of the said Ld. Gov. Genl.

Source: Versteeg, Dingman, New York Historical Manuscripts: Dutch: Kingston Papers, 2 vols., Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1976.

Ulster County, New York Probate Records

Pages 130-132
Page 138.—Roosa, Evert, of Hurly.
     Will dated March 5, 1726/7, and written in Dutch.
     “Tot myn huys op Horrely in de Corporatie Van Kingstown” “Seer Sieck En Swack.”
     (Long religious preamble).
     “Ann myn HuysVrouw Tietje van Ette myn Geheele Staet” “Geduerende haer Leven.”—“En So het De Heere Geliefde uyt Dese Wearelt te Haele Voor En aller myn Yongste Kint tot Syn of haer mondige Jaren Syn So sall myn soon Jacobus myn Staet besitten mits Dat hy myn Kinders Daer yaerlicks En alle Jaere De Huer van betaelt tot dat het youngste Kint Monditgh is en dan Eengaal onder hein De Voor noende Jacobus Abraham En Aldert myn Drie Jongste Soons Gedeelt to werde mits Sy aen Eyder van myn Doghters uytkeere de som van L20.” “Voor het huys Schuer Jacob Aertsens Lant Cremakers Lant en Wassemakers Lant Geheeten Dit voornoende Lant Moet onder de voorseyde drie soons Engaal Gedeelte werde als het Youngste Kintmondigh als Voore En dan aen haer susters Eyder Twintigh als voor seyt is GeveVizt an Antje Marytje Catharine Sara Lea En Ragell Samme Een hondert En Twintigh Pont En” “het Heere Geliefde Jacobus uyt Dese Waerelt te haele sonder wettelicke Erfgename So sall syn part vervalle aen syn two Jongste Broeders als Abraham En Aldert En als Abraham Sterft als voore sydt is van Jacobus so sall syn part vervalle an Aldert en als Aldert ook sterft sonder Erfgename so sulle myn Doghters voornoemt alle Eengall deele nevens haer Broeder Arrie.
     “Aan myn oudste soon Arrietwe Darde van myn Lant over de Revier in Dutches County En gekent als part van het Lant dat Gerret Aertsen Arien Roosa Jan Eltinge Henderick En Jacob Kip Patent En het is het Lott No. 4” “als het jongste kint mondigh is de somme van L40” “om onder syn voorhoende susters Vizt. Antje Marytje Catharine Sarra Lea en Ragell gedeelt te werde, En als dat Arie van stoned aen vry sonder huer of Molistastie het selfde magh besitten En voor syn Eerste geboorten Reght En Hengst Vuele als sy tot deeling Comen.”
     “Aen myn Doghter Marytje De huysvrouw van Jacob Oosterhaude de andere Darde part van voornoemde Lott No. 4 moet naest Hendricus Heermanse syn.”
    “An alle myn Kinders nae de Doodt van myn Huysvrouw alle myn Losse Staet, als paerde, Beeste En ander Goot.”
    “Myn Broeder Aldert Roosa En Timothy Low” appointed executors. Signed by the testator.
        Ariaen Gerritsen
        Gerrit Newkercke
        Timothy Low
     “Kennelick Syen” “Dat de meeningh van my Evert Roosa is dat all het ik heir Boven Vermaakt heb aen myn Kindere” “is” “voor Eewigh En om Dat het gedoght Wert Dat de Getuygen Heir nevens of voore Geteykent niet Suffisant waare So So hebbe meede heir andere versoght met de Verklaeringh heir voore of heir nevens in Kennisse waer van Heb ik myn hant En Seegel heir nevens Geset.” March 8, 1726/7.
    (At my house in H. in the corporation of K.—To my wife T. v. E. mywhole estate for life. And if the beloved Lord should call her form this world before all my youngest children are of age, my son Jacob shall then have the estate, he to pay yearly rent until my children are of age, and then the estate to be equally divided among  the said J., A., and A., my three youngest sons; and to an outfit for each one of my daughters, the sum of L20. The house, barn, Jacob Aertsen’s land, Cremaker’s land and Wassemaker’s land shall be equally divided among said three sons, when the youngest child is of age, and then to each one of their sisters L20, as before provided for. I give to A., M., C., S., L., and R., the sum of L120, and if the beloved Lord should take Jacobus out of this world without leaving him any heirs, born in wedlock, his part shall then go to his two youngest brothers, A. and A., and if Abraham should die before J., his part shall then go to Aldert, and if he should die without issue, my daughters shall then divide equally with their brother Arrie.
     To my oldest son A. two thirds of my land over the river in D. Co., known as the land of G.A., A. R., J. E., H. and J. K.’s patent, that is lot No. 4, and when the youngest child is of age the sum of L40 shall be divided among his said sisters, A., M., C., S., L., and R. Arie shall be free from paying rent, and also to receive, as his right of primogeniture, a stallion.—To my daughter M., wife of J. O., the other part of said lot No. 4, next to H. H.—After my wife’s death my personal estate is to go to all my children, as well as horses, cattle, and other articles. Brother A. R. appointed executor. (In note:  Be it known that my meaning is that all I have here devised to my children is for all time).
                                                        (Alert Roosa, Salomon Terwillege and
        Alert Roosa                              Harmanus Oostrander, on May 3, 1749, appeared
        Salomon Terwelge                    before the Court, Abraham Gaasbeek Chambers,
        Harmanis Ostrander                  Judge, Cornelis De Lametter, Cornelis
        Timothy Low                            Dupuy, assistant justices, proving the will,
                                                        and signature of Timothy Low, Deceased, as a

Source:  Anjou, Gustave, Ulster County, New York, Probate Records, Vol. I, pgs. 130-132.


[1] A marriage record but no baptismal records have been found for Aldert. The reasons for including him as a son of Arien and Maria are: 1) Aldert and Petronella appear as witnesses to several of Arien and Maria's grandchildren and 2) Evert Roosa made "Myn Broeder Aldert Roosa" one of the executors to his will.
[2] No extant baptismal or marriage records are found for Jannetje. A record has been found for the second marriage of Jan van Etten, in which he is named the widower of Jannetjen Roosa (see Kingston records, #717). The following suggests that Arie and Maria are Jannetje's parents: Jan and Jannetje's eldest son and second oldest daughter were named Arien (baptism #795) and Marytje (baptism #1075). Also, Arie Roos and Maria Pels show up as witnesses to two of Jan and Jannetje's children's baptisms.
[3] The whole of this name is crossed out in corresponding list in Vol. II, and "Maria Pels" inserted.
[4] "Weynte Adriaanz d'Jong" also named as a witness in corresponding list in Vol. II.

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