Richard Kimball and Ursula Scott

    Richard Kimball was born about 1595. He may be the son of Henry Kembold and Sysley — of Hitcham, Suffolk, England. Richard married first Ursula Scott. Ursula was baptized 14 February 1598 in Rattlesden, Suffolk, England, the daughter of Henry Scott and Martha Whatlock. Richard and Ursula emigrated to New England aboard the Elizabeth, sailing from Ipswich, England, in 1634 with seven of their children, Ursula’s mother and brother Thomas Scott and his family, and Henry Kemball (probably Richard’s brother) and his family. The Kimballs settled in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts. Richard became a freeman there in 1635 and a proprietor in 1636/7. The family moved to Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts. Richard was a wheelwright. He married second Margaret Cole (widow Dow) 23 October 1661. Richard’s will was made 5 March 1674/5 and proved 28 September 1675. Richard died 22 June 1675 in Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts.

Richard and Ursula's children are:

1. Henry Kimball, (eldest son), baptized 12 Aug 1615 in Rattlesden, Suffolk, England, emigrated to New England aboard the Elizabeth, married 1) Mary Wyatt and 2) Elizabeth Gilbert (widow of William Rayner).
2. Abigail Kimball, possibly baptized 5 Nov 1617 (according to Walter Goodwin Davis), at Hitcham, Suffolk, England, married John Severance, died 17 Jun 1658 in Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts.
3. Elizabeth Kimball, born about 1621 in England, emigrated to New England aboard the Elizabeth, living in 1675.
4. Richard Kimball, born about 1623 in England, emigrated to New England aboard the Elizabeth, married 1) Mary — and 2) Mary (widow of Charles Gott), 26 May 1676 in Wenham, Essex, Massachusetts.
5. Mary Kimball, born about 1625 in England, emigrated to New England aboard the Elizabeth, married Robert Dutch.
6. Martha Kimball, born about 1629 in England, emigrated to New England aboard the Elizabeth, married Joseph Fowler.
7. John Kimball, born about 1631 in England, emigrated to New England aboard the Elizabeth, married Mary Bradstreet, died 6 May 1698.
8. Thomas Kimball, born about 1633 in England, married Mary Smith, emigrated to New England aboard the Elizabeth, died (killed by Indians) 3 May 1676 in Bradford, Essex, Massachusetts, wife and five children weretaken captive but allowed to return home 13 Jun 1676.
9. Sarah Kimball, born in 1635 in Watertown, Middlesex, Massachusetts, married Edward Allen 24 Nov 1658, died 12 Jun 1696.
10. Benjamin Kimball, married Mercy (or Mary) Hazeltine in Apr 1661, died 11 Jun 1695.
11. Caleb Kimball, married Anna (or Hannah) Hazeltine 7 Nov 1660, died (killed by Indians at the Battle of Bloody Brook) 18 Sep 1675 in Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts.

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    Richard Kimball was born about 1595, presumably in some parish near Rattlesden, co. Suffolk, England. The family of Kymbould, Kembold or Kemball was numerous at Hitcham near Rattlesden in the sixteenth century, but Richard Kimball’s baptism is not found in the parish register, nor is that of his brother Henry Kemball. It is only after its translation to New England that the family name became Kimball. Richard Kemball married Ursula Scott of Rattlesden about 1614 and they had a child baptized in her parish in 1615. Very probably their second child was that Abigail, daughter of Richard Kemball, baptized at Hitcham in 1617, but where the six younger children whom their parents brought to New England were baptized has not been discovered.
    When Richard and Ursula Kemball sailed for America in the Elizabeth of Ipswich in 1634 their home was stated to be Rattlesden. With them were Martha Scott, Ursula’s mother, Thomas Scott,, her brother, and his family, and Henry Kemball, Richard’s brother, and his family. The Scotts were Rattlesden people and Henry Kemball is also listed as from that village. On the list Richard’s age is given as thirty-nine, while the children were Henry, fifteen (probably a mistaken reading of eighteen), Elizabeth thirteen, Richard eleven, Mary nine, Martha five, John three, and the baby, Thomas, one. It was a heavy expense and no light responsibility to embark on a long voyage with such a brood.
 After they landed both of the Kemball families went to Watertown, where Richard Kemball was made a freeman on May 6, 1635, and where he was a proprietor in 1636/7. By the latter part of 1637, however, he had moved his family to Ipswich where he had been granted a house lot at the west end of the town. He was an Ipswich commoner in 1641 and a subscriber to the salary of the military commander, Major Denison, in 1648. His farm was in the northern part of the town near Prospect Hill. By trade he was a wheelwright.
    Either he or his son Richard, of Wenham, was on Essex county trial juries in 1658 and 1667, and grand juries of 1661, 1664, 1668 and 1669. He was seldom in legal difficulties, there being a record of a few suits of debt in which he was plaintiff or defendant and three or four actions of various types against Richard Shatswell, none of which produce information of interest.
 After the death of his wife Ursula, Kemball married on October 23, 1661, widow Margaret (Cole) Dow of Hampton. He died in Ipswich June 22, 1675, and she survived only until March 1 1675/6. Administration was granted to her sons Daniel Dow and Thomas Dow on March 4, 1675/6. There were £40 due her by her marriage contract.[1]
    Richard Kimball, sr., of Ipswich made his will on March 5, 1674/5, and it was proved September 28, 1675. He directed that his wife should live in his house, have the improvement of the land belonging thereto and the increase in the stock for a year after his decease. At the end of the year the £40 due her and the goods she brought to their marriage were to be paid to her. After that she was to have the parlor end of the house to live in, a part of the cellar, one cow, firewood and a quarter of the fruit of the orchard, but if she desired to move to her own house she was “to be sett in itt” by the executors and allowed 40 s. a year for life. The his eldest son Henry, £90. To his son Richard, £40. To his son John £20.. to his son Thomas, £25, and to his children £7 divided equally among them as they came of age. To his son Benjamin beside two oxen already given him, £25, and to his children £6 to be divided equally among them as they married or came of age. To his son Caleb, land known as Ting’s lot, land at Wattle’s neck, marsh known as Wiat’s marsh and working tools except two axes. To Caleb’s children, £14 to be divided equally as they married or came of age. To his son-in-law John Severance, £10. To his daughter Mary £10. To his daughter Sarah, £40, and to her children £7:10:0 as they married or came of age. Also to Sarah, the bed he lay on with its furnishings. To his wife’s children Thomas and Mary, 40s. each, and to Jeremiah, £15. To the two eldest daughters of Giles Cowes that he had by his first wife (the testator’s great-granddaughters) £8 to be equally divided when they reached sixteen. To his cousin Haniell Bosworth, £4. Executors:  his sons Richard and John Kimball. Overseer:  cousin Haniell Bosworth. Witnesses:  Moses Pengry, sr., Aaron Pengry, sr. The homestead was worth £200 and there was a good stock of animals, utensils, furnishings and linen, the total value being £737.[2]
i. Henry, bapt. In Rattlesden Aug. 12, 1615; m. (1) Mary Wyatt; m. (2) Elizabeth, widow of William Rayner.
ii. Abigail; possibly bapt. Nov. 5, 1617, at Hitcham, co. Suffolk. She was left in England when her family emigrated, possibly already married to John Severance, with whom she came to New England by 1636.
iii. Elizabeth; d. before her father made his will, probably unmarried.
iv. Richard; m. (1) Mary (Cooley?); m. Mary Gott, widow of Charles Gott.
v. Mary; m. Robert Dutch. (See Dutch.)
vi. Martha; m. Joseph Fowler.
vii. John; m. Mary Bradstreet.
viii. Thomas; m. Mary Smith; killed by Indians in Bradford May 3, 1676.
ix. Sarah; m. Nov. 24, 1658, Edward Allen.
x. Benjamin; m. Mercy Hazeltine.
xi. Caleb; m. Nov. 7, 1660, Anna Hazeltine.

Source:  Davis, Walter Goodwin, Massachusetts and Maine Familes in the Ancestry of Walter Goodwin Davis (1885-1966), Vol. II, Baltimore:  Genealogical Publishing Co., 1996.

Pages 223-4
 1 Richard1 Kimball [Kemball or Kemble], of Watertown[3] and Ipswich, “wheelwright,” b. ab. 1595; m. 1st, Ursula Scott;[4] 2d, Oct. 23, 1661,Margaret Cole [wid. of (1) Henry1 Dow], who d. March 1, 1675-6 [Ip.]. He embarked from Ipswich, Eng., April, 1634, in the ship “Elizabeth;” rem. From Wat. To Ip. 1637 or ‘8; d. June 22, 1675; will March 5, 1674-5; Sep. 28, 1675.  Children:
I. Abigail,2 b. —; m. John1 Severance, of S.
II. Henry,2 b. ab. 1615-9; m. 1st, Mary Wyatt; 2d, wid. Elizabeth (Gilbert) Rayner.
III. Elizabeth,2 b. ab. 1621; liv. 1675, prob. unm.
IV. Richard,2 b. ab. 1623; m. 1st, Mary —; 2d, Mary —.
V. Mary,2 b. ab. 1625; m. Robert Dutch of Ip.
VI. Martha,2 b. ab. 1629; m. (6) Joseph2 Fowler
VII. John,2 b. ab. 1631; m. abt. 1655, Mary Bradstreet.
VIII. Thomas,2 b. ab. 1633; m. Mary Smith.
IX. Sarah,2 b. ab. 1635; m. Nov. 24, 1658[Ip.], Edward Allen of Ip. [p. 31].
X. Benjamin,2 b. ab. 1637; m. April 16, 1661, Mercy Hazeltine.
XI. Caleb,2 b. ab. 1639; m. Nov. 7, 1660, Anna Hazeltine.

Source:  Hoyt, David W., The Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury, Massachusetts, Baltimore, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1982.

Rattlesden Baptisms—1559 to 1758
08/12/1615  Kemball           Henry           Richard & Ursala
02/14/1598  Scoote             Urslaye         Henry & Martha

Source: Huffey, David (transcriber), Rattlesden (Suffolk, England) Baptisms—1559 to 1758 (from the Parish Register Transcripts), transcribed between 1987-1995.

Volume 1

EDWARD, Ipswich, according a very doubtful tradition came from Scotland, 1636, married a Kimball, and had, as runs [[vol. 1, p. 30]] the same story, fifteen sons and three daughters. That account was given by Hon. Samuel C. Allen to Farmer. in the History of Hubbard, which was his neighb. the burn. of his barn, 1670, is mentioned. With wife Sarah, who died 12 June 1696, he removed to Suffield, having had nine children and there had one, born 1683; and another 1685. Of seven sons the names are told, but without dates, except John, who is said to have been born about 1660, and was killed by the Indians 11 May 1704 at Deerfield, where he had lived from 1685; Edward, who also lived at Deerfield there died 1740, leaving a family. William, who died at Suffield; 1702; Benjamin, the ancestor of Hon. Samuel C. had Joseph, who settled at Deerfield; David, and Samuel, both, it is said, went to New Jersy and Caleb, born 31 March 1685, probably the youngest. Four daughters too are named Sarah, who married 21 April 1685, Edward Smith; Martha, who married Samuel Kent, jr.; Abigail, married Timothy Palmer; and Mary, of whom nothing is told.

Volume 3

BENJAMIN, Rowley 1664, probably son of Richard, had been, 1659, perhaps of Exeter, married April 1661, Mary, daughter of Robert Hazeltine, had Ann, born 22 December following, was freeman 1682.

CALEB, Ipswich 1665, son probably youngest of Richard, had wife Hannah, and children Caleb, Ann, Elizabeth, Abigail, Mary, Robert, and Benjamin, was killed by the Indians 18 September 1675, with the flower of Essex, under capt. Lothrop at Bloody brook.

RICHARD, Watertown, probably brother of Henry of the same came from Ipswich, 0ld England 1634, aged 39, in the Elizabeth, with wife Ursula; children Henry, 15; Richard, 11; Mary, 9; Martha, 5; John, 3; and Thomas, 1; and servant John Laverick, 15; was freeman 6 May 1635; removed 1638 to Ipswich, there had more children and died 1675, leaving Henry, Richard, Mary, Thomas, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Caleb, Sarah, and another daughter wife of John Severns. He is called by Thomas Scott (a passenger with wife and family in the same ship) brother and this may mean, that one married a sister of the other, or they married sisters but in this case not, I judged the mere church relationship. See Scott. It is said, that two of his sons Thomas and William, were killed by the Indians in 1675; but I suppose Caleb was one. A William Kimball of capt. Oliver's company was wounded 19 December 1675, in the great battle of Narraganset, but he was of Boston, and served as substitute for his master, John Clear. An Elizabeth Kimball, aged 13, was passenger in the same ship with Henry and Richard; but on the custom-house list is not inserted as child of either, but under the care of Thomas Reyner.

RICHARD, Bradford, son of Richard, born in England, long lived in Ipswich, but was of Bradford when freeman 1685.

HENRY, Watertown, probably brother of Richard the first, came in the Elizabeth, 1634, from Ipswich, aged 44, with wife Susanna, 35; children Elizabeth 4; and Susan, 1 and ½; and servant Richard Cutting, 11; freeman 2 May 1638; had John, born 5 March 1638, died soon; Mary, 26 November 1641; Richard, 13 October 1643; and John, again, 25 December 1645; and died 1648, his inventory being of 22 July. His widow married again, and died 19 Aug. 1684. Elizabeth married Capt. Thomas Straight, and Susanna married John Randall, both of Watertown.

HENRY, Ipswich 1640, eldest son of Richard the first, perhaps settled first at Watertown, and from Ipswich removed and may have been the blacksmith of Boston, 1657, who had wife Mary, that outlived him, and had administration of his estate January 1676; and son Timothy finished the settlement of estate after death of his mother. He was a man of large business.

THOMAS, Ipswich, son of Richard, an early settler of that part of Rowley, that after was called Bradford, had eight children of whom the eldest was Richard. He was killed by the Indians 3 May 1676, when [[vol. 3, p. 23]] his wife Mary and five children Joanna, Thomas, Joseph, Priscilla, and John, were taken prisoners, carried about forty miles into the wilderness, and allowed to come home 13 June following. His estate was good.

Source:  Savage, James, A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, Before 1692, Vols. 1 & 3, Boston, MA, 1860.

The Elizabeth, 1634

The Elizabeth of Ipswich departed April, 1634, Ipswich, England, for New England.
William Andrew(e)s, Master.
These took the Oath of Allegiance and Supremacy.
Ipswich Customhouse, November 12, 1634.
…Skott, Thomas     40                 from Rattlesden, Suffolk,
                                                    bound for Cambridge
 (wife) Elizabeth       40
Kemball, Henery      44                from Rattlesden, Suffolk,
                                                    bound for Watertown
 (wife) Susan            35
Kemball, Richard     39                from Rattlesden, Suffolk,
                                                    bound for Watertown
 (wife) Ursula           [blank]…
…Scott, Martha       60                (listed in “Planters” as with Thomas Scott)…

“A Note of all the names and ages of all those which did not take the Oath of Allegiance or Supremacy being vnder age shipped in or Port. In the Elizabeth of Ipswich Mr Willia(m) Andrewes bound for new England the last of Aprill 1634.”
…Kemball, Elizabeth   13  with Thurston Raynor
                                   (listed in “Planters” as with Richard Kimball)
Scott, Elizabeth            9      with Thomas Scott
Scott, Abigail               7      with Thomas Scott
Scott, Thomas             6      with Thomas Scott…
…Kemball, Elizabeth   4      with Henery Kemball
Kemball, Susan           1½   with Henery Kemball…
…Kemball, Henry       15    with Richard Kemball
Kemball, Richard        11    with Richard Kemball
Kemball, Mary             9    with Richard Kemball
Kemball, Martha          5    with Richard Kemball
Kemball, John              3    with Richard Kemball
Kemball, Thomas         1    with Richard Kemball…

Sources:   H.M. State Paper Office/Public Records Office. Tepper, Michael (ed.), Passengers to America:  A Consolidation of Ship Passenger Lists from The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Baltimore:  Genealogical Publishing Company, 1977, pgs. 42-43, 45. Banks, Charles Edward, The Planters of the Commonwealth, Baltimore:  Genealogical Publishing Co., 1961 (reprint), pgs. 117-121.

Abstracts of Kimball Family Court Records & Deeds

In…Essex Court records is the following:
…“Know all men by these presents, that I, Joseph FOWLER of Ipswich, in the
county of Essex, in New England, husbandman, doe sell unto Richard KEMBALL,
sen'r of ye same towne, wheelwright, my father-in-law, such land & cattell as
followeth, viz.:---one cow & one yearling, 40 acres of ground joyning to Richard
JACOB, on ye one side, & Thomas BYSHOP & Jobe BYSHOP, on the other, 34
acres of it I enjoyne myselfe to fence in, of upland & meadow, which the said
Richard is to have of the said Joseph, for such goods as I have received of him for
satisfaction therof. In wittnesse wherof, I have hereunto sett my hand, the 12th of
January 1650.

WILLIAM CHAUNDLER (his brother-in-law)
JOHN KIMBALL (his wife's brother) &

This writing & deed was ackmowledge 21: January : 1651, before me. Samuel

“Richard KEMBALL. sen'r, & Joseph FOWLER, both of Ipswich,
wheelwright & husbandman, in the county of Essex, in New England, do bind
ourselves, heirs & executors, to Humphry BRADSTREETE of Rowley, in the same
county, in the full & just sume of fifty pounds, for to secure the said Humohrey,
his heirs, executors & administrators, from all charges & incumbrances touching
the horse that the s'd Humphry BRADSTREETE, hath sould me, and recovered
from Zacheus GOULD, in December 1649, witness our hand. Richard KIMBALL
(the marke of). Joseph FOWLER. Signed, sealed & del'd in the presence of these, 3
of the 01 month, dat. 1653, witnes Matha WILLIMS. John BRADSTREETE.”

Source:  Post on the Massachusetts Bay Colony mailinglist (Ma-Bay-Colony), “Tid-a-bits: Burials of Ipswich’s “Ancient Burying Ground”—part 1” from Cynthia ( to, 14 June 2002, citing Essex County, Massachusetts court records.

The common ancestor of the great majority of Kimballs in this country was Richard Kimball(1), who with his family embarked at Ipswich, in the county of Suffolk, England, April 10, 1634, in the ship Elizabeth, William Andrews, master. After braving the dangers of the ocean voyage he arrived in Boston Harbor, and from thence went to Watertown, Mass. He had left the comforts and ties and oppressions of old England to find for himself and children a home in the New World. It was to him a land of promise, a land of religious and political liberty, a land to which the longing eyes of the dwellers in old Suffolk were turning ad fondly as did the eyes of the ancient Hebrews turn in their captivity to the promised land of Canaan.

Richard Kemball

Richard Kemball(1) came to this country in the ship Elizabeth, William Andrews, master, in 1634. He appears to have gone, soon after landing, to Watertown, Mass. He settles in a different part of the town from that occupied by Henry Kemball(1). According to Bond and other writers Richard and Henry were brothers. There is but little evidence to support this supposition, and it seems to be mainly founded on the fact that they both came over on the same vessel. Richard is said on the shipping list to be 39 years old, but he was probably somewhat older. He was, however, in the prime of life, and soon became a prominent and active man in the new settlement. He first settled in Watertown, and his home lot is thus given by Dr. Henry Bond: Richard Kimball, six acres, bounded
on the north by Cambridge, east by land of W. Hamlet, south by the highway, and west by land of Edward White. This lot was situated a long way from the center of the town. It is now in Cambridge, which many years ago annexed the eastern part of Watertown. The lot was situated near what is now the corner of Huron avenue and Appleton street, and near springs of water. He was proclaimed freeman in 1635, May 6. Was a proprietor in 1636-7. Soon after this date he was invited to remove to Ipswich, where they were in need of a competent man to act as wheelwright to the new settlement. Here he spent the remainder of his days. The town granted him a house lot, Feb. 23, 1637, next adjoining Goodwin Simons at the west end of the town. He was also granted at the same time “40 acres Beyond the North River, near the land of Robert Scott.” In 1639 he had liberty to pasture “two cows free.” On “ the last day of the last month 1641” he is mentioned as “Among the Commoners of Ipswich.” He was appointed one of the seven men March 1, 1645. on the 22d day of the tenth mo. 1647 he was allowed two Pounds for killing two foxes. His services as wheelwright were appreciated by his townspeople, for he was permitted in January, 1649, “to fell such white Oaks as he hath occasion to use about his trade for the town use.”
December 19, 1648, he contributed with others three shillings as his annual proportion towards the sum of L27, 7s, as a rate for the services of their military leader, Major David Dennison, then commander of the military forces of Essex and Norfolk counties.  In September, 1652, he was one of the appraisers of the estate of John Cross, one of the earliest settlers of Ipswich. On the 25, day 11mo 1652, he and his son Richard, Wheelwrights, “for L14. sell 30 acres upland bounding on land of Mr. John Winthrop,” also another lot of ten acres of “medow”. In 1653 he was one of a committee of three to survey fences in the common fields north of the river. His brother-in-law
Thomas Scott died Feb. 1653-4 and he was joint executor with Edmund Bridges of his will. On May 25, 1654, their official position was recognized by Thomas Scott, Jr., then a resident of Stamford, Conn. In 1660 he was granted right “to fell 20 white oak trees to make weels for the townsmen their use.” In 1664 he owned 43 shares in Plumb Island.
Richard Kimball was of the parish of Rattlesden, county of Suffolk, England, as is shown by the following entry on the parish register:
Henry Kemball ye sonne of Richard and Vusula his baptized 1615 12 of August.
Ursula was the daughter of Henry Scott of Rattlesden, as appears from the following extract from Henry Scott’s will:
“To Abigale Kemball my grandchild twentie shillings to be paid at 21 to Henrie Kemball my grandchild twenty shillings to be paid at 21 to Elizabeth Kemball my grandchild twenty shillings to be paid at 21 to Richard Kemball my grandchild twenty shillings to be paid at 21.” He also mentions his wife Martha, and sons Roger and Thomas Scott. Thomas Scott came with his wife and children to this country in the same vessel as Richard and his family, and they brought Martha Scott with them. This was made 24 Sept. 1625 in the 21st year of James of England by Henry Scott of Rattlesden in
the Co. Suffolk and diocese of Norwich. It was proved in the court of the Arch deacon of Sudbury 10 January 1624-5. As Thomas Scott settled in Ipswich this may have had some influence in causing Richard’s removal from Watertown. Henry Scott was buried at Rattlesden, Dec. 24, 1624. (Parish Register) Richard Kimball married second, Oct. 23, 1661, Margaret Dow, widow of Henry Dow of Hampton, N.H.

…His wife did not long survive him, but died the succeeding spring, March 1, 1676. Richard Kimball(1) was well to do for those early days. The inventory of his estate, which was taken July 12, 1675, and returned to court Sept. 28, 1675, amounted to L373 3s. 6d. He had already given his children at their marriages.

i. Abigail(2), b. Rattlesden, County of Suffolk, England; d. in Salisbury, Mass., June 17, 1658. She married in England John Severans, b. ----, d. April 9, 1682, of Salisbury, Mass., who is first styled a planter, afterwards a victualler and vintner. She is not mentioned in the list of passengers, with the others of her father’s family, on the Elizabeth. She was in the prime of life at the time of her death. Mr. Severans married, second, Oct. 2, 1663, Susanna, widow of Henry Ambrose. Mr. Ambrose, after having lived in Hampton, N.H., Salisbury, Charlestown, and Boston, died in Boston in 1658.
i. Samuel Severans(3), b. Sept. 19, 1637; d. young.
ii. Ebenezer Severans(3), b. March 7, 1639; d. 1667; unmarried.
iii. Abigail Severans(3), b. Jan. 7, 1641; Sept. 1, 1642.
iv. Abigail Severans(3), b. May 25, 1643; m. Nov. 29, 1664, John Church
v. Mary Severans(3), b. Aug. 5, 1645; m. Nov. 3, 1663, James Coffin of Nantucket.
vi. John Severans(3), b. Nov. 24, 1647; m. Mary -----.
vii. Joseph Severans(3), b. Feb. 14, 1649-50.
viii. Elizabeth Severans(3), b. April 8, 1652; d. Feb. 5, 1652-53.
ix. Benjamin Severans(3), b. Jan. 13, 1654-5.
x. Ephraim Severans(3), b. April 8, 1656.
xi. Dau. b. June 17, 1658; d. June 23, 1658.
xii. Elizabeth Severans(3), b. June 17, 1658; m. 1686, Samuel Eastman of Salisbury. Her granddaughter, Abigail Eastman(5), b. July 10, 1737, daughter of Thomas(4) and Abigail (French) Eastman, m. Ebenezer Webster and was the mother of Daniel Webster(6) the statesman.

ii. Henry Kimball(2), b. Rattlesden, Suffolk county, England. There seems to be some doubt as to Henry’s exact age. It is given on the shipping list as aged 15, in 1634. This would give the year of his birth as 1619. But it is evident that the ages on the shipping list are only approximate. Henry himself deposes in court, Sept. 28, 1669, that he is aged 53. This would give the year of his birth as 1616. But the parish records at Rattlesden are as follows: “ 12, Aug. 1615 Henry Kemball ye sonne of Richard and Vrsula his wife baptized.”

iii. Elizabeth Kimball(2), b. Rattlesden, 1621. There is no record of her marriage. She was alive in 1675.

iv. Richard Kimball(2), b. Rattlesden, Eng., 1623; d. May 26, 1676, in Wenham, Mass.

v. Mary Kimball(2), b. Rattlesden, Eng., 1625; m. Robert Dutch of Gloucester and Ipswich, Mass. Mary is wrongly given in many places as the wife of Deacon Thomas Knowlton, historians being misled by her father’s will, as he only mentions the first names of his daughters and does not leave anything to the children of Mary. But in an action for trespass against Richard Kimball, Sr., (in taking a heifer by his grandson Robert Dutch of the yard of Obadiah Wood and detaining the same Mar. 1662), this is shown to be wrong, Robert Dutch, Sr.’s wife was Mary. Savage’s Dictionary is wrong in regard to her name. It says she was Mary Roper, daughter of Walter Roper. But Mary Roper was born in 1641. Mary Dutch says in a deposition that she is 36 in 1665, which would give her birth as 1629. Samuel Dutch calls Caleb Kimball(2) uncle in deposition in 1664.
i. John Dutch(3), b. May 1, 1646; living in 1686.
ii. Robert Dutch(3), b. June 2, 1647; m. Mary Roper.
iii. Samuel Dutch(3), b. June, 1650; living in 1686.
iv. Mary Dutch(3), b. 1652.
v. Caleb Dutch(3), b. May 1, 1659.
vi. Benjamin Dutch(3), b. Dec. 4, 1665; living in 1686.

vi. Martha Kimball(2), b. Rattlesden, Eng., 1629; m/ Joseph, son of Phillip and Martha Fowler, who was born in England in 1622, and was killed by Indians May 19, 1676, near Deerfield, Mass. He came to New England in the ship Mary, with his father, in 1634 and resided in Ipswich, Mass. He sold his father-in-law, Richard Kimball(1), forty acres of land in 1651.
i. Joseph Fowler(3), b. about 1647; m. Elizabeth Hutton.
ii. Philip Fowler(3), b. Dec 25, 1648; m. Elizabeth Herrick/ He was adopted by his grandfather, Philip Fowler, in 1651.
iii. John Fowler(3), b. about 1655; m. 2d, Hannah Scott.
iv. Mary Fowler(3), m. John Breen, Jan. 20, 1673-4.
A history of Martha Kimball’s descendants is given in the “Fowler Family,” by Matthew A. Stickney of Salem, Mass.

4 vii. John Kimball(2), b. Rattlesden, Eng., 1631; d. May 6, 1698.

5 viii. Thomas Kimball(2), b. 1633; d. may 3, 1676.

ix. Sarah Kimball(2), b. Watertown, Mass., 1635; d. June 12, 1690; m. Nov. 24, 1658, Edward Allen of Ipswich, Mass.
i. John Allen(3), b. Aug. 9, 1659; d. May 11, 1704.
ii. Sarah Allen(3), b. July 4, 1661; d. Feb. 10, 1661-2.
iii. Edward Allen(3), b. May 1, 1662; d. 1740.
iv. Sarah Allen(3), b. March 1, 1664.
v. Elizabeth Allen(3), b. Dec. 20, 1666.
vi. William Allen(3), b. March 12, 1668; d. 1702.
vii. Benjamin Allen(3), b. Sept., 1673
viii. David Allen(3), b. Feb. 1, 1675-6.
ix. Abigail Allen(3), March 25, 1678.
x. Samuel Allen(3)
xi. Caleb Allen(3), b. Mar. 31, 1685.

x. Benjamin Kimball(2), b. Ipswich, 1637; June 11, 1695.

xi. Caleb Kimball(2), b. Ipswich, Mass., 1639; d. 1682.

Source:  Morrison, Leonard Allison & Sharples, Stephen Paschall, History of the Kimball Family in America from 1634-1897, Vol. 1, Boston:  Damrell & Upham, 1897.

Will of Richard Kimball

 The original will is on file in the probate office at Salem, MA. (Ipswich Deeds, Vol. IV, p. 12)
 “The last will and Testament of Richard KIMBALL senr of Ipswich in Essex in new England who although weake in body yet of perfect memory doe dispose of my land & estate in maner & form as followeth.
 To my Loveinge wife my will is that she dwell in my house and have Improvement of my ground and meadow belonging thereto with the use and increase of my whole stock of cattle, one whole yeare after my discease, and then at the years end, the forty pound due her according to contract at marriage to be payd her and that houshold stuff she brought with her. And to have libertie to live in the parlor end of the house, the roome we now lodg  in: and libertie for her necesarie use of som part of seller:
also the libertie of one cow in pasture, the executors to provide winter meate for the same, and to have one quarter part of the fruit of the orchard, and firewood as long as she lives ther., And if she desire to remove to her owne house, then to be sett in it with what she have by my executors and to be alowed forty shilling yearly as long as shee lives.
 And to my Eldest son Henery, my will is to give him three score and
ten pounds to bee payd Twenty pounds, a year & half after my discease, &
the remaining part in the two years following after that.
 To my son Richard I give ffoerty pounds.
 To my son John I give twenty pounds.
 To my son Thomas I give Twenty five pounds to bee payd two years and a halfe after my discease, and to his children I give seaven pounds to be devided equally among them and paid as they come of age or at day of marriage, providing if any dye before then their share to be distributed equally amongst the rest.
 And to my son Benjamin, besides the two oxen, allready received I give the sum of twenty five pounds, ten pound to be payd a yeare and halfe after my discease. The rest two years ffollowing, also to his children I give five pounds, equally to be devided, and payd, as they come of age, or at day of marriage, in case any dye before then their
share to be devided equally amongst the rest.
 And to my son Caleb I give that peace of land knowne by the name of Tings lott, and all my land att Wattels neck with my marsh at the hundreds knowne by the name of Wiatts marsh, and all my working tools except two axes, all to be delivered present after my discease also I give fourteene pounds to his seaven children equally to be devided, to be payd as they come of age or Day of mariage, and if any dye before, that part to be equally devided amongst the rest.
 To my son-in-law John SEVERNS, I give ten pounds to be pay’d two
yeares & a halfe after my discease.
 And to my Daughter Elizabeth I give thirty pounds, ten pounds to be payd, a year & halfe after discease, and the other two parts, the following two years after that.
 To my Daughter Mary I give ten pounds, five pounds to be payd a year & halfe after my discease, the other five pounds the yere after that.
 To my daughter Sarah I give forty pounds, five pounds to be payd the yeare & halfe after my discease and the rest five pound a yeare till it be all payd, also to her children I give seaven pounds ten shillings to be payd to them as they come of age or at day of marriage, iff any dye before, that part to be equally devided to the rest.
 And to my daughter Sarah above sd: I also give the bed I lye on with the furniture after one years use of it by my wife.
 To my wives children viz. Thomas, Jeramiah, and Mary.
 To Thomas and Mary I give forty shilling apeece to be payd a yeare & halfe after my decease, and to Jeramiah I give fifteene pounds to be payd at the age of one & twenty. I give also eight pounds to the two Eldest daughters of Gilles (Gyles, Sr.) COWES (that he had by his first wife) to be payd and equally devided to them at the age of sixteene, if either of them dye before then the whole to be given to the one that remaines.
 I also give four pounds to my Couzen Haniell BOSSWORTH, And doe ordaine & apoynt my two sons above sd. Richard & John KIMBALL to be my lawfull and sole executors.
 And my Couzen Haniell BOSWORTH above sayd to be my overseer that this my last will and Testament be duely and truly performed And thus I conclude with setting too my hand and seale the fifth of march 1674/75.

Richard KEMBALL & a mark and a seale.

Signed & sealed after the enter-                                This will is proved in court
lining (and firewood)                                                 in the held at Ypswich the 28th of
seventh line in the originall                                         Sept: 1675. by the oaths of
yn the presence of                                                    Deacon PENGRY And Aron
Moses PENGRY Senr.                                            PENGRY to be the last will of
Aron PENGRY Ser.                                                Richard KIMBALL to the best
                                                                               of yr knowledge and that they
                                                                               know of noe other.
                                                                              Attest Robert LORD cler.”

Inventory of the Estate of Thomas Kimball of Ipswich

Administration on the estate of Thomas Kimboll, who was slain by the Indians, was granted 27:4:1676, to Mary, the relict, and she was ordered to bring in an inventory to the next Ipswich court.

Source:  Salem Quarterly Court Records, vol 5, leaf 94.


Inventory of the estate of Thom. Kimall, taken May 18, 1676, by Shu. Walker and Samuell Gage:
wearing apparill, all ye Indians left,  £1. 10 s:
Tabel lining, 1 sheete, 3 pillowberes,   £1. 15 s.:
vallence and Curtaine and 4 Cushins,   10 s. ;
2 Rugs, 2 Blankets, and a parcill of old beading,    £ 3 , 5 s. ;
peatar,         £ 3 3 s,: 1
Iron pot, 1 warming pan, 2 tubs, 2 barills,     £1 , 10 s.:
saddle and pillion and a parcill of sheeps wool,    £1 5 s.;
Tools for his traid and utensils for husbandry,    £5;
six oxen, five Cowes, two heifers of 3 yere old,
3 steres of 2 yere old, 2 yerlings, 5 Calves,     £66 15 s.;
a horse and a mare and a coult,      £6 ;
12 swine,         £7 ;
7 shepe,         £2;
housing and about 422 acres land and medow,    £450 ;
glass,          £1 10s. ;
Corne and provisions,       £3 ;
5 yards of Cloath,        £1 ;
total  £556 3s.
Wearing cloaths of Goody kimballs,      £3 16s. ;
cloaths of Joanna Kimball,       £2 10 s.
Debts due from estate:
Gilbort Wilford’s estate,       £1 li;
Daniell Boreman,        1£ ;
John Wicom,         £1.
Joseph Bond,         £1. 2 s.;
Ensigne Chandler,        £1. 10 s.;
by John Kimball,        £12 ;
total,  £17 li 12 s.;
Debts due from estate:
Mr. wainwright,        £9 18 s. 6 d.;
Capt. Gerish,         £9 9 s. 1 d.;
Sergent Wait,         £6 18 s.;
John Pickard,         £1. 10 s.;
Stephen Webster,        £1. 10 s. ;
Will. Barker,         £2. 16 s.;
Deacon Jewit,         18 s.;
David Haseltine,        £1. 1 s.;
Hunt of Ipswich,        £1. 2 s.;
Decon Goodhue,        £1.;
Mr Cobbit,         10 s.;
Shu. Walker,         12 s.;
Joseph Hardy,         £1. 10 s.;
Nath. Gage,         15 s.;
Samuel Haseltine,        £2. 2 s.;
Francis Jordon,        2 s. 6 d.;
Josiah Gage,         18 s.;
John Stickne,         £3 ;
Mr. Buship,         at present not known;
Anthony Somersby,        £1. 5 s.;
Phillip Fouler,        6s.;
total  £50 8 s. 1 d.

Attested in Ipswich court Sept 26, 1676 by Mary relict of Thomas Kimball.

Source:  Essex County Quarterly Court Files, vol 25, leaf 124.


An inventory brought in, amounting to £520 clear estate was ordered Sept 26, 1676, to the eight children and widow as follows; to Richard the eldest son, £80 , and to the rest of the children, £40 each, and the remainder of the estate to the widow, the land to stand bound for the payment of the childrens portions.

Source:  Ipswich Quarterly Court records, vol 5, page 284.


[1] Probate Records of Essex County, III:46.
[2] Probate Records of Essex County, III:16.
[3] Henry1 Kimball, b. ab. 1590, prob. Bro. of Richard,1 came with him and settled in Watertown with wife Susan Stone [wid. Of Richard Cutting]. Henry1  d. in 1648, leaving 2 daus. and 1 son, John,2 b. 1638, m. Feb., 1667-8, Hannah Bartlett, res. Watertown…
[4] Dau. of Henry and Martha Scott, of Rattlesden, Suffolk Co., Eng. Thomas Scott Sen. was called brother-in-law of Richard Kimball.

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