The Ennis Family History

By Michelle Boyd


James Coffin and Mary Severance

-Last updated 23 Jun 2004

Tristram Coffin and Dionis Stevens (coming soon!)

Peter Coffin and Joanna Kember/Thember (coming soon!)

Nicholas Coffin and Joan Avent (coming soon!)

Peter Coffin and Mary Boscawen (coming soon!)

James Coffin and Mary Cole (coming soon!)

Richard Coffin and Wilmot Chudleigh (coming soon!)

Medieval Coffin and Chudleigh Ancestors (coming soon!)

Robert Stevens and Dionis — (coming soon!)

John Stevens and Joan Corey (coming soon!)


Coming Soon!

Hugh Boscawen and Phillippa Carminow

John Boscawen and Elizabeth Lower

Nicholas Carminow and Catherine Wolvedon

Medieval Boscawen Ancestors

Medieval Carminow Ancestors


John Severance and Abigail Kimball

-Last updated 21 Jun 2004

Richard Kimball and Ursula Scott

-Last updated 19 Jun 2004

Henry Kembold and Sysley —

-Last updated 19 Jun 2004

Henry Scott and Martha Whatlock

-Last updated 19 Jun 2004

Edmund Scott and Joane —

-Last updated 19 Jun 2004

Thomas Whatlock and Joane —

-Last updated 19 Jun 2004


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Last updated 21 Jun 2004.