Hill Richardson and Sarah Lee

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Hill Richardson
 was born in 1775 in , Rhode Island. He died in 1850/1855 in , New York.
married Sarah  in 1795 in , New York. Sarah was born in 1772 in Connecticut. She died in 1855/1860 in , New York.

They had the following children:
Ami Richardson  was born in 1797.
Nathan Richardson
 was born in 1799.
Cynthia Richardson
 was born about 1801.
Freeman Richardson
 was born on 5 Jul 1802. He died on 17 Feb 1868.
William Richardson
 was born in 1806.
Lousia Richardson  was born about 1808 in , New York.
Arunah Richardson
 was born in 1810. He died in 1888.
Jonathan was born??

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Hill Richardson and Sarah Lee's Descendants Database

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Proof Freeman Richardson is son of Hill Richardson

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Proof Arunah is Freeman Richardson's brother
proving Arunah is son of Hill Richardson

Richardson and Lee Census Records
All the census records for the Richardson and Lee lines

Jonathan Richardson and Elizabeth Bunn are not Hill's parents!

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Connections to Rufus Richardson?????

Hill Richardson and Sarah Lee Births     New
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Richardson Photos     New
Portrait and Cemetery Photos
Photos of headstones of Richardson decendants

Photos of known Hill Richardson descendants

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Hill Richardson Page

Freeman Richardson Page

Ellisburg, New York

Richardson Lee Connections     Old page........Left to show how I was working toward the proof
Facts that connect Sarah Lee Richardson (wife of Hill Richardson) to Nathan Lee


Hill Richardson (and family) History

Hill  Richardson
First found in 1800 in Otsego Town, Otsego Co., New York.  On the 1800 Census he is living next to who I believe is the father of Sarah (Sally) Lee Richardson, Nathan Lee and brother Benjamin Lee. Lived at some time in Cooperstown, Otsego Co., New York as his second son Nathan was born there.

By 1810 he moved to Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., New York. Living very close to him in Ellisburg is Nathan Lee along with Benjamin Lee. They lived there until after 1820.

Before 1830 Hill moves to Cassadaga Village, Stockton Town, Chautauqua Co., New York. Where he lived with Freeman Richardson and most of his sons. His Father in law Nathan Lee also moved to Cassadaga and is living with his son Benjamin Lee. In 1850 Hill is living under the same roof as Freeman Richardson.
Hill and Sarah died sometime after 1850 to 1855 in Cassadaga.

Ami Richardson
Moved out on his own sometime before 1820 and is first seen in  Pomfret Town, Chautauqua Co., New York. This is just 4 miles North of Cassadaga where Hill and the rest of the family will end up. He married Charolette Smith (second cousin to Rebecca Smith who married Freeman) around 1822. He lives there until just before 1840 where he moved to Stockton where his Father and family was just before 1830.

By 1850 he moves to Jefferson, Logan County, Ohio. He remains there until sometime just before 1970 where he moves back to Stockton.

He is not in the 1880 census and is assumed dead by that time.

Nathan Richardson
Nathan first shows up on his own in 1840 in Cassadaga, Stockton, Chautauqua Co., New York. We assume he has been with his Father up until this time. In 1840 he looses his wife Asaneth.

He 1850 he moved to Pomfret, Chautauqua Co., New York about 4 miles North of Cassadaga. He possibly took over from his Brother Ami in Pomfret as Ami moves from Pomfret at the exact same time.

By 1860 he moves back to Cassadaga, New York. Perhaps takes over Freeman's land as he moves on to Wisconsin?

Nathan ends up with a second wife in Linn Co., IA. And died there.

Cynthia Richardson Bucklin
Married Lovell Bucklin around 1831 and moved to Gerry, Chautauqua Co., New York. That is about 10 miles south of Cassadaga where Hill is living.

Died 1 July 1866 in Gerry, Chautauqua Co., New York

Freeman Richardson
Around 1830 Freeman married Rebecca Smith. Rebecca Smith was the sister of Keziah Smith who married Arunah Richardson (brother of Freeman). Two Richardson brothers married two Smith sisters. Also, the Smith sisters were the 2nd cousin of Charolette Smith who married Ami Richardson (brother of Freeman and Arunah). (Ok, enough of that!)

They lived in Cassadaga, New York and at some time took in Hill Richardson and his wife Sarah> They show on the 1850 census living with Freeman.

Hill and Sarah died sometime after 1850 to 1855 and Freeman moved just after that in 1855 to Campbell, La Crosse Co., Wisconsin. Freeman live there until he died on 17 Feb 1868 and Rebecca his wife died on 17 May 1887 while living with her daughter Florilla Richardson Gear.

William Richardson
Married Sally his wife around 1832 and lived in Cassadaga, New York near his parents.

They moved to Johnson Trumbull Co. Ohio before 1850. William died 3 Dec 1885  in  Lewis, Cass Co., Iowa

Lousia  Richardson
I think Lousia Richardson died in Campbell, La Crosse Co. WI  while living with her brother Freeman. Not exactly positive. I don't think she ever was married.

Arunah Richardson
Married Keziah Smith (sister to Rebecca Smith who married Freeman Richardson) about 1834. They lived in Cassadaga, New York and died there. Arunah in 1888 and Keziah in 1901.

John Richardson
Don't know where or what happened to John. Don't even know exactly when he was born. I think he was the youngest. May have died young?

    The 1850 Census of Stockton, Chautauqua County, New York. Hill Richardson say he was born in RI or Rhode Island in 1775 and Sarah his wife was born in 1772 in CT or Connecticut. However the CT is written over the top of MASS underneath. Arunah Richardson (Hill's son) states on the 1880 census, his father is born in R I (Rhode Island) and his mother was born in Conn. (
Connecticut). This gives us Hill and Sarah's place of birth We also know that Sarah's maiden name was Lee.

Hill Richardson born in Rhode Island and his wife Sarah Lee born in Connecticut.

Please note: "links" to the census records are in blue

History by census records (with images)
  1800 census:

Hill Richardson first pops up in Otsego, Otsego County in 1800 with his wife and family (1800 census and land records).

Living next to Hill Richardson (next farm over) is Nathan Lee who is in the "45 and up" range in age. Old enough to be Sarah Lee Richardson's father. On the opposite side of  Hill is Benjamin Lee. Benjamin is about the same age as Hill (brother in law?). So Hill Richardson's farm is in between Nathan Lee's farm and Benjamin Lee's farm.

1790 census of Otsego Co. there are no Richardson or Lee families. They moved in sometime between 1790 and 1800. Is this possibly where and how Hill Richardson and Sarah Lee first met and got married?

1790 census of  Lebanon, Windham Co., CT There is a Nathan living with a wife and two daughter. Is this Sarah Lee's place of birth?

Images of census records


 1810 census:

    In the 1810 census we find Hill (age 35 -- 26 to 44 range in this census) moves north to Ellisburg, Jefferson County, New York. Living very near a Samuel Richardson (26 to 44 years old in this census) who is the same age range as Hill in this census. (brother, cousin??)

Images of census records


 1820 census:

    In the 1820 census we find Hill (age 45) still living in Ellisburg, Jefferson County, New York.

      Also near him is Freeman Richardson (26 to 45 age range in this census). This is not his son Freeman (my ancestor) as Freeman was born 5 July 1802 and would be 18 at this time. Instead this is Freeman (born 27 March 1790), son of Rufus Richardson. We will call him Freeman (son of Rufus) to keep him separate from our Freeman (son of Hill). Rufus is also living here but does not show on the census records. I think he might have lived with Freeman or one of the children.

Images of census records


1830 census

Casadaga Village, Stockton Town, Chautauqua Co., New York

We find Hill now in County. Age now is 55 years old. He is in the town of Stockton by himself with no other Richardsons around. You will not find Freeman (son of Hill), Pelatiah, Nathan, or Ami all sons of Hill  and old enough to be on their own anywhere in NY state. They must have been all together in Stockton. Fact is the census does not show them living with him in 1830. Just not sure where they are at this time.

Images of census records


 1840 census

Cassadaga Village, Stockton Town, Chautauqua Co., New York

Hill (age 65) still living in Stockton  with Freeman (son of Hill)(30 to 40 range – age 38) living next door. On the other side of him living next door is Ami Richardson (40 to 50 age range).

 Living a few doors down (12 to be exact) are your William (30 to 40 years old) and Nathan (40 to 50 years old) living next to William.

 Also living in Stockton not too far away is Arunah (20 to 30 age range) It might be possible his name is Aruna H Richardson and is why it is wrong on this census. Living next to him is a Lousia Richardson (age 60 to 70 range and female). Keep in mind I can prove Aruna Richardson is the son of Hill. So how is this older lady Lousia Richardson living next to him? You will notice she is fairly old and also doesn’t show on the cemetery records just like Hill. It is possible they buried them on the farm and not in the cemetery. That was common practice back then.

Images of census records


You can go to the census page and see where they are all at.
Images of census records

1850 census

Casadaga Village, Stockton Town, Chautauqua Co., New York
Hill    age 75
Freeman    age 46

Pomfret, Chautauqua Co., New York
Nathan     age 51

 Jefferson, Logan Co., Ohio
Ami     age 53

 Johnson, Trumbull Co, Ohio
William    age 44

 Missing is Arunah We know he died in Stockton.

Hill Richardson dies just before 1854 and Freeman Richardson moved at that time to Campbell, Lacrosse Co., Wisconsin along with his sister Florilla Richardson. Biographical History of La Crosse,Trempealeau and Buffalo Counties,Wisconsin;The Lewis Publishing Co,;1892

Images of census records


 Here is the listing for RICHARDSON in Cassadaga Cemetery in Stockton, Chautauqua, New York: (my notes are in red)


 Reuben H. Civil War.  1824—1885. (buried 10 feet from Arunah Richardson)
 Alice May, 1852—1927  (buried 10 feet from Arunah Richardson)
 Merle S. 1877—1922  (buried 10 feet from Arunah Richardson)
 Truman S. Civil War. 1846—1911   (I think is child of Arunah?? Buried next to him)
 Aruna, 1809—1888 (Son of Hill Richardson)
 Keziah Smith, his w.  1813—1901 (wife of Arunah Richardson son of Hill)
 Chloe Irene, 1844—1867 (I think is child of Arunah?? Buried next to him)
 Oliver Perry, 1848—1851 (I think is child of Arunah?? Buried next to him)
 Nathan S. Nov.10,1823;Mar.27,1910   (This is Jr not Sr)
 Rosa, his w. Aug.27,1835; no date. (wife of Nathan Jr.)
 Vesta. B. 1882—1925   (daughter of Nathan jr.???)
 Squire F. 1841—1906 (Son of Freeman Richardson who was son of Hill, my Line)
 Carrie E. Devoll, his w. 1844—1889 (Wife of Squire Richardson, my line)
 Asenath, w. Nathan, 1799—1840  (wife of Nathan possible son of Hill, oldest son)


 1860 census

Hill died before 1860

Freeman    age 50 (wrong) Campbell, La Crosse, WI

Nathan      Died before 1860?

Arunah      age 51  Stockton, Chautauqua, New York

Ami ?

William ?

Images of census records


 1870 census

Freeman Died 1867 in Campbell, La Crosse, WI

Arunah    age 60   Stockton, Chautauqua, New York

Ami         age 73   Stockton, Chautauqua, New York Living with son William

William    age 73   Cass, Cass Co., Iowa

Images of census records


 1880 census

Arunah    age 69  Sstockton Stockton, Chautauqua, New York  died 1888 in stockton

Ami        died before 1880?

William    age 69    Lewis, Cass Co., Iowa died 1885

Arunah’s census report says that his father was born in RI (Rhode Island) and mother in CT. That is exactly what Hill say himself in the 1850 census.

 William say both were born in New York. (That would be incorrect)

Images of census records

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Family Names
Aday, Vivian

Albright, Effie

Aldrich, Martha

Ames, Vesta

Arave, Wanda

Arnold, Antnell A

Arnold, Caroline E.

Arnold, Helen E.

Arnold, Lucius Lourey

Arnold, Ralph

Arnold, Roy Lucius

Arnold, Roy Lucius Jr.

Arnold, William F.

Bailey, Charles L.

Bailey, Merritt E.

Bailey, Merritt E. Jr.

Bailey, Robert F.

Bailey, Thomas E.

Baker, Living

Barber, James W

Batchelder, Leander

Baxter, Almina Roxa

Baxter, Buelah

Baxter, Carlos Irving

Baxter, Charles Monroe

Baxter, Elsie

Baxter, Eunice Lorine

Baxter, George

Baxter, Grace

Baxter, Harley Roy

Baxter, Hattie

Baxter, Hazel Gertrude

Baxter, Henry P.

Baxter, James

Baxter, James M.

Baxter, Jeddie

Baxter, Jedley I.

Baxter, Lela

Baxter, Lora E.

Baxter, Will H.

Baxter, William D.

BEAN, Living

Benjaman, Eva Lucy

Bindara, Dorothy May

Blair, Eliza

Boyd, Adam Richard

Boyd, Alice Mable

Boyd, Bobby

Boyd, Carolyn

Boyd, Darryl William

Boyd, Dorothy Joan

Boyd, Ellen Margaret

Boyd, Emily

Boyd, Frank Jaycob

Boyd, Frank Richard

Boyd, Freddy

Boyd, Harvey

Boyd, James William

Boyd, John Henry

Boyd, Julia Ernestine

Boyd, Karen

Boyd, Kathleen

Boyd, Kristin

Boyd, Mary Edna

Boyd, Michelle Anne

Boyd, Teddy

Bradford, Brittany Caitly

Bradford, Bruce Russell

Bradford, Donald Russel

Bradford, Richard Wayn

Bradford, Shannon B

Bradford, Wendy Jo

Bristow, Etta Olena


Brown, Almond Gerry

Brown, Bertha Amanda

Bryant, Naomi

Bucklin, Gratia

Bucklin, James

Bucklin, Lovell

Bucklin, Mary

Bucklin, Rosetta

Bucklin, Steward






Burke, Eva Maude

Burnham, Elizabeth

Burnham, Elizabeth

Burnham, Elmer

Burnham, Elmer

Burnham, Hiram

Burns, LaVercie

Cabral, Virginia

Carey, Alice Anne

Cargill, David

Carrier, Frank E.

Carstensen, Anna Laura

Castelle, Antonette

Chadwick, June

Collins, Shirley Mae

Conroy, Agnes R.

Conroy, Donald J.

Conroy, Dorothy M.

Conroy, Robert

Conroy, Thomas J.


CRAWFORD, Charlotte



Crawford, Minnie Louise


Cupp, Myrtle Sarah

DALL, William B

Davidson, Alice L.

DAY, Donald

DAY, Harry

DAY, Helen

DAY, Roy


Decker, Douglas

Decker, Kacey

Decker, Karie

Devine, Kent

Devol, Caroline E.


Dorato, Dante

Doudna, Burley Maynar

Doudna, George Burwell

Doudna, John P.

Doudna, Michael Jack





Dutcher, Sarah Maude

Eggen, Sarah Rose

Estreich, Patricia

Fadrhonc, Jim

Fadrhonc, Trever

Fettig, Joseph

FIELD, Susanne Thayer

Fishel, Leon A.

Fishel, Mabel C.

Fishel, William

Flower, Louis

Fort, Jared Anthony

Fort, Madison Nicole

Freeman, Carol Lee

Freeman, David Wayne

Freeman, Henry M

Freeman, Lou Anne

Freeman, Marlene Marie

Freeman, Wayne Henry

Freund, Beau Jeffery

Freund, Bonnie Lee

Freund, Dan

Freund, Dana Danine

Freund, Kimberly S

Freund, Norman Ace

Freund, Staci

Fritcher, Genevieve C

Fulbright, Ruby M E D

Gaffney, Frank Springer

Gaffney, Michael Richar

Gaffney, Richard Frank

Gardner, Joseph R.

Gary, Emily

Gear, Edna Florilla

Gear, Ella

Gear, Elsie

Gear, Jonathan

Gear, William

Gibbs, Elizabeth Ann

Goddard, David

Goodrich, Mary Lillian

Goodrich, Roy

Gordon, April

Granger, Emma

Gray, Charles

Gray, Clinton A.

Gray, Enoch J.

Gray, Evelyn E.

Gray, George

Gray, Lula B.

Gray, Victoria V.

Green, Priscilla

Greve, Ernest P.


Helm, Frank

Henke, Verna

Higgins, Michelle

Higuera, Robert

Higuera, Robert Louis

Hill, Bessie Almina

Holmes, Hannah S.

Houston, Christopher C

Johnson, Asenath

Johnson, Craig Thomas

Johnson, Dena Jena

Johnson, Frances L

Johnson, Mary Jane

Johnson, Steve Duane

Jones, Asenath Ethel

Jones, Britton McKay

Jones, Elizabeth

Jones, Ella Bertha

Jones, John William

Jones, Joseph Jefferson

Jones, Laura

Jones, Presley Taylor

Jones, Sarah E.

Jones, Sarah M.

Jones, Steven Britt

Jones, Susan Myrtle

Jones, William Oscar

KAROS, Sarah

Keen, Bob

Keen, Patricia

Keen, Susie

Keene, William W.

Kelloway, Bertha Edna

Kelly, Susan Elaine

Kenley, Paul Jeffrey

Kenyon, Archie Lewis

Kenyon, Charles Edwar

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Kenyon, Patricia L

Kenyon, Robert Lewis

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Kenyon, Theodore Roy

Kenyon, William

Kittleson, Henry

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Lawton, Joseph William

Lawton, Kenneth

Lawton, Virginia

Lawton, William H.

Leach, James L.

Leach, Robert T.

Leach, Robert W.

Leatham, Donald Ray

Leatham, Duane Reed

Leatham, Glen Richard

Leatham, Helen Mae

Leatham, Reed Garrett

Leatham, William Leroy

Lee, Sarah "Sallie"

Lundgren, Clarence W.

Lutzvick, Patrick

Lynch, Alice

Lynch, Harold

Mahler, Florence Rose

Malone, Margaret Ann

Manning, Catherine

MARSH, Living

Mc Williams, Nancy Ann



McKean, H. B.

McNeeley, Deanna R

Mehrens, Margaret

Miller, Neil Jesse

Moore, Ardele

Moore, John J.

Morgan, Erla Gaye

Morgan, Joseph P.

Morton, Loisa

Morton, Matilda

Morton, Mr


Mosier, Vernie


Murphy, Ethel May

Myers, Ruth F

Nichols, Richard Brooks

Olsen, Edith Jean

Olson, Elizabeth Eileen

Olson, Greg

Olson, Kelli

Ostwalt, Larue Jeanette

Parsons, Ruth L.

Parsons, Simon Cort

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Pennington, Clara E.

Perry, Cynthia June

Pettigrew, Jennifer S

Purdy, William

Rhinehart, Ann E

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Rice, Arthur Mage

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Richardson, Abia

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Richardson, Archibald W

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Richardson, Arunah

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Richardson, Bertha A

Richardson, Bessie

Richardson, Beulah R.

Richardson, Bob


Richardson, Carl E.

Richardson, Caroline E.

Richardson, Charlie

Richardson, child

Richardson, Chloe Irene

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Richardson, Flora

Richardson, Florilla

Richardson, Frank

Richardson, Frank S.

Richardson, Fred Walter

Richardson, Freeman


Richardson, G. Fern

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Richardson, Harry Lee

Richardson, Henry P.

Richardson, Herbert F

Richardson, Hill

Richardson, Ida

Richardson, Jane

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Richardson, John

Richardson, John Lee

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Richardson, William

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Richardson, William H B

Roper, Kristi Jan

Rupp, Gordon Chester

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Rupp, Shirley E.

Sanborn, Jim

Scheidercker, Lillian E

Schmidt, Elizabeth M.

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Searls, Lorene Doris

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Stritmatter, Lester Otho

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Twilling, Cami Danette

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Walker, Earl E.

Walters, Charles

Walters, Child

Walters, Daughter

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