George Thompson was born in about 1578. He married Kateren Mudden 24 November 1608 in Wardington, Oxfordshire.

George Thompson marriage

Marriage record for George Thompson and Katherine Mudden in Wardington:
"George Thompson & Katherine Mudden marryed ye 24th of November"

Kateren was christened 13 March 1578 in Wardington, the daughter of John Mudden and Annes Speache. The Thompsons had a cottage in Round Bottom: “Below the churchyard across Round Bottom, at the east end of the town were the three cottages. They were squeezed between the mill's tail pond, the river Cherwell and Round Bottom, possibly a piece of land formerly used for grazing as it had a pond. The first two were semi-detached stone and thatched buildings. Each had two bays with a hearth and upper floor - the southern cottage of the two having a cockloft next to the gable end. There were barns and cowstalls to the pair of cottages, but their position is unknown. Both had a cow common and the following leys were shared between them: Five leys in Hawtin's Piece, and one ley and two half leys in Honeypleck. This worked out to about one and three quarter acres for each cow's hay. Each cottage had a hall, parlour and buttery. In the first lived George Thompson and Kateren who remained there until they died in the interregnum so no will survived. None of their three children born between 1612 and 1619, take it over.” (The Town of Cropredy 1570 - 1640; Pamela Keegan)

Cropredy map

The Thompson's cottage is number 52.
(The Town of Cropredy 1570 - 1640; Pamela Keegan)

Katheren died and was buried 5 July 1648 in Cropredy, Oxfordshire.

Katherine Thompson burial

Burial record for Katheren Thompson in Cropredy:
"Kathrin Tomson was buried the the fifth day of July"

George died and was buried 9 January 1651 in Cropredy.

George Thompson burial

Burial record for George Thompson in Cropredy:
"George Tomson buried the 9 day of Januari"

George and Kateren had the following children:

1. John, christened 10 December 1609 in Wardington.

*2. Anna (Hannah), christened 11 April 1612 in Cropredy; married James Goldby 1 February 1645 in Cropredy; buried 1 May 1683 in Cropredy.

3. William, christened 22 August 1614 in Cropredy.

4. George, christened 16 January 1619/20 in Cropredy.

SOURCE: Bishop's Transcripts, Cropredy Parish, FHS# 95235: IGI; Oxfordshire Marriage Transcripts, JSW Gibson; The Town of Cropredy 1570 - 1640; Pamela Keegan; Cropredy parish register; Wardington parish register.


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