Mary Paxton of Finmere, Oxfordshire married Thomas Southam of Croton 16 January 1665 in Mixbury, Oxfordshire. The marriage is recorded both in the Mixbury parish register, and in Mary's home parish of Finmere.

Thomas Southam marriage

Marriage record for Thomas Southam and Mary Paxton in the Mixbury parish register

The Finmere parish register records:

Jan 15 1665/6, Southam, Thomas of Croton (Croughton) and Paxton, Maria, married at Mixbury.

No christening record has been found for Mary or Maria Paxton in Finmere in the right time period (approximate 1635-1646), but the Paxtons were a prominent farming family in Finmere. "Contemporary with these, and chief among the yeoman of the village, was the family of Paxton." (History of Finmere)

There were several Paxton couples having children in the right period. The following entries were found in the Finmere parish register between 1630 and 1659::

1636, Palm Sunday   Paxton, Anna, d. Thomas and Mar:
1647, Dec 10            Paxton, William
                 10            Paxton, Henry
1649/50, Mar 15      Paxton, Anna
1652, Dec 21           Paxton, Thomas

These are the potential parents for Mary:

Frances Paxton left a will dated 29 December 1637, proven 17 February 1638, mentioning wife Alice, daughter (Susan) who married George Watte, and grandchild Anne Paxton, the daughter of Frances' son, Thomas (died 1636). No mention is made of a daughter Mary.

Peter and Elizabeth Paxton have children in the parish of Barton Hartshorn near Finmere (about two miles away). They do have a daughter Maria christened in 31 July 1651. If this were our Mary Paxton, then this would make her 13 years old at the time of her marriage to Thomas Southam in 1665. This is unlikely. The couple also has a daughter, Elizabeth, christened 2 January 1649 in Barton. There seems to be another Peter and Elizabeth couple in Finmere, who have children starting in 1660, which is too late for our Mary.

Thomas and Margaret had a daughter, Anna, christened in 1636. This is the grandchild mentioned in Frances' will of 1637. Thomas died in 1636. If Mary were a child of Thomas, she would have been mentioned in Frances' will in addition to Anna.

William and Cicely Paxton supposedly have the following children: Wiliam (1647), Henry (1647), Anna (1649), and Thomas (1652). The extracted parish register for Finmere on CD shows the christening of these four children with no parents listed. These children are listed with Henry and Cicely as their parents in other sources, such as Pedigree Resource File.

William and Cicely are the most likely parents for Mary. She is not mentioned as  child or grandchild in Frances' will. She is listed as being of Finmere, not Barton Hartshorn. Peter and Elizabeth have a child named Maria after the time Mary would have been born. William and Cicely have children in the right location, in the right time period. There is no christening record for Mary, but records in the 1640s in England were often impacted by the English Civil War.

A deed made for Finmere for inclosing the common fields, created 1 June 1667, lists landowners in Finmere. These would be the adult landowners about the time of Mary's wedding. The following Paxtons are listed:

An Abstract of the Deed made on the Inclosing the Common Fields of Finmere, 1667
The deed dated June 1st, 1667
Parties' Names

Henry Paxton of Finmere
Peter Paxton, his son and heir
Elizabeth, wife of the said Peter Paxton
Peter Paxton of Beggars Barton
Cicely Paxton, relict of William Paxton, yeoman
and mother and guardian to William Paxton,
the son and heir of the said William Paxton deceased,
and William Paxton the son

(Finmere History)


William Paxton was christened 1 November 1611 in Finmere, the son of Henry Paxton. He married Cicely. He is listed as a yeoman. He died and was buried 8 April 1663 in Finmere. His burial record lists him as William Paxton, lawyer:

"1663. Sepult Gulielmus Paxton, legalis homo, qui quotannis ex fundo suo XI, sterlingoru sum potuit derogare Apr. 8".

Cicely died as a widow, and was buried in 1675/6 in Finmere.

Cecilia Paxton burial

Burial record for Cecilia Paxton in Finmere: "Cicilia Paxton vidua exivit bacluer functa in Domino Jan 29 1673"

William and Cicely likely had the following children:

*1. Mary, born in about 1645 of Finmere; married Thomas Southam 16 January 1665 in Mixbury; buried 19 May 1711 in Cropredy.

2. William, christened 10 December 1647 in Finmere; died 1711.

3. Henry, christened 10 December 1647 in Finmere.

4. Anna, christened 15 March 1649/50 in Finmere.

5. Thomas, christened 21 December 1652 in Finmere.

SOURCES: Finmere parish register; Mixbury parish register; History of Finmere, J.C. Blomfield, 1998.


Henry Paxton was born in about 1588 of Finmere, the son of Peter and Agnes Paxton. Henry died and was buried 16 November 1642 in Finmere.

Henry left a will dated 21 February 1647, and proven 4 November 1648.

Henry Paxton will

Will of Henry Paxton, 1646

In the name of God Amen, the one and twentith daie of Ffebruary in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred ffourtie and seaven, I Henry Paxton of Ffynmore in the Countie of Oxford, yeoman, being sicke in bodie but of good and perfect memorie, thanks be to God for the same, doe make this my last will & testament in manner and forme following, ffirst I commend my soule unto God the father trusting to be made partaker of his celestiall knigdome through the merits of Christ Jesus my mercifull God and Saviour. And my bodie to be buried in the parish church or churchyard of Ffynmore aforesaid. And as concerning that small substance of worldlie goods which the Lord of his mercie hath bestowed on me I give and bequeath as followeth. Imprimus, I give to the church of Ffynmore tenne shillings. And to the poore people of the same parish tenne shillings.

Item, I give to my daughter Millasent Turvye ffive pounds in money. Also a cowe, a joynd bedsteede, a coffer and a paire of sheetes.
Item, I give unto my grandchild Ann Turvy daughter of John Turvy seaven pounds in money to be delivered to the overseers of this my will within six months next after my desesse to be by them sett out or imploid for hir best advantage till shee com to eighteen years of aage or marriage or eyther of which shall first happen. And if shee happen to die before the said lymitted times, then I give the same to Richard Turvey and John Turvey my grandchildren equallie to be devided betwixt them. And I also give to the said Richard and John ffourtie shillings a peece to help sett them prentise. And I give unto John Turvey my sonne in lawe my waring clothes or apparel.

Item, I give and bequeath unto William Paxton my grandchild ten pounds in money to be sett out for his benefits by my overseers hereof till he com to one and twentie years of age, then both principall and interest to be paid unto him. And if hee die before his said age then I give the same amongst the rest of my sonne William Paxtons children then surviving.

Item, I give unto my daughter Ann Evans ffourtie shillings to buy his a gowne. And I give unto my grandchild Henry Evans ffyve pounds, the money to be likewise sett out to use for him by my said overseers till hee com to his age of one and twentie years. And if hee happen to decesse before his said age then I bequeath to same amongst the other of the children of my said daughter Ann Evans that shalbe then surviving.

Item, that I doe hereby order and appoint that all the legacies herein bequeathed amongst my grandchildren be paid and delivered by my executor into the hands of the overseers hereof within six monethes after my decesse without any longer delay to be sett out to use as aforesaid. All the rest of my goods, chattells and cattell whatsoever unbequeathed, my debts being paid and my ffunerall expences defrayed I give and bequeath unto my sonne William Paxton whom I make my sole executor. And I doe nominate and request my cossen Peter Paxton of Ffynmore and my loving frend Thomas William of Mixbury in the said countie, yeoman to be the overseers of this my will, desiring them to see the same performed according to the true intent and meaning hereof. And I give them for their paines herein halfe a crowne a peece. In wittnesse whereof I have hereunto sett my hand and seale the daie and yeare first above written.
Sealed and acknowledged in the presence of us, Thos Wheatley the wryter hereof and of Thomas Wellicom of Mixbury, his mark.

Henry Paxton inventory

Inventory for Henry Paxton

A true inventory of all the goods, chattells and cattell of Henry Paxton, late of Ffynmore in the Countie of Oxon, yeoman, decessed, prized the fourth day of Aprill in Anno Dom 1648 by those whose names are hereunto subscribed, that is to say
Imprimus, his wareing apparel prised at  2-10-0
Item, the bedsteed and all the bedding and bed in the little chamber  2-15-0
Item in the same chamber two coffers  0-2-4
Item, his lynnen of all sorts  0-13-4
Item, the bed steed and valians in the middle chamber  0-6-8
Item, the rest of the household stuffe in the middle chamber  0-3-0
Item, the joynd bedsteed standing at the stare head  0-6-0
Item, andirons, spits, woolfales, edgtooles, rakes, old iron and iron works whatsoever  0-16-0
Item, a chest and coffer in the lower chamber  0-10-0
Item, the chaires, a table and frame, a cubbard and a forme  0-12-0
Item, all his brasse and pewter  0-16-0
Item, foure lands of wheate and barly filth in the wheate field the one halfe of them being due to him prised at   1-2-0
Item, his pese and other grains  0-13-4
Item, two beasts prised at   5-0-0
Item, his fodder and hay  0-1-0
Item, his wood and wooden necessaries and implements  0-6-8
Item, all the moneu owing unto him upon bills and bonds  45-0-0
Item, his money which he has in his owne keeping at the time of his death  1-12-0
Item, that all the rest of his implements necessary utensils and lumber in and about his house and homesteed  0-3-4
Item, his pte in tenn sheepe and six lambs  2-12-0
Suma totals  66-0-10

Henry had the following children:

1. Millicent, christened 25 March 1608 in Finmere; married John Turvey; mentioned in father's will.

*2. William, christened 1 November 1611 in Finmere; married Cicely; buried 8 April 1663 in Finmere; occupation: lawyer, yeoman.

3. Henry, christened 22 January 1627/8 in Finmere.

4. Ann, christened 6 September 1618 in Finmere; mentioned in father's will; married Mr. Evans.

SOURCES: Finmere parish register; Pedigree Resource File; will of Henry Paxton, 1646.


Peter Paxton was born in about 1550 of Buckinghamshire, the son of Edmund Paxton. He married Agnes. He was a yeoman farmer. Peter is mentioned in a History of Finmere: "Contemporary with these, and chief among the yeoman of the village, was the family of Paxton. The first member of this family known to be resident at Finmere was Peter Paxton, whose name first occurs in 1581, several children of his being baptised in the Parish Church between that year and 1598."  (History of Finmere)

Peter wrote a will in 1615, proven 7 February 1616, mentioning wife Agnes, oldest son Edward, youngest son Henry, youngest daughter Millicent, daughter Jane, and brother William. He asked to be buried in the churchyard where his son William was buried.

Peter and Agnes had the following children:

1. Elizabeth, buried 12 November 1581

2. Joan, christened 24 June 1582 in Finmere; married Nicholas Jakeman.

3. Edward, christened 10 January 1585/6 in Finmere. This may be the Edmund mentioned in his grandfather's will of 1597.

4. Jane, christened 8 June 1587 in Finmere; married Mr. Fenimore.

5. Millicent, christened 20 April 1592 in Finmere.

6. William, christened 4 February 1598/9 in Finmere; died before 1616; buried in Finmere.

*7. Henry, born in about 1588 in Finmere; buried 16 November 1642 in Finmere.

SOURCES: Finmere parish register; Pedigree Resource File; will of Peter Paxton, proven 7 November 1616.


Edmund Paxton was born in about 1520 of Buckinghamshire, England, the son of John and Alice Paxton. He married Agnes. He was a yeoman of Barton Hartshorn, Buckinghamshire. Edmund, yeoman of Barton Hartshorn left a will proven 5 February 1597, leaving considerable property in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire. In it he mentions his sons, William, Peter, John and Edmund, daughter Elizabeth Moore - the wife of George Moore, gent., grandson Edmund - the son of son Peter, granddaughter Anne - the daughter of son Edmund, Edmund Paxton - "my elder brother's son", and Gyles, "my brother William's son".

Edmund Paxton is mentioned in a history of Barton Hartshorn: " By 12545 the abbey of Oseney was seised of land in Barton which was afterwards known as the manor of BARTON HARTSHORN alias BEGGARS BARTON, and held it until the Dissolution. In 1541 it was granted in fee to John Wellesbourne, who died in 1548. His son John conveyed the manor in 156970 to Edmund Packson or Paxton, who died seised in 1596. His son William succeeded him, and died in 1628, leaving a son Thomas. After this date it passed, according to Willis, to the Butterfield family, a member of which had married the heiress of the Paxtons. About 1716 Eleanor Butterfield married George Southam, to whom she brought this estate, which he held in 1735.

Edmund had the following children:

1. William, died 1628, father of Thomas.

*2. Peter, born in about 1550; married Agnes; died in 1615 n Finmere; will proven 7 February 1617.

3. John

4. Edmund - father of Anne.

5. Elizabeth, married George Moore, gent.

SOURCES: Pedigree Resource File; will of Peter Paxton, 1617, PCC; will of Edmund Paxton, 5 February 1597, PCC; A History of the County of Buckinghamshire: Barton Hartshorn,


John Paxton was born the late 1400s or very early 1500s. He married Alice. John died 13 February 1552/3 in Barton. Alice died in 1553. John and Alice Paxton had the following child:

1. William - husbandman in Barton Hartshorn, father of Gyles.

2. Edmund, born in about 1520; married Agnes; will proven 5 February 1597 of Barton Hartshorn, Buckinghamshire.

3. Henry, born about 1526, husbandman in Hillesden, Buckinghamshire; married Jane; died 18 July 1558 in Hillesden. .

SOURCES: Pedigree Resource File; will of Edmund Paxton, 1597; Paxson/Paxton Family in England, on rootsweb;

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