John Mudden was born in about 1550 of Wardington, Oxfordshire, the son of John Muddyn and Annes Sabyne. He married Annes Speache 15 July 1571 in Wardington.

John Muddin marriage

Marriage record for John Mudding and Annes Speache in Wardington:
"John Muddyn & Annes Speache was maried the xv day of Julie"

Annes was buried 4 December 1619 in Wardington. 

Annes Muddin burial

Burial record for Annes Muddin in Wardington:
"An Muddin was buryed the forth December"

John was buried 30 October 1624 in Wardington.

John Muddin burial

Burial record for John Muddin in Wardington:
"John Mudden was buried the thirtieth of October"

John and Annes had the following children:

*1. Kateren (Kateryne), christened 13 March 1578 in Wardington; married George Thompson 24 November 1608 in Wardington; buried 5 July 1648 in Cropredy.

Katherine Muddin baptism

  Baptism record for Katherine Muddin in Wardington: "Kateryn Muddyne the daughter of John Muddyne
  was baptised the xiij daie of March"

2. John, christened 11 June 1582 in Wardington; married Jonne Garner 4 February 1603 in Wardington; buried 30 October 1648 in Wardington.

3. William, christened 21 April 1586 in Wardington; buried 13 April 1592 in Wardington (christened as William Junior, son of John).

4. William, of Wardington; listed in the will of John Gardner of Nether Boddington, dated 1619, as "William Muddin of Wardington my godson". (He may have been born after the William who died in 1592.) William married Rebecca Gubbyn 5 February 1621 in Wardington. He was a husbandman of Wardington. William left a will dated 19 September 1636, naming wife Rebecca, son John, son William and daughter Elizabeth.

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John Muddin the elder was born in about 1520. He was a husbandman of Wardington. He married Annys Sabine before 1551. Annys was the daughter of John and Elizabeth Sabyne. John Muddin is mentioned in his father-in-law's will. The will of John Sabyne of Wardington was written 25 March 1551, and proven 23 April 1551. He mentions "And to John Muddyn and his children ten shepe...And to Annys Muddyn my daughter a hyve of bees". This will was written about the time our John Mudden was born.

John Mudden also created a will, written 3 July 1598. In it, he mentions wife "Annes Muddine", "sonne John Muddine ye younger", "sonne Peter Muddine", "Henry Muddine my sonne", "Alice Muddine my daughter" and "Katerine Muddine my daughter". Clement Hill, who married Margarit Muddin, is one of the witnesses to the will.

            Muddin will

Will of John Muddin of Wardington, 1598

No mention is made of Margarit Muddin, but money and land are left to her husband Clement Hill. 

Will proven 11 Sept 1598, John Muddin de Wardington
In the name of God Amen: the third daie of Julie: in the yeare of our Lord God: 1598 and in the fortieth yeare of the rainye of our sovereign Ladie Queen Elizabeth, I John Muddyn the elder of Wardington in the countie of Oxon and beinge of sound minde and in good and perfect memorie laude &prayse be to Allmightie God, doe constitute, ordaine and make this my psent testament containing herein my last will  in manner and forme following: that is to saie: Ffirst I comitt my soule to Allmightie God and to Jesus Christe his sonne my mediator and Redemer: And my bodie to be buried in the church yearde of Wardenton, ffirst I geve to ye poore mens boxe iiij. Item I give to my sonne John Muddine ye younger ye lease of ye tithes of two yearde land and a halfe which belongeth to the house where he dwelleth nowe: excepting in years to be performed next and immediettlie after ye date herof, also yf ye saide John Muddine shall discharge ye rente for those ix years with Clement Hill as his assign shall xxx. Also I geve to ye saide John Muddine ye yonger the best carte. Also I geve to ye saide John my sonne foure lands of barlie, one in Longe Bottam, one at Finnans Banke, and a achare in Bull Maye, one great cheste, ye best coffer. Also I give unto my saide John sonne a maire and a table. Item I give to Alice Muddine my daughter iiijth pounds of good and lawfull monie of England to be paide the halfe yeare after my decease. Item I give to Katherine Muddine my daughter iiij of good and lawfull monie of England to be paide the yeare after my decease, a  xxxx calfe a kettell, ye best. Also I give to my saide sonne John Muddine iij of good and lawfull monie of England to be payd to him two yeares after my decease. Item I give to Henry Muddine my sonne halfe a quarter of barlie to be paide unto him a yeare after my decease. Also far some certain dettes which I doy owe yt is: ffirst to John Lumbard xiij xs, to Clement Hill xld iiij iiij, to James Lirde of Hornton vijd, to Robart Tymcoke xxd. Ffor these certain dettes I give unto Clement Hill a yeard lands croppe of corne, hay & peese with their commodities belonging hereinto Wardenton felde which is now upon the grounde to discharge these dettes above mentioned which do belonge to ye living of John Muddine. Also all the residewe of all my goodes and cattels and moveable my dettes paide with my legacies discharged I give to Annes Muddine my wyff and to my sonne Peter Muddine my sonne whome I make my sole executor of this my last will and testament. I make my overseers Clement Gill, Rychard Tymcoke to same for their paines xij a peace. In wittnes herof Mr Alin Gowmatt, Thomas Tymcoke, Clement Hill, Ryc. Tymcoke

An inventory was made for John Muddin:

The inventorie of all ye goodes and cattels of John Muddine the elder of Wardenton, husbandman, lately deceased in the countie of Oxford, mayd the xxth daie of Julie in the fortie yeare of our sovereign ladye Elizabeth by the grace of God queen of England and Irland, defender of the faith. Prised by these men following Thomas Tymcoke, William Palmer and Clement Hyrons.
Ffirst in the hall –
Ffirst a table and two flandinge pottes, a benche, one forme, a paintinge clothe, a backe borde prized – vid
Item a peace of a olde cubbard, one chaire, a falling bord – ijs
Item a parie of cobbardes, one spite, a brande hiron, a old fryinge pane, pott hangings  - iiij
Item tow olde pottes, foure bottells, fno flymme snethe, fondinge, thre candell stickes, a xxx – xxiiij
Item two platteres, two pottengers, one sawcer, two salt sellers – iiijs
In the Chamber
Item his apparel  - xxd
Item foure bedstedes, one coverlyt, two blankyts, a twillen clothe, two bolsters, a great cheste – xxvj d
Item thre coffers, a salt tronghte, thre table clothes, foure paire of shettes, two napkins – xxvid
In the Kitchine
Item a lead & a mille – xxvis viiijd
Item three fattes, a towel, two pailes, one kever xxx, three tobes, with all other implements of cookerie waire unnamed  - xxxiijs iiijd
Item a iron traie, one sause, two iron waggis, one axe with all other toyles – xvid
Item two cartes, two plowes, thre harowes, two xxx  iijs iiijd
Item the plowe timber, foure ladders with certain bordes, a well xxx – xxd
Item a nother carte bodie, a dray with sheape barbes with hardells – xvi
Item ye wood & towels – iiijl xs
Item three maires with their harness, a carte roppe – vil xs
Item three beastes & a yearling calfe  xijl iijs  iiijd
Item two yeard land * a quarter call the croppe – svl
Item ye pultrie with all implementes unnamed – vs
Item ye revertion of ye lease of two yeard land & a halfe – iil xiiijd

John and Annys had the following children:

*1. John, born about 1550 of Wardington; married Annes Speache; buried 30 October 1624 in Wardington.

2. Margarit, married Clement Hill 14 May 1587 in Wardington; may have died by 1598.

3. Alice, married Edward Balie 28 April 1594 in Wardington.

4. Katerine.

5. Peter, married Alis and had children: William (1592) and Morgan (1599). Alis died and was buried 30 November 1621 in Wardington. Peter was buried 13 September 1628 in Wardington.

6. Henry.

Another Muddin is mentioned in the early Wardington parish register: Robart Muddyn was buried 15 February 1587 in Wardington. Perhaps this is a brother or another son.

A History of the County of Oxford mentions the family in a section on Wardington: "There has been much continuity of individual families at Wardington. Some of the families in the survey of 1552 appear in 1623 among the purchasers of land on the former episcopal estate; and descendants of eight families which purchased land in 1623 still owned land in the parish in 1762—though by 1785 all save two of them had ceased to do so. Eight families in all (Chamberlayne, French, Gardner, Short, Gubbins, Hirons, Muddin, and Hunt) survived until the inclosure of Wardington in 1762 in possession of lands bought in 1623...The break-up of the former episcopal estate, its further partition in 1623, and the sale of Williamscot manor in 1633 were followed by much buying and selling, increased owner-occupancy, and a comparatively high level of prosperity among the yeoman farmers." Later Muddens were mentioned in the history as cordwainers: "successive members of the Muddin family (John, William, and another William) were cordwainers from the 1690s to 1758".

SOURCES: Will of John Sabyne of Wardington on; Wardington parish register; will of John Muddin of Wardington on from Banbury and Thames Peculiar Court; Wardington parish register.

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