John Staymaker or Slaymaker was a miller of Honington, Warwickshire. He was christened 29 July 1666 in the nearby parish of Tadmarton, Oxfordshire, the son of William and Elizabeth Slaymaker. John married Mary. They were the only Staymaker family having children in the right time period on Honington, so are likely the parents of Frances. The name was extracted as Staymaker in the Honington registers, but also appears as Slaymaker.

John died and was buried 21 November 1725, as "John Staymaker, miller".

John Staymaker buria

Burial record for John Staymaker in Honington: "John Staymaker, miller Nov 21"

Mary died and was buried 27 March 1729 in Honington as "Mary widow of Jno. Staymaker".

Mary Staymaker burial

Burial record for Mary Staymaker in Honington: "Mary widow of Jno Staymaker   March 27"

 John and Mary had the following children:


*1. Frances, born about 1692; married John Banks 26 December 1714 in Honington.

2. Martha, christened 26 September 1698 in Honington.

3. Rachell, christened 27 December 1699 in Honington; married Francis Shuffield 12 July 1733 in Barcheston, Warwickshire.

4. Joseph, buried 29 August 1701 in Honington.

5. Joseph, christened 16 September 1703 in Honington; married Mary; occupation - miller. 

6. John, buried 25 February 1704 in Honington.

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Honington is described: "The tiny village is mostly set about a triangular green, southeast of the church at the junction of three roads,that leading to the north finishing at the church. The River Stour flows west of the village and the road to the south crosses it by a bridge of c. 1685, built of ashlar stone with four very small arches and with ball-ornaments on the parapets...There were in 1086 in Honington 4 mills worth54s. 4d.  In 1291 the prior had 2 mills here valued at 1, and in 1540 the mills were farmed for 3 5s. 4d. Three watermills are mentioned in 1578, and two in 1597, and these two were leased by Henry Gibbes in 1620 to Sir Thomas Temple and Thomas Gibbes for 30 years at a peppercorn rent. In 1741 and 1809 the appurtenances of the manor included 4 water cornmills, 4 fulling-mills, and 3 dove-houses." From: 'Parishes: Honington', A History of the County of Warwick: Volume 5: Kington hundred (1949), pp. 92-95. URL:


William Staymaker was christened 13 October 1633 in Tadmarton, the son of William Slaymaker and Margaret Pittom. He married Elizabeth.

Elizabeth died and was buried 30 January 1684 in Tadmarton.

Elizabeth Slaymaker

Burial record for Elizabeth Slaymaker in Tadmarton:
"Elizabeth the wife of William Slamaker was buried according to the Act"

William died later the same year, and was buried 21 October 1684 in Tadmarton.

William Slaymaker burial

Burial record for William Slaymaker in Tadmarton:
"William Slemaker was buryed October 21"

William and Elizabeth had the following children:

*1. John, christened 29 July 1666 in Tadmarton; married Mary; buried 21 November 1725 in Honington.

John Slaymaker baptism

Baptism record for John Slaymaker in Tadmarton:
"John Slaymaker ye son of William Slaymaker was baptized July 29"

2. Thomas, christened 2 August 1668 in Tadmarton.

3. Edward, christened 24 April 1671 in Tadmarton.

4. William, christened 20 October 1673 in Tadmarton.

5. Edward, christened 30 December 1675 in Tadmarton.

6. Henry, christened 23 February 1678 in Tadmarton.

SOURCES: Tadmarton parish register; Honington parish register;


William Slaymaker was born in about 1600 of Tadmarton. He married Margaret Pittom 1 May 1630 in Over Worton, Oxfordshire.

William Slaymaker marriage

Marriage record for William Slaymaker and Margaret Pittom in Over Worton:
"William Slymaker of Tadmarton & Margaret Pittom of Over-Worton were maried May 1st 1630"

Margaret died and was buried 17 October 1665 in Tadmarton.

Margaret Slaymaker burial

Burial record for Margaret Slaymaker in Tadmarton:
"Margaret the wife of William Sleymaker was buryed the 17 day of October"

William and Margaret had the following children:

1. Edward, christened 3 April 1632 in Tadmarton.

*2. William, christened 13 October 1633 in Tadmarton.

3. Elizabeth, christened 1 October 1637 in Tadmarton.

4. Mary, christened 19 February 1639 in Tadmarton.

5. Henderry (Henry), christened 24 October 1641 in Tadmarton.

6. Marye, christened 9 July 1642 in Tadmarton.

7. John, christened 1 October 1644 in Tadmarton.

8. Hendrie, christened 21 May 1648 in Tadmarton.

9. Thomas, christened 10 August 1651 in Tadmarton.

SOURCES: Tadmarton parish register;

Other Slaymakers in early Tadmarton records are:

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