William and Kateren Brice were the only Brice family in Cropredy, and are Anne Brice's parents. William died and was buried 14 January 1605/6 in Cropredy.

William Brice burial

Burial record for William Brice in Cropredy:
"William Brice was buried the xiiijth day of Januarie 1605"

William and Kateren had the following children:

1. Edward, christened 28 September 1569 in Cropredy; listed as one of the scholars at Williamscote School from Cropredy in 1579 and 1580.

2. Mary, christened 12 September 1573 in Cropredy; married Robert Hall 7 May 1601 in Cropedy.

3. William, christened 30 August 1579 in Cropredy.

*4. Anne, christened 1 March 1583/4 in Cropredy; married Edward Whyte 12 October 1618 in Cropredy; buried 26 December 1629 in Cropedy.

Anne Brice baptism

 Burial record for Anne Brice in Cropredy: "Annes Bryce the daughter of Wm Bryce and Kateren his wife was christened the fyrst day March" 

SOURCES: Cropredy parish register; "The Registers of Williamscote School", Cake & Cockhorse, Banbury Historical Society, January 1963.


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