William was born in about 1515 of Cropredy. He maried Avys 26 October 1539 in Cropredy.

William Lamphrey marriage

Marriage record for William Lamphrey and Avys in Cropredy:
"Imprimis Wyllm Lampry and Avys hys wyff whas maryd the xxvi day of October in the yeer of our Lord xxxix"

William died and was buried 18 May 1581 in Cropredy.

William and Avys Lamphrey burial

Burial records for William and Avys Lamphrey in Cropredy:
"Wm Lampry was buried the xviij of May"
"Avis Lampry was buried the xxv of May"

Avys died a week later, and was buried 25 May 1581 in Cropredy.

William and Avys had the following children:

1. John, christened 27 October 1540 in Cropedy.

2. Richard, christened 2 January 1542 in Cropredy; married Agnes 2 May 1567 in Cropredy.

3. Hew, christened 12 July 1543 in Cropredy; buried 29 January 1543 in Cropredy.

4. Thomas, christened 11 August 1544 in Cropredy; buried 6 May 1545 in Cropredy.

5. Thomas, christened 14 April 1546 in Cropredy.

6. Annes, christened 28 July 1548 in Cropredy; buried 9 January 1554 in Cropredy.

7. William, christened 31 August 1550 in Cropredy.

8. Jone, christened 16 November 1552 in Cropredy; buried 22 May 1553 in Cropredy.

9. Harry, christened 16 April 1554 in Cropredy.

*10. Annes, born in about 1560 of Cropredy; married John Blackwell 14 January 1585 in Cropredy; buried 1 March 1639 in Cropredy.

Another Lamprey is mentioned in a survey of Cropredy in 1552: "Henry Lamprey, 1 cott., 2 acres of land", as a customary tenant of Cropredy. (Historical Notices of the Parish of Cropredy) This may be William's brother. 

SOURCE: Cropredy parish register; Historical Notices of the Parish of Cropredy.

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