The first Hunt to appear in the Cropredy records was Roberd, a weaver. Roberd Hunt was born in the end of the 15th century (approximately 1495). He married Alys before 1520. 

They lived on the Green by the Cross in Cropredy by 1552. He is found in the land records taking over William Walker’s yardland. Roberd is mentioned twice in a list of Customary Tenants in Cropredy in 1562:

"Rob. Hunte, 1 mess., 2 yd. lands, late in ten. of Will. Lamberte...
Rob. Hunte, 1 yd land, 22 a., and a parcell of meadow 4 acres, and 1 garden...xvj"
(Historical Notices of the parish of Cropredy, Oxon)

Roberd left a will proven in June of 1565, naming his wife Alys as executor, and listing children John, Annes, Thomas, Richard, Margerie, Edward, and Anthony. 

Robert Hunt will 1565

Will of Robert Hunt of Cropredy, 1565

Testament of Roberti Hunte de Cropredy
In the name of God amen the xx daye of October in the yere of ower Lorde God 1564, I Robert Hunte, sycke in body but of parfect and memory doo make my last wyll and testament in maner and forme following, ffyrst I betake my soule to Allmyghtye God looking for the hope of heaven prepared by the death and passion of our Saviour Jesus Chryst and my body to be buryed in the churche yarde of Cropreddy. I doo gyve to the ___ a stryke of barley and to Annes my daughter a bedsted, a bolster, two payre of sheetes and a helyng, a table boarde, a brasse potte, a caudron, candlesticks, a pplatter, a pewter dysshe, a sheepe and a lamed of barley. And to Thomas Hunte, my sonne two stryke of barley. And to Richard Hunte my sonne two stryke of barley. And to Margerye my daughter a stryke of barley. And to the children of my sonne John Hunte and Edwardes children halffe a quarter of maslyn and halffe a quarter of barlely. And to Edwarde Hunte my sonne a quarter of barley to be payed of the whole. And to Anthonye my sonne a yerelyng colt. And to the said Anthonye a table boarde, the seconde brasse potte, the seconde spytte. And to John Hunte my eldest sonne the carte and the carte geres,the plowshares, the carvborde and the folded table and the yesting vate after the decease of his mother. And to Annys Knyb a calffe and the keeping of yt untyll yt be three yeres olde. Item I wyll that Anthonye my sonne to be halffe with my wyffe. And John Hunte my sonne to own my halffe as he doth in the other halffe. And I doo make my wyffe my executrix, she to bury my body honestly to the grounde, pforming my wyll and to pay my detts after to have the rest of my goods unbequathed. And I doo make Richard Lumbaarde and Henry Walse my overseers with helpe here of Richard Hargeles and Edwarde Hunte as writen after this. Jesus rest my soule, amen.


Roberd and Alys had the following children:

*1. John, born in about 1520 of Cropredy; married (1) Jone, (2) Gillian; buried 17 September 1587 in Cropredy.

2. Annes

3. Thomas, buried 9 May 1588 in Cropedy.

4. Richard, buried 16 August 1616 in Cropredy.

5. Margerie

6. Edward, married Margaret Howse 9 November 1553 in Cropredy.

7. Anthony, christened 16 November 1540 in Cropredy; married Elizabeth Wallis 29 September 1573 in Cropredy; buried 28 November 1618 in Cropredy. “Anthony Hunt was a weaver and lived in a cottage which had land on part of a lay impropriator’s rectorial tithes estate. Anthony Hunt was born is 1540, died aged seventy-eight after a life of farming and weaving. He had been able to take a part in the town affairs for he leased a parcel of land. He married Elizabeth Wallis who could be a member of the blacksmith family of Great Bourton.”  The Town of Cropredy

SOURCES: Cropredy parish register; Cropedy Bishop's Transcripts; “The Town of Cropredy”, Pamela Keegan,; will of Roberd Hunt, 1565; Historical Notices of the Parish of Cropredy, Rev. D. Royce, 1880.


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