John Hunt was born in the early part of the 16th century (approximately 1520). He is the son of Roberd and Alys Hunt. He married 1) Jone, then 2) Gillian. They lived on the Green in Cropredy, and John was a husbandman.


He and his first wife, Jone (and later his second wife, Gillian) lived on the Green, and farmed 3 1/2 yardlands. One yardland in Cropredy was about 32 to 34 acres divided into arable land, meadow, and greensward. Land in Cropredy was farmed in strips. The Hunt's house was built in Hornton stone, a local golden-colored stone. John in 1587 had a Hall, upper chamber, second chamber, and kitchen. The Hunt’s farm was prosperous: “Hunt’s farm was the third largest at that time and they could afford more than most.” The Town of Cropredy; Pamela Keegan  

John died and was buried in Cropredy in 1587, leaving a will and inventory of his property. “When John died in 1587, only half of the house was given in the inventory for Justinian and his wife Elizabeth, who was not a local girl, lived in the rest. After 1586 John’s second wife Gillian would exchange accommodations with her step-son, but she did not stay for long, apparently preferring to live elsewhere.” (The Town of Cropredy; Pamela Keegan)

John Hunt burial

Burial record for John Hunt in Cropredy:
"Jhon Hunt was buried the xvijth of September"

John was buried 17 September 1587 in Cropredy, leaving a will and inventory.

John Hunt will 1587

Will of John Hunt of Cropredy, 1587

In the name of God Amen the tenth daye of September 1587, I John Hunte of Cropredy in the Countye of Oxon, husbandman, beynge syck of bodye but pfect in memory, thanks be to God, do make this my last will & testament in manner & forme following: first bequethinge my soule unto Allmyghty God, my creator, hoping only to be savede by the deathe of Jhesus Christ, and my bodye to be buryed in the church yarde of Cropreadye. Imprimus, I give to every pouer house in Cropreadye ijd. I gyve to the repayre of the church xijd. I gyve towards the repayre of the hir maids xijd. I geve to every of my godchildren iiijd. I geve to Rychard Hunte the sone of Anthony Hunt a sheepe of three years of age to be delivered unto hyme within three years next after my decesse and also a table borde. I gyve Anne Thomson a sheep. Item, wheras I have given Elizabeth my naturall daughter the some of twenty pounds of lawfull Englysh mony as appeareth by certayne articles given under my hande & seale bearing date the vijth daye of October 1583 also tymber to make her a bedsted and a coverlet, I do will the same truly be pformed as God gyve her life but yf she dye of childbede as that child with which shee now goeth then my wil is that her husband Robert Burbridge shall have paied no further portion of goods then that which he has now recyved, but yf she lyve I do will that tenne pounds may be paide her at Holyrode Daye next commynge, otherwise called the Invention  of the Crosse, and the sayd tenne pounds at somme convevenyent tyme after as my overseers shall think meet, and wheras I gave Anne Hunt my daughter the like portion as to her syster who ys now decessed, I do will that gyfte shall remayne unto my executors & Elizabeth my daughter to have no portion. I gyve to Henry Hunt my sonne tenne pounds of lawfull English money to be paied hyme within two years next after my decese. I do will that Gillian my wiefe shall have the one halfe of all my goods to her use for ever and also occupye the one halfe of this my lyvinge durynge the lease with Justinian my sonne yf she so long shall kepe her selfe a wydowe according to the true meanynge of the articles by me sett downe the daye & yeare as is above pformed and I do will that the same articles may be a true condition for her ___occypyinge of this my lyvinge, they pforme next this my will and testament. I gyve to John Hunt the sonne of Justynian Hunt a table borde and one iron bound carte as also xxxxd of lawfull English money which mony Justinian shall paye hyme of his owne goods beynge free of the three pounds he oweth me. I geve to the child next borne of Elizabeth Hunt my daughter which shall lyve xs. I gyve Thomas Hunt, sone to Justinian Hunt a sheepe, the same which Justinian Hunt doth owe unto me the wooll of tenne shepe and all the profytte of the same shepe for 4 years last past. I gyve of the profytte to Gillian my wiefe thee tods of wooll. My executors of this my will I do make Gilian my wiefe & Justynian my sonne and for that ther may ____ continually remayne betwixt my wife & my sonne I do thefore desire the Right Worshipfull Mr Rychard Corbett my frend, Thomas Holleway of Cropredy vicare, Willm Rose & George Johnson to be my overseers willing and requiring my executors to stand to ther order done & judgment concernynge my meanynge in this my will without any further truble or use  in the lawe and I geve to Mr Corbett xs and to every of my other overseers iijs iiijd a peece. Wytnes herof Thomas Hollewaye & Wm Rose

The inventory of John Hunt in 1587 shows considerable property:

John Hunt of Cropredy, Husbandman

Inventory taken 17 October 1587 by William Rose, William Almond, Thomas French, Robert Robyns and Richard Howse


In the Hall

a longe table and a ronde table

two frames tow chheres and two formes
and one stoole
two cubberdes and on ould table


In the Upper Chamber

A table two tressles two formes

and a beddestedd and a little forme


The Second Chamber

A gardener (corn stove) and two bedestedd

three pooltes a possenett a dobnett one paune Fyve kettles
a chavinge Dishe 8 litle skellettes Fyve candelstickes and a skymmer
two cobberdes and wee spytles two payre pf pot handles tow payres
of poott huckes and a payre of Bellowes a payre of tonges
A Frynge Pane and a cleyver and a Brand Iron
Seaven platters Fyve Pewter dishes foure saucsers six potingers
two saltes a dripping panne a dauson of sponns two dowsen and
halfe of Trenchers a dowsen dishes
two Barketts two tunnes a Bruyinge fatte and worte
Kyver and the steede and one oulde kyver, a boulting whytche and a
maillding stoocke
the Bryne (brewing) leade and a maullte myll


In the kytchinge

three stoulles and a hempe stooke and tow shelfes a lanterne

a saultynge trouffe and an other oulde trouff foure lammes (tubs)
a vergysse barrell achverne a yealinge Barrell and ould lamme a
chese presse a pouderying tubbe three chese Boardes two little
Kymells a sticke an oulde theyl two Mylke pans Foure chese
ffates three steynes Foure payles
two ould Fattes (vats)
two Boardes a truclle bede two oulde dry Barrels a Joyned
Bede a forme a lynen wheale a wollen wheale and seven yards
of hyer clothes and a Bed sted
Foure coffers and sixe guyssyons
two coverlettes three Blanketes two mattereshes and one
Bouldster three wyndyn shettes
Twelve payre of shettes Four bourdclothes thyrtyne table
nappkynes and Five tovells


Seaven horses and coultes

twelve beestes younge and oulde
Foure wenynge calves
Fyve scoure and sixtyne shepp yong and oulde
Fyve hogges and three stores

three Bottells

Fyve Sythes Fyve Forkes a donge forck a spade
an axe an hatchet
Seaven sackes three syffes two skettles and a malt silfe
a garner a musterd myle and two wedaches
three Iron Bordes cartes
Four harrowes two plowes furnyshed
Plowe geeres and carte geers
A tenant sawe
the tymber and the Bordes that is in the grasse Yarde
For Fyer woode about the yarde

For two hoffevells in the cowe pene with furces

halme and wood

an hovel in the Backyarde

Bordes sawde and a carte Bodye a payre of

Muckcart drawges plowe timber and carte timber a

scaffeld over the stalle and a hovell in the courte

Three ladderes and a ladder polle seven shipprackes a

score of new hurdells

the croppe of three yardlandes

the wole of five score shepe

a scaffold over the coultes howse and the

scaffold over the bullock house

Nyne hens and caces

For all his apperel Sum £114 - 11 - 10


John and Jone had the following children:

*1. Justinyan, christened 10 April 1548 in Cropredy; married Elizabeth Garner 20 October 1585 in Wardington, Oxfordshire; buried 6 April 1609 in Cropredy.

Justinyan Hunt baptism

Baptism record for Justynyan Huntt ye son of John Huntt & Jone hys wyffe whas crystynd ye xth day of Apryll"

2. William, christened 1 February 1550/1 in Cropredy.

3. Elsabeth, christened 8 July 1553 in Cropredy; married Robert Burbridge in 1583 in Cropredy.

4. Annes, christened 26 June 1555 in Cropredy.

5. Henry

SOURCES: Cropredy parish registers; “The Town of Cropredy”, Pamela Keegan,; Cropredy parish register on CD; Wardington parish register on CD.


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