John Hunt was christened 21 November 1585 in Cropredy, the son of Justinyan and Elizabeth Hunt. John was listed as a scholar from Cropredy at Williamscot School in 1598 and as one of "ye Lordes Scollers" in 1604. This was a school for boys from eight to eighteen. He is listed as a scholar and a husbandman. John married Elizabeth Gibbins 9 May 1610 in Cropredy.

John Hunt marriage

Marriage record for John Hunt and Elizabeth Gibbons in Cropredy:
"John Huntt and Elizabeth Gibbins weare married the ninth daye of Maye"

Elizabeth was the daughter of Thomas Gibbins and Margaret Fifield of Wardington.


John appears in the list of Easter Offerings for the village:

1613  Jno. Hunt (wife)

Thomas Feyell
Thomas Tayler
Elizabeth Walter
Edwarde Haddocke

1614   Jno. Hunt

His man
His myd
His shepherd


1615    Jno. Hunt

His man
His mayde
His shepherd
?Paid beast


1616   Jno. Hunt

His man
His myde

1617   Jno. Hunt

His man
His mayde
His shepherd


1618   Jhon Hunt

Tho. Tayler
Jno. Copbroke
Mary Wesbury
Eliz Wells


1619   Jhon Hunt

Thomas Taler
Christopher Hastings
Tho. Fox


1624    John Hunt et uxor

Widdowe Gibbins
John Times
Alice Gardner and John Gosbroke


John and Elizabeth had nine children. Elizabeth’s mother, widow Gibbons, came to live with the Hunts and provide help to the household. This is the Margaret Gibbins who was buried in Cropredy 17 February 1633/4. "Other reasons for employing maids or recalling daughters, would appear to be the loss of a grandma or a maternal grandmother's arrival at the house in need of care and attention, though when Mrs. Hunt's mother widow Gibbons, arrived on the Green, she must have been able to help for no extra maid was employed." (The Town of Cropredy)

Margaret Gibbins burial

Burial record for Margaret Gibbins in Cropredy:
"Margaret Gibbins was buried the xviith daye of February"

John died and was buried 2 July 1641 in Cropredy.

John Hunt burial 1641

Burial record for John Hunt in Cropredy:
"John Hunt was buried the second day of July"

John died in 1641, leaving a will in the Perogative Court of Canturbury:

John Hunt the elder of Cropredy in the countie of Oxon yeoman deceased Did in the time of his sickness whereof he dyed and the daie and yere above said gave and bequeathe unto Elizabeth his wife all his goods and cattells. And desired her to be good to his children all which words the said John Hunt spake in the presence and hearing of John Hunt.

Anne Toms

her mark


Probate: July   Elizabeth Hunt Relict of John Snr.


John and Elizabeth had the following children:

*1. Thomas, christened 5 December 1612 in Cropredy; married Elizabeth Freestone 26 October 1640 in Cropredy; listed in the Hearth Tax; buried 1 September 1670 in Cropredy.

2. John, christened 28 June 1616 in Cropredy.

3. Margaret, christened 17 February 1618/9 in Cropredy.

4. Anne, christened 11 August 1621 in Cropredy.

5. Justinian, christened 23 January 1623/4 in Cropredy; lived in the Bakehouse in Church Lane; married Ffrancis; died 3 May 1650 in Cropredy.

6. Richard, christened 30 March 1628 in Cropredy.

7. Catherine, christened 6 August 1630 in Cropredy.

8. Elizabeth, christened 23 January 1632/3 in Cropredy.

9. Antonie, christened 8 November 1635 in Cropredy.

9. Foulke, christened 31 July 1638 in Cropredy.

SOURCES: Cropredy parish register; Cropredy Bishop's Transcripts; “The Town of Cropredy”, Pamela Keegan: "The Registers of Williamscote School", Cake & Cockhorse, Banbury Historical Society, January 1963.

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