Thomas Hunt was christened 5 December 1612 in Cropredy, the son of John Hunt and Elizabeth Gibbins. He married Elizabeth Freestone 26 October 1640 in Cropredy.

Thomas Hunt marriage

Marriage record for Thomas Hunt and Elizabeth Freestone in Cropredy:
"Thomas Hunt and Elizabeth Frestone werre married the xxvi day of October"

"Their five sons and one daughter born between 1641 and 1655 must have felt keenly the unrest of the times, but also the hopes of those who had been educated and brought up to read, who could now find in print material once suppressed by the clergy. They also had to live through the battle of Cropredy Bridge and the divisions between their neighbours. Only the Hunt family remain of the larger families. For generations the Hunts had leased one of the top farms, using all their skills to keep ahead. Younger sons also strove to get a glazier and plumbing business going and succeeded. This allowed them to stay in Cropredy." (The Town of Cropredy; Pamela Keegan)

Thomas was mentioned in the Hearth Tax for Cropredy. He died and was buried 1 September 1670 in Cropredy.

Thomas Hunt burial 1670

Burial record for Thomas Hunt in Cropredy:
"Thomas Hunt, senior was buried the 1st day of September, 1670"

An inventory exists for him: 

Thomas Hunt inventory 1670

Inventory for Thomas Hunt, 1670


A True inventory of all the goodes of Thomas Hunt deceased

1670 September 6


Pursel and waring aparell

Goodes in the nether romes lower chamber
Goodes in the dary house and Buttery
Brass and pewter
Buttar and chese
Goodes in the bolting house and citchen
Goodes in the haull house
Goodes in the chamber
A malte mil
Corne peese and hay
Horses and geares
Wagin, cartes, plowes, harrose and rowle
All other things
£51 - 0 - 10


Nehemiah Mansill

Thomas Wyatt


The detes that we now owing is this  £5d

Indetted to the landlord halve eaves Rente  13 - 2 - 6

Indetted to Thomas Hunt  5 - 0 - 0
Indetted to Adam Hunt  5 - 0 - 0
Indetted to Timothy Hunt  3 - 0 - 0
Indetted to the towned of Paresmony  3 - 10 - 0


One som of his Detes   £29 - 12 - 6

Witnes  Nehemiah Mansill

Elizabeth married again, to a Mr. Ward in 1683. Elizabeth died and was buried 27 March 1683 in Cropredy:

Elizabeth Hunt Ward burial

Burial record for Elizabeth Hunt Ward in Cropredy:
"Elizabeth Hunt Affidavit for Elizabeth Ward of Cropredy
I Elizabeth Hunt of Cropredy, of the parish of Cropredy in the County of Oxon, maketh oath that Elizabeth Ward of Cropredy afoursaid of the parish of Cropredy in the said County of Oxon, lately deceased, was not putt in wrapt, or wound up, or buried in any shirt, shift, sheet or shroud, or any thing whatsoever make or mingled with flax, hemp, silk, haire, gold or silver, or other then what is made of sheeps wool only: nor in any coffin lined or fured with an cloth, stuff, or any other thing whatsoever made or mingled with flax, hemp, silk, haire, gold or silver,or any other material but sheeps wool only. Dated the one and thirtieth day of March in the five and thirtieth yeare of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord Charles the Second, by the grace of God of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, etc, Anno Dom: 1683. Sealed and subscribed by us, who were present and witnesses to the swearing of the above said affidavit. Richard Chamberlayne, Thomas Gostelow, Thomas Fletcher"

An Administration was made for Elizabeth. The administrator was John Hunt, her grandson, a baker.

Elizabeth Ward admin


Admin. of Elizabeth Ward dated 1 June 1683


Item for the cow  £1 - 10s

Item her cloaths  10s - 4d

  Elizabeth Ward inventory


There was £4-18s-8d due to said Elizabeth Ward for rent in trust which may not be paid to have a legall discharge without an order from this court

Sum total  £6 - 19s - 0d

The said Elizabeth Ward doth owe for half a yearr dyet  £3 - 0 - 0

for charges  £1 - 15 - 0
for charges of her funerall   £2 - 18 - 0
and also for a coffin and shrod  £0 - 10 - 8

Thomas and Elizabeth had the following children:

1. John, christened 23 January 1641 in Cropredy; worked as a baker; married Mary; he died 22 Oct 1699 in Cropredy, and left a will.

2. Justinian, christened 3 March 1643 in Cropredy; worked as a glazier; buried 20 May 1674 in Cropredy; left a will dated 1674 mentioning his loving mother, brothers John, Timothy, Adam, and Thomas, and sister Anne Kimball .

*3. Thomas, christened 2 November 1646 in Cropredy; worked as a glazier; married Elizabeth Warren; buried 13 January 1690/1 in Cropredy; left a will and inventory.

Thomas Hunt baptism 

Baptism record for Thomas Hunt in Cropredy: "Thomas Hunt the sonn of Thomas Hunt and Elizabeth his wife baptized the second day of November"

4. Anne, christened 13 July 1649 in Cropredy; married Mr. Kimnel.


*5. Timothy, christened 23 November 1651 in Cropredy; worked as a weaver; married 1) Dorcas, 2) Elizabeth West 19 June 1701; buried 25 November 1720 in Cropredy; left a will.

Timothy Hunt baptism

Baptism record for Timothy Hunt in Cropredy: "Timothy Hunt the sunne of Thomas Hunt and Elizabeth his wife was baptized the xxiij day of November"


6. Addum (Adam), christened 13 April 1655; worked as a glazier.

SOURCES: Cropredy parish registers; “The Town of Cropredy”, Pamela Keegan; inventory of Thomas Hunt; administration of Elizabeth Freestone Hunt Ward; will of Justinian Hunt, 1674 on

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