Thomas Southam, the father of James Southam, married Mary Paxton 16 January 1665 in Mixbury, Oxfordshire.

Thomas Southam marriage

Marriage record for Thomas Southam and Mary Paxton in Mixbury

Mary is most likely the daughter of William and Cicely Paxton of Finmere, Oxfordshire. Thomas was buried in Cropredy 5 January 1703/4.

Thomas Southam burial

Burial record for Thomas Southam in Cropredy:
"Thomas Southam of Little Borton, labourer was buryed on the first day of January"

Mary was buried in Cropredy 19 May 1711.

Mary Southam

Burial record for Mary Southam in Cropredy:
"Mary Southam of Great Borton widdow, was buryed on the nineteenth day of May 1711"

Thomas Southam is linked to our ancestor, James Southam, by his burial soon after James appears in Cropredy parish, and by the will of his cousin James Southam. The will of James Southam names James Southam, "sonn of my cozen Thomas Southam" as one of his principle heirs.

This mention in the will of James Southam (born 1618) of Neithrop  provides additional clues to Thomas' ancestry. James Southam was a wealthy yeoman farmer of Neithrop. He and his wife Sarah died without any children. In James' lengthy will many bequests are made to family members. James was the son of Richard Southam and Doraty Richards. Richard and Doraty had six children - James, John, John, William, Hanna, and Robert. At the time of Richard's death, James is named as his only son. Only William has children born in Banbury parish. William and his wife, Mary Torshell have five children - Sarah, Hannah, Dorothy, Mary, and James. This James is born in February 1670, and dies one month later. In the will of James Southam of Neithrop, he leaves money to his brother's three surviving daughters - Hannah, Dorothy, and Mary. Within James' immediate family, there are no male heirs. James also leaves property to the children of his uncles, Thomas (born 1606) and Rowland (born 1611). These are mainly females. The bulk of James' property is left to two male Southam relatives: William, "sonn of my Uncle Rowland", and James "sonn of my cozen Thomas". Listed below are the people mentioned in the will, with the relationship stated in the will, and their birthdate if known:

Sarah Southam "my beloved wife" receives lands and property until her death.

William Southam (born 1649) "sonn of my Uncle Rowland" receives lands and property after Sarah's death.
Richard Southam (born 1690) "eldest sonn of the said William Southam" lands after one year, under 21 in the will.
William Southam (born 1692) "the second sonn of the said William Southam" the same lands if Richard has no male heirs.
William Hatten and John Little (of Nethrop, Schoolmaster), trustees for Mary, the wife of William Southam.
James Southam "sonn of my Cozen Thomas Southam" lands, animals, and money, under 21 in the will (and so must be born between 1674 and 1695).

Anne (born 1653) "the daughter of my Uncle Rowland Southam" ten pounds.
Katherine (born 1635) "the daughter of my said Uncle Rowland" one shilling.
Rebecca "the daughter of my said Uncle Rowland" five pounds.
Rebecca Rogers "her daughter" five pounds if her mother Rebecca dies.
Hannah (born 1660) "daughter of my brother William Southam" forty pounds.
Dorothy (born 1663) and Mary (born 1666) "the daughters of my brother William Southam" fifty pounds each.
William Taylor of Borton "my kinsman" ten pounds.
Hannah "the daughter of my Uncle Thomas Southam" ten pounds.
John Charles and Richard Charles, tenants of the property bought from Charles Wolseley, Bart.
William Rogers "my kinsman" property where John Charles dwells until James Southam becomes 21 years old.
Katherine, "the daughter of my Cozen Rebecca Rice" ten pounds.
Thomas Southam "my Cozen" one shilling.
Elizabeth, the daughter of Thomas Lambert "the elder, late of Grimsbury deceased" five pounds.
Sarah Drake "my servant" five pounds.
Alice Pinfold of Banbury five shillings.
Richard Pettipher "of Nethrop, and his wife and his sonn and two daughters" one shilling each.
Thomas Yowick, the elder "my Cozen" one shilling.
Samuell Claridge, tanner, tenant on "grounds in Bewdsert alias Befsert in the County of Warwick".
Phillip Coleman's wife of Banbury "my kinswoman" five shillings.
The will is signed by Timothy Gibbard, John Webstar, and Richard Charles.

Within this will, Thomas is called "my Cozen". This is often a generic term for a relative in this time period, however, in this will James Southam is very specific about relationships. If Thomas were really his cousin, then who is his father? James' father had these siblings:

Joyce (born 1598), married Nicholas Youick
Hanna (born 1600)
George (born 1603)
Thomas (born 1606), must have died.
Thomas (born 1609), died 1664.
Willam (born 1609), died 1610.
Rowland (born 1611), will 1667
Elizabeth (born 1614).

Since Thomas is a Southam, he must be the son of one of James' uncles, not aunts. This leaves George, Thomas and Rowland. Thomas and Rowland are known to have descendents, and some are mentioned in the will.

Thomas had seven children: George (1632), Elizabeth (1637), Joane (1642), Richard (1644), Ann (1649), William (1651, and Hannah.

Rowland had six children: Catherine (1635), Temperance (1645), Rowland (1649), William (1649), Ann (1653), and Rebecca. At the time of his death in 1666, Rowland left a verbal will that left all of his property to his four children, to be divided equally. The four children, who are not named in the will, must be the same four children named in James Southam's will - William, Katherine, Anne and Rebecca, since Rowland's wife was not alive at the time of Rowland's death. An administration is probated for the minor children after Rowland's death, leaving them in the care of daughter, Katherine.

Therefore, Thomas cannot be the son of Rowland, and is most likely the son of Thomas Southam. He is most likely born in the 1640s, during the time of the English Civil War. This difficult time often meant that parish records are missing or incomplete. It is possible that Thomas, junior, was a more distant cousin, but no Thomases are born within the right time period. It is less likely that James Southam would leave such a large bequest to the son of a distant cousin.

No records have been found yet for the christening of Thomas, son of Thomas, but the search continues. Thomas Southam, the father of James Southam, married Mary Paxton 16 January 1665 in Mixbury, Oxfordshire. Thomas' occupation was laborer. Thomas was buried in Cropredy 5 January 1703/4. Mary was buried in Cropredy 19 May 1711. Gravestones are found in Cropredy churchyard for both Thomas and Mary:

In Memory of

Thomas Southam
an dom 1703
As you are so was I
As I am so must you be.


Here lieth the

body of Mary the
wife of Thomas
Southam who
was buried May 19th 1711


Thomas and Mary had a son in Wardington parish, which is an adjoining parish to Cropredy:

*1. James, christened 10 January 1679 in Wardington, Oxfordshire; married 1) Elizabeth, 2) Mary Holloway 8 October 1750 in Cropredy; buried 23 January 1763 in Cropredy.

James Southam 

  Baptism record for James Southam in Wardington



SOURCE: Bishop's Transcripts, Cropredy Parish, FHS# 95235; Cropredy parish register on CD; IGI.


Our Thomas Southam, buried in Cropredy, is most likely the son of Thomas and Jane Southam of Neithrop, Banbury parish. Thomas Southam, the father, was christened 9 April 1609 in Banbury, the son of James and Ann Southam.

Thomas Southam baptism 1609

Baptism record for Thomas Southum in Banbury:
"Thomas Sowtham sonne to James Sowthum baptised the ixth of Aprill"

Thomas married Jane Goodwine 1 November 1635 in Alkerton, Oxfordshire. Alkerton is a parish about five miles west of Banbury.  Jane was christened 14 January 1608 in Alkerton, Oxfordshire, the daughter of William Goodwin and Ffraunnces Barton.

          Southam marriage

Marriage record for Thomas Southam and Jane Goodwine in Alkerton:
"Anno Domini 1635. Thomas Southam and Jane Goodwine marryed the first day of November"

Jane was buried 29 February 1656 in Banbury. Thomas was buried 18 June 1664 in Banbury.

Thomas Southam burial

Burial record for Thomas Southam in Banbury: "June 18, Thomas Southam of Nethrupe was buryed"


Thomas and Jane had the following children:

1. Elizabeth, christened 17 September 1637 in Banbury.

2. Christian, (daughter) christened 16 February 1640 in Banbury.

3. Joane, christened 1 May 1642 in Banbury.

4. Richard, christened 1 December 1644 in Banbury.

*5. Thomas, most likely born in about 1645 in Banbury; married Mary Paxton 16 January 1665 in Mixbury, buried 5 January 1704 in Banbury.

6. Mary, born in about 1646 of Banbury; buried 7 July 1649 in Banbury.

7. Ann, christened 19 April 1649 in Banbury; buried 15 October 1649 in Banbury.

8. William, christened 14 September 1651 in Banbury; buried 7 April 1658 in Banbury.

SOURCES: Banbury parish register; Cropredy parish register, Mixbury parish register; Cropredy Bishop's Transcripts, FHL# 95235; IGI.


James Southam was christened 25 March 1564 in Banbury, the son of Robert and Annes Southam. James became a husbandman in Neithrop.

James Sowtham baptism 1564

Baptism record for James Southam in Banbury: "James Sowtham the sonne of Robert Sowtham was christened the 25 daye"

James married Ann Bassett 26 September 1593 in Brownsover, Warwickshire. Brownsover is about 25 miles north of Banbury. The marriage record for James and Ann records that he is of the parish of Banbury. Ann was the daughter of William Bassett, a yeoman farmer of Brownsover.

James Southam marriage

Marriage record for James Southam and Ann Bassett in Brownsover, Warwickshire:
"Ann Basset daughter of Willm Bassett, yeoman, married to James Sowtham of the pishe of Banbury in the Countie of Oxford the xxvith of September"

James was buried 5 June 1638 in Banbury.

James Southam burial

Burial record for James Southam in Banbury: "James Sowtham the elder of Neythropp was buried the 5 day"

James and Ann had the following children:

1. Richard, christened 21 September 1595 in Banbury; married Dorathy Richards 3 November 1617 in Banbury; died in 1676.

2. Joyce, christened 23 September 1598 in Banbury; married Nicholas Youick 18 January 1627 in Banbury.

3. Hannah, christened 25 March 1600 in Banbury; married Richard Lamberd 7 October 1638 in Banbury.

4. George, christened 3 September 1603 in Banbury.

5. Thomas, christened 4 September 1606 in Banbury; must have died young.

*6. Thomas, christened 9 April 1609 in Banbury; married Jane; buried 18 June 1664 in Banbury.

Thomas Southam baptism
  Baptism record for Thomas Southam in Banbury: "Thomas Sowthum sonne to James Sowthum baptixed the iixth of Aprill"

7. William, christened 30 April 1609 in Banbury; buried 30 April 1609 in Banbury.

8. Rowland, christened 15 January 1611 in Banbury; buried 1 March 1666/7 in Banbury.

9. Elizabeth, christened 30 April 1614 in Banbury; married William Tomes 30 June 1629 in Banbury.

SOURCES: Banbury parish register; will of Roberte Sowtham proven 1594; will of James Southam (uncle of James the father), proven 1601; will of George Southam (brother of James) proven 1605; will of Richard Southam (brother of James) proven 1609/10; will of Christian Richards, proven 1631; will of Richard Southam proven 1676; will of Rowland Southam; IGI.


Robert Southam was born in about 1525, the son of Thomas and Jone Southam. He married 1) Annes in about 1550. Annes died with her infant son, Edwarde, 31 May 1569 in Banbury.

Annes Southam burial

Burial record for Annes Southam in Banbury: "Annys Sowtham & Edward her sonne were buried the 31 daye"

Robert then married 2) Jone in about 1569. Robert was a husbandman, and is described in this way: "Robert Southam of Neithrop was the earliest; he was buried in Banbury parish church in 1594. He farmed in a fairly large way, over half the sum total of his inventory being the value of animals, equipment and a small stock of corn left in the barn at the end of winter or already sown. He had land at Sambourne which came to him through his wife and some more at Maidford. Part of the Maidford property was leased to his son George for 21 years at 4d. a year; the tenant of the rest was to be allowed to complete his lease, paying George an annual rent of 10s. Two other sons, Thomas and Harry, were to share the land at Sambourne. Robert's bequest to relatives also included malt, animals and sums of money. His wife Joan and son James were to be residuary legatees, on condition that Joan allowed her son to share the house; if she refused she was to have only 13.6s.8d.As Joan's inventory of 1604 consisted of a chest containing her linen and clothes, worth 6 pounds, and 3 pounds of debts owing her, she may perhaps have refused. Her husband left to James "the great black table that hath a cubbard in the hall", specifying that on James' death it was to go to someone of the name of Southam." Banbury Wills and Inventories

Robert died and was buried 11 April 1594, leaving a will:

Robert Southam will

Will of Robert Southam, 1594

Robert Southam (Sowthame) of Neithrop, will dated 6 July 1592, buried in the church 11 April 1594, inventory taken 2 May 1594, proved and exhibited 2 July 1594.

Will: To be buried in the parish church of Banbury.
To the parish church of Banbury (amount not stated)
Thomas Southam, my son, the land I bought of him an Samburne, and I forgive him all the money he received of me for the same which is about 20 marks, also I give him £5.
Anne Southam, his daughter, one heifer and 20s.
Richard Southam, my son, 2 quarters of malt.
Harry Southam, my son, land at Samburne which came by his mother and £10.
John Southam, my son, £13.6s.8d.
George Southam, my son, a lease of land at Maydford for 21 years from Michaelmas last, he to pay 4d. yearly to my son Thomas Southam.
Roger Murbee, of Maydford, to enjoy the years that are unaccomplished of his lease paying 10s. to George Southam; furthermore to George Southam, my son, £30.6s.8d.
James Sowtham, my son, the great black table that hath a cubbard in the hall, and after his decease, he to give it to one of the name of Sowtham.
James Sowtham, my brother, one quarter of malt.
Anne Southam, daughter of my son George Southam, one ewe and lamb.
Jone Clerridge, my daughter’s daughter, one ewe and labm, and a 3 year old heifer.
The children of Thomas Southam, Richard Southam, George Southam Margaret Clerridge and Jone Gyles, each of them 8d.
Bachelor, 12 d.
My maid and maid-servants, 6 d. each.
Residue equally divided between Jone Southam, my wife and James Southam, my son, if my wife will allow James to have one half of the living I now dwell in, and if not, she to have but £13.6s.8d., and James to have all goods, etc.
Exor.: James Southam, son
Overseers: James Southam, my brother, and Richard Southam, my son.

Source: Banbury Wills and Inventories, Part 1

Robert Southam burial 1594

Burial record for Robert Southam in Banbury: "Robert Southam of Nethrop was buried in the church the same daye"

Robert and Annes had the following children:

1. Margaret, born in about 1550 of Banbury; married James Clerridge 11 October 1572 in Banbury.

2. Thomas, born in about 1552 of Banbury; married Elizabeth.

3. Richard, born in about 1554 of Banbury; married Joan Hitchcoke 24 September 1583 in Charlecote, Warwickshire; became vicar of Charlecote; buried 9 March 1609 in Charlecote.

4. Henry (Harry), born in about 1555 of Banbury; married Annys Gybbartes 27 June 1592 in Banbury; of "Sugars Barre", Banbury; buried 22 November 1612 in Banbury. "The family pride is also reflected in the will of Henry Southam of Banbury. His son John was to have the house when his mother died; in default of heirs male it was to go to James Sowtham, Henry's brother, and "to remain to the name of Sowtham for ever". The will emphasizes the seventeenth century parent's responsibility in the choice of their children's spouses. John and his sister Joan were to accept the advice of their mother and Uncle James, who were to determine their dowries accordingly "if they should become stubborn and disobediant children" in this respect. They appear to have conformed to custom for when Henry's widow Annis Southam died in 1619 all her goods were to be divided between her daughter Joan Hawes and her son John." Banbury Wills and Inventories

5. John, christened 26 August 1562 in Banbury; buried 26 June 1603 in Banbury.

*6. James, christened 25 March 1564 in Banbury; married Ann; acted as overseer for brother Henry's will of 1612; buried 5 June 1638 in Banbury.

7. George, christened 26 February 1566 in Banbury; married Barbara Wise in 1590 in Banbury; occupation - malster; buried 12 April 1605 in Banbury.

8. Edwarde, christened 15 February 1568 in Banbury; buried 31 May 1569 in Banbury.

Robert and Jone had the following children:

1. Anne (Annys), christened 3 July 1569 in Banbury.

2. Jone, born in about 1570 of Banbury; married Mr. Gyles.

SOURCES: Banbury parish register; Banbury Wills and Inventories, Part 1, Banbury Historical Society; Will of Roberte Sowtham, proven 1594; will of George Southam, dated 1605; Burke's Landed Gentry, 1906; IGI.


Thomas Southam was born in the late 1400s. He married Jone. He is described as "Thomas Southam, of Neithrop in the parish of Banbury, Co. Oxon, England. He and his wife, Jone, were admitted members of the Guild of Knowle, 1514. He was assessed in the subsidy of 1523." Burke's Landed Gentry, 1906. The Guild of Knowle was a charitable organization. The entry for the Southams in 1514 reads: "Thomas Sowtham & Jone de Banbury".

Thomas and Jone had the following children:

1. Thomas, born in about 1525 of Banbury; married Annes; left will dated 1564.

*2. Robert, born in about 1530 of Banbury; married 1: Annes, 2) Jone; occupation: husbandman; buried 11 April 1594 in Banbury.

3. John, born in about 1535 of Banbury.

4. James, born in about 1540 of Banbury; occupation: engaged in the wool or staples trade; of Leamington Priors, Warwickshire; buried December 1601; his will mentions his dwelling house in Banbury.

SOURCES: Will of Thomas Southam, dated 1564; will of Robert Southam dated 1594; will of James Southam dated 1601/2; Banbury Wills and Inventories; Burke's Landed Gentry, 1906, p. 1555.

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