Titus Wigson was born in about 1550 of Eydon, Northamptonshire. He married Margaret Morison in 1577 in Eydon. Margaret was christened 10 October 1550 in Eydon, the daughter of Lyonell  Morison and Joan Stanton.

Titus Wigson marriage

Marriage record for Titus Wigson and Margaret Morison in Eydon:
"Titus Wigson and Margaret Morison were maried"

Margaret died and was buried 11 November 1613 in Eydon.

Margaret Wigson burial

Burial record for Margaret Wigson in Eydon:
"Margaret Wigson the wife of Titus Wigson buried the 11 daye of November"

Titus was buried 10 February 1624/5 in Eydon.

Titus Wigson burial

Burial record for Titus Wigson in Eydon:
"Titus Wigson was buried the 10 day of Ffebruarye"

Titus and Margaret had the following children:

1. Edward, christened 7 March 1577 in Eydon.

2. Robert, christened 13 September 1579 in Eydon.

*3. Elizabeth, christened 6 October 1583 in Eydon; married Alban Brockless 23 May 1603 in Eydon; buried .

Elizabeth Wigson

 Burial record for Elizabeth Wigson in Eydon: "Elizabeth Wigson the daughter of Titus Wigson was baptized the 6 of October"

4. William, christened 6 November 1586 in Eydon.

5. Clement, christened 15 May 1590 in Eydon.

6. Dorothey, christened 15 April 1596 in Eydon; married Thomas Smallbone 26 November 1612 in Eydon.

Titus and his family are mentioned in the will of Martin Tue. Martin calls Titus his brother in the will. Perhaps he is a half-brother?

Martin Tue of Eydon, Mason. 10th Feb 1617.
To the poor of Eydon, 5 strikes of rye. 
To Clement WIGSTON £3.6.8. 
To William Wigston 40s.
To Albane BROCKLES' six sons, which he had by his second wife, 40s amongst them at 16 years. 
To Robert Wigston's 3 children which are now born, 30s between them when 15 years.
To Joan Tue wife of Edward Tue 40s. 
To Thomas SMABONE's 2 children 6s 8d at 15 years
All the money bequeathed,£11.10.0, shall remain in Edward Wigston's hands except £3.6.8. which is due to Clement Wigston, the said Clement paying to Edward Wigston 5 nobles
To Edward Wigston 20s. 
To Bartholomew ESAM the herd calf. 
To Thomas Esam the black calf
To my son in law Bartholomew Esam the bedstead etc., all which his own father did appoint him to have after his mother's death. 
All the rest to Annes my wife, my executrix
Martin "Teu" [very shaky writing]. 
Witnesses John SMYTH, parson of Eydon. Titus Wigston, Bartholomew Esam. 
Overseers Titus Wigston my brother & Bartholomew Esam
Probate granted 7th March 1617

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SOURCE: Eydon parish register.