Nicholas Tustyn was born in about 1525 of Alkerton. Nicholas had a brother named John, called "my uncle John Tusten" in Nicholas' son John's will of 1592. This brother John is likely the John Tustyne named as overseer in Nicholas' will of 1573. The same will mentions his sister Marie Harber. Richard Tustyn is also left a bequest, but the relationship is not given.

Nicholas married Kinborowe in about 1550.

Nicholas died and was buried 25 October 1570 in Alkerton.

Nicholas Tustyn burial

Burial record for Nicholas Tustyn in Alkerton:
"Nicholas Tusten buried ye xxvth daie of October"

Nicholas left a will proven 1573:

Nicholas Tustyn will

Will of Nicholas Tustyn of Alkerton, 1567

In nom die Amen, in the yeare of our Lorde God 1567, and in the ninthe yeare of the raigne of oure soveraigne Ladye Quene Elizabeth the xxxth daye of Aprill, I Nicolas Tustyn of Alkerton, beinge sicke in bodye and parfecte in minde doo make my last will and testament, as in maner and forme following. Ffirst I bequeathe my soule unto Allmightye God and my bodye to be buried within the churchyearde of Alkerton. I give unto the mother churche iiijd. Item, I give unto the poore mens boxe of Alkerton xijd. Item I give unto John Tustyn my sonne the wholle croppe of corne, the whole teme of horses and mares with two irone bounde cartes and carte geares with plowes and plowe geares with harrowes and that belongeth there unto after the decease of Kinborowe his mother, fortie shepe or viijl of monie and the whole lyvinge unto the same John which is my last will and testament after the decease of his saide mother at Johns choise three kyne or iijth, the best bedde and all that belongeth there unto, the best pott and the best panne of brasse, the best spytts and cobinires, the best cubborde, the best table, the beade and the best cofer. Item I give to Thomas Tustyn my sonne six poundes thirteen shillings foure pence, twentye shepe or foure poundes in money, a heifer to be delivered at twenty yeares of age. Item I give unto Margarett Tustyn my doughter five markes in money, ten shepe and a heffer to be delivered at the daye of her mariage. Item I give unto Maud Tustyn my doughter five markes in monie, tenne sheepe and a heifer to be delivered at the daye of her mariage. Item, I give unto Dorytie my doughter five markes in monie, tenne sheepe and a heffer to be delivered at the daye of her mariage. Item I wyll that yf anye of my saide children doo fortune to dye before the saide days appointed or before the saide days of mariage that then theire ptes of goodes and cattellls moveable and unmoveable to remayne amongst the residue of my children beinge alyve. Item I give to Richarde Tustyn six shillings eight pence. Item I give to John Wylliams three shepe. Item I give to my sister Marie Harber one sheepe. Item I give to Doritye Hyctchecocke one sheepe at the daye of her mariage. Item I give to everie of my god children iiijd. Allso I will move that John my sonne shall occupye one yearde lande of the overhouse and grounde when he shall accomplish the age of twentye yeares the same to be sowen to his hande & after that to be plowed and tarried at theire costes that hathe the lyvinge. I make Kynborowe my wyffe my whole executrise and shee to minister uppon all my goodes and cattalls, moveable and unmoveable and to paye all my debts and legicies as is aforesaid and to bringe me honestlye on earthe. And I make John Hopper and John Tustyne my overseers for the better pformance of this last wyll and testament. In wytnes to this my wyll. Ric Luddyat, Symon Palmer, Willm Gurman and Thomas Godden.

Kinborowe died and was buried 5 July 1596 in Alkerton.

Kinborowe Tustyn burial

Burial record for Kinborowe Tustyn in Alkerton:
"Anno 1596. Kinborowe Tuston buried the vth daye of Julye"

Nicholas and Kinborowe had the following children:

1. Margaret, christened 4 May 1552 in Alkerton.

2. John, christened 2 July 1557 in Alkerton (possible twin); buried 4 January 1592 in Alkerton. John left a will mentioning (but not naming) his wife, his son John, an unborn child his wife carried, his sister Magdalen (Maude), her children Franncys, Jasper, John and Simon, his brother-in-law Richard Parsons, and his uncle John Tusten.

3. Thomas, christened 2 July 1557 in Alkerton (possible twin); married Elizabeth Compton 18 December 1581 in Alkerton.

*4. Maude, christened 3 April 1561 in Alkerton; married John Barton 8 October 1579 in Alkerton.

5. Doretie, christened 3 February 1567 in Alkerton.

6. Richard, mentioned in father's will of 1573.

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