Edmond Tanner was born in about 1560 of Cropredy. He worked as a mercer, or fabric merchant. Edmond married Isabel Lamprie 2 July 1584 in Cropredy. They had no children. Isabel died and was buried 25 August 1615 in Cropredy.

In The Town of Cropredy, Edmond's next marriage is discussed, “Edmund Tanner’s first wife Isabell Lamprie bore him no children over thirty-one years, then exactly three months after Isabell was buried, this mercer, now in his mid-fifties, married Constance Tustin. Edmund must have been proud of their three daughters, though one died but what joy when two sons followed. Edmund junior was born in 1622 after seven years of marriage. The length of time his wife was able to feed them increased from eleven to fourteen months and then nearly two years. In 1630 after fifteen years he died in his early seventies leaving her with five children who were soon to gain a stepfather. Sadly their mother was not long for this world.”  (The Town of Cropredy 1570-1640)

Edmond married Constance Tustin 23 November 1615 in Cropredy. She is sometimes shown as Constant. She was the daughter of Richard Tusten and Joyse Goolde of Bloxham.

Edmond Tanner marriage

Marriage record for Edmond Tanner and Constance Tustin in Cropredy:
"Edmond Tanner and Constant Tustin weare married the xxiijth daye of November"

Edmond was not born in Cropredy, as shown in The Town of Cropredy: “Going back in inventories in the last part of the sixteenth century,one of the strangers who came into the town already able to write was Edmond Tanner, the mercer. He kept in touch with Clarsons of Horley. Edmond Tanner may never have written a will, but did witness three and acted as overseer when asked, one of who was the widow Robins. Tanner could do “accompts” and was invaluable at inventories and was called out to at least fourteen, not only to farms around him and down Creampot, but also to craftsmen.” The Town of Cropredy

Edmond signed the inventory for the widow Anne Watts in 1622.

Edmond Tanner

        Signature of Edmond Tanner of Cropredy, 1622

The Tanners lived at #39 in Cropredy.

Cropredy map

Edmond's career is also discussed in The Town of Cropredy: “It was a different kind of situation when your whole business ran on credit. Edmond Tanner who had the mercer’s shop only favoured short term credit. The vicar had to advance the money against his parish clerk’s next quarterly wage and also his curate Mr. Man of Mollington, to satisfy the mercer’s demands. The debts due by the Tanner’s “Shopp booke” in 1630 were slight compared to others “Due from severall persons for wares as appeth by the shoppbook” £1-8s-4d.”  (The Town of Cropredy 1570-1640)

Edmond died and was buried 6 September 1630 in Cropredy.

Edmond Tanner burial

Burial record for Edmond Tanner in Cropredy: "Edmond Tanner was buried the vith daye of September"

He left a will dated 7 August 1630:

Edmond Tanner will

Will of Edmond Tanner, 1630

In the name of God Amen: the seaventh day of August Anno Die 1630: I Edmond Tanner of Cropredy in the Countye of Oxon, mercer, beinge sick and weake in body, yet thanks be to God, of good and pfect remembrance doe make and ordayne this my last will and testament in manner and forme following, ffirst I give and bequeath my soule into the hands of Almightye God my maker hopeinge assuredly, believing that through the meritts, death and passion of Jesus Christ my Saviour my sins are fully remitted and forgiven and the mercifull favor of God soe fully purchased unto me that whensoever these my days of mortality shall receive their out I shalbe made a ptaker of everlasting life in his heavenly kingdom my body I commit to the earth willing it be decently buryed in the churchyard of Cropredy aforesaid there to rest in an assured hope of a joyfull resurrection at the day at the comeinge of my Lord and Saviour unto judgment: And for such worldly goods as it has pleased God to give me the use of in this life I dispose them as following: Impris, I give and bequeath to my sonne Edmund Tanner the greatest brasse pott, two paire of sheets, one paire of yellow blankets, one feather bed and five pounds of money. Item I give and bequeath unto my sonne John Tanner my other brasse pott, two payre of sheets, one coverlet and coffer, my malt mill and five pounds in money. Item I give and bequeath to Sarah Tanner my daughter my greatest two paire of sheets, my greatest brasse kettle and bedsteed in the chamber, one coverlet and five pounds of money. Item I give to my daughter Elizabeth Tanner two paire of sheets, one coverlet, one coffer, one brasse kettle, one bedsted and five pounds in money. Item I give to my daughter Hannah Tanner two paire of sheets, one coverlet, two pewter platters, one porringer, one brasse kettle and five pounds in money. Item I give to my said daughters one dozen and  a half of napkin to be equally devided amongst them. And my will is that all the legacyes herein above given and bequeathed unto my said five children shalbe paid them in manner followeinge, (that is to say) to my two sonnes when they shall accomplish the age of one and twenty yeares be bound to prentice or be married which shall first happen, and to my daughters when they shall accomplish the age of eighteen yeares or be marryed which shall first happen. But if it happen that Constance my nowe wife doe marry agayne then my will and meaning is that all the legacyes herein before given to my said children shalbe paid by my executors hereafter named unto the overseers at this my last & testament within three monethes next after next after my said wife shalbe marryed and to be by my said overseers putt forth and imployed to the best use, benefit and profit they can for the good of my said children until they shall accomplish the severall ages aforesaid, be bounde to prentices or be marryed which shall first happen. And if any of my said children happen to dye before his her or their portens be paid them then my will is that his her or their persons soe dyinge shalbe equally devided amongst then which shalbe then liveinge. All the rest of my goods, cattles and chattles unbequeathed, my debts and legacy
Expenses discharged I give and bequeath to Constance my nowe  wife whom I make and ordayne sole executrix of this my last will and testament truly and honestly to pforme the same and for the better pformance thereof I will and desire John Clarson of Horley, clarke and my brother in lawe John Goodwyn of Horton aforesaid to be the the overseers of this my last will and testament to see it honestly and truly pformed according to my true will and meaning herein sett downe & declared. And I doe hereby revoke all former wills by me made. In witness whereof I have to this my last will & testament sett my hand and seale  the day and year first above

Edmond Tanner
Sealed, subscribed and published in the presence of us: Robert Robbines, Charles Hall

Edmond's death left his widow with five children to care for, from age two to age fourteen. Edmond and Constance's youngest daughter Hanna died and was buried at the age of four, after her father's death.

Constance married Nehemiah Gardner four years later, on 20 April 1634 in Cropredy. Her oldest daughter Sara married just four months later at the age of 18.

Constance died and was buried just about one year later on 11 March 1635/6 in Cropredy.

Constant Tanner Gardner burial

Burial record for Constance Gardner in Cropredy:
"Constant Gardner was buried the xith daye of March"

Edmond and Constance had the following children:

*1. Sarah, christened 8 December 1616 in Cropredy; married John Wyatt 24 August 1634.

2. Hanna, christened 16 August 1618 in Cropredy; may have died young.

3. Elizabeth, christened 20 September 1620 in Cropredy.

4. Edmond, christened 26 October 1622 in Cropredy.

5. John, christened 16 August 1625 in Cropredy; married Elizabeth; buried 21 September 1645 in Cropredy.

6. Hannah, christened 8 March 1627/8 in Cropredy; buried 25 February 1631/2 in Cropredy.

SOURCES: Cropredy parish register; The Town of Cropredy 1570-1640, Pamela Keegan.