John Smarte was born in about 1525 of Middleton Cheney. He married Margarete. John died in about 1560, leaving a will dated 18 April 1560.

John Smarte will

Will of John Smarte of Middleton Cheney, 1560

In the name of God Amen, the xviij day of Aprill ano dom 1560, I John Smarte of Mydleton sicke and wholle in mynd doo make this my last will as in maner and forme ffolowinge, first I bequeth my soule to Allmyghtie God and my body to be buried in the church yard of Mydleton. Item I geve to the belles of the same church ij acreas of barly and I will that Margarete my wiffe and Ric my sone shalbe my executors. I geve to three of my yongest children and that she goeth withal xxl iiij s shepe equally devyded amonges them and each of them a heifer of thre yeres of age, and I will that these my children shall have there pte or porton of goods delivyred to them at xvi yeres of age and yf yt shall please God to take any of these children to his mercy then I will that ther poortons so depted shall remayne unto the other brother that be alive. Item I geve to Willim and Robert my sones ether of them a tyre for a carte or ells ether of them xxd apece. And I geve to the same Willim and Robert ether of them a payre of shetes. Item I geve to Mary my doughter a beade with all that belongeth therto & ij payre of shetes, a tabullclothe, a towel and the second brass pane. And I geve to Ellyzabeth my doughter halfe a dosen peses of pewter, a tabull clothe, a towel and three payre of shettes, a brasse pott. And I will that these porton of goods be delivyred to them at the age of xxi yeres. I will that Ric Tayler and Aaron Best shalbe my oversears, that these my goods which I have bequeathed to my children be equally devyded. Item I geve to Thomas Marget for his painyes xiid, these beaing wittnesses Ric Tayylor, Roberte Bull, Willm Bygnell, Aaron Beste & Thomas Benet.

John and Margarete had the following children:

1. Richard

2. William

3. Robert

4. Mary

*5. Elizabeth; married William Gyll 21 October 1588 in Middleton Cheney.

SOURCES: Will of John Smarte of Middleton Cheney, 1560; Middleton Cheney parish register.