Lyonell Morison was born in about 1520 in Eydon, Northamptonshire. Lyonell was a yeoman in Eydon. He married Joan Stanton 24 September 1547 in Eydon.

Lionel Morison marriage

Joan was a widow who had been married to Richard Stanton of Eydon. Richard died in 1546, leaving a will naming his "wyff Johan" as executor, and leaving bequests to their sons John, William, Thomas, Umfrey, Hew and Rychard, and daughters Elsabeth and Agnes.

Joan died and was buried 27 December 1587 in Eydon.

Joane Morison burial

Burial record for Joan Morison in Eydon:
"Joane Morison was buried the 27 of December"

Lyonell died and was buried 14 March 1597 in Eydon.

Lionell Morison burial 1597

Burial record for Lionell Morison in Eydon:
"Lionell Morison was buried the 14 daye of March"

Prior to her marriage to Lyonell, Joan and Richard Stanton had the following children:

1. John Stanton, (later of Preston Capes, Northamptonshire).

2. William Stanton

3. Thomas Stanton

4. Humfrey Stanton, christened 17 May 1539 in Eydon; married Katheryne Gibbes 18 November 1563 in Eydon.

5. Hew Stanton, christened 31 October 1540 in Eydon.

6. Rychard Stanton, christened 17 December 1544 in Eydon.

7. Elsabeth Stanton; christened 24 July 1543 in Eydon; married Mr. Thornecrofte.

8. Agnes Stanton

Lyonell and Joan had the following children:

1. Elizabeth, christened 2 January 1548 in Eydon.

*2. Margaret, christened 10 October 1550 in Eydon; married Titus Wigson 1577 in Eydon; buried 11 November 1613 in Eydon.

3. Amye, christened 4 December 1552 in Eydon.

4. Lionell, born in about 1554 of Eydon; married Dorothy; buried 11 October 1614, leaving a will. The will mentions wife Dorothy, "John Stanton late of Preston Capes in the Countie aforesaid deceased, eldest brother of mee the said Lyonell on the mothers side", "my brother Thomas Stanton", "my brother Humfrey Stanton", "my brother Richard Stanton", "my sister Elizabeth Thornecrofte" "Robert Wigston, William Wigston, and Clement Wigston sonnes of my brother Titus Wigston", "my brother William Barfoote" "my brother Anthonie Morrisonne" and "my brother Edward Ffrench", and "Edward Morrisonne my nephew" named as Lionell's executor.

SOURCE: Eydon parish register; will of Rychard Stanton of Eydon, 1546, Archdeaconry Court of Northampton.