William Marshall was born in about 1530 of Eydon. He married Elizabeth. He died 10 December 1575 and was buried 13 December 1575 in Eydon.

William Marshall burial

Burial record for William Marshall in Eydon:
"William Marshall dyed on the 10 daye and was buried the 13 daye of December"

William left a will dated 8 September 1575:

William Marshall will

Will of William Marshall of Eydon, 1575

In the name of God Amen the eight daie of the monethe of September in the yeare of our Lord God 1575, wytnessyth that I Willim Marshall of Lennyll in the paryshe of Eydone sycke in bodie but whole in mynde and in good and pfect remembrannce laude and praise be unto Almightie God I make and ordaine this my psent testament concernynge this my last will in manner and forme ffollowinge: that ys to saie, ffirst I comend my soule unto Almightie God, my maker and redeemer and my bodie to be buried in the churchyard of St. Nicholas. Item I geve and bequethe to my syster Kathern one paire of sheets and one shepes wynterynge during the tearme of my lease. Item I geve and bequethe unto my daughter Kathern a paire of sheets. Item I geve and bequethe to Elizabethe my daughter ij shepe, a lytle kettle, a pewtar platter and a paire of sheets. Also I will that Elizabeth my wyffe shall have the education and bringing upp of my other fyve children, that ys to saie William, Lyonell, Kathern, Nicholas and Ales until the tyme that any of them be either hable to lyve or pvide for themselves. And when they and any of them shall come unto their full and perfect aige of xxi yeares then I will that eny of them shall have porton of my goods by and by ye appointment of Thomas Shelfoxxe, Simon Shelfoxe and Willm Swetteman my brethren divided alwaies. And I will that yf Elizabethe my saide wyffe doe marrie that then before she be married she shalbe bownden unto my said brethren with such assurance as they shall lyke of for the pformance of this my will and testament. And yf she shall refuse this to doe then I geve and bequethe to eny of my said fyve children as William, Lyonell, Miles, Kathern and Ales fyve make either in currant money or such goods and cattells unto the saide some and valewe, and ymediatly after my wyffes denyall as ys abovesaid psenthe to be delivered into my saide brethrens hands and they to pvide for my said children, and yf any of them doe die before they come to full aige as above specified I will that pte or ptes to be equally devided amongsest those that lyve; The residue of my goods not bequethes I geve them wholly unto Elizabeth my wyffe whome I make my whole executrix of this my last will and testament, these witnesses Thomas Shelfoxe, Thomas Swettnam with other. 

William had the following children:

*1. Elizabeth, born in about 1558 of Eydon; married John Brockless 12 November 1576 in Eydon; buried 24 June 1602 in Eydon.

2. William

3. Lionel, christened 8 December 1565 in Eydon; buried 22 October 1590 in Eydon.

4. Katherine, christened 6 March 1568 in Eydon.

5. Nicholas

6. Miles, christened 15 December 1571 in Eydon.

7. Alse (Alice), christened 4 May 1575 in Eydon.

SOURCE: Eydon parish register; will of William Marshall of Eydon, 1575.