Edward Keelynge/Keeling was born in about 1565, the son of Thomas and Grace Keeling. He married Katheren Pratt in about 1593. Katheren was the daughter of Thomas and Alice Pratt of Shotteswell, and christened 24 January 1566 in Shotteswell.

Edward and Katheren had five children. Their house was mentioned when the boundaries of the parish were surveyed on 15 September 1606, about one month before Edward died: "And from the said Stone called the White Crosse over to the run'yng streme of Water by the North end of the Leyes called the Barridge Leyes and soe throwe a little shorte land by the howse of Edward Keelinge meeting there wth another run'ynge streme of Water and soe by the said Water vnto the Barr called the North Barr". (The History of Banbury)  

Edward is found in the wills of many friends and neighbors in Banbury: He was a witness for Arthur Sale in 1592, a witness for Richard Smyth in 1603, owed a debt of £7.10s to John Dombelton the wheelwright in 1604, a witness and inventory appraiser for Gillian Sowtham in 1606, a witness for Seth Prophet in 1606, and an inventory appraiser for Robert Richards in 1606.

Edward died and was buried 18 October 1606 in Banbury, leaving a will, naming his wife Katheren as the executor:

Edward Keeling burial

Burial record for Edward Keeling in Banbury:
"Edward Keyley buryed ye first day"

Edward Keelinge, of Neithrop, husbandman, will dated 25 August 1606, buried 18 October 1606, inventory taken 28 October 1606, proven and exhibited 5 June 1607.

Edward Keeling will

Will of Edward Keelinge of Banbury, 1607

In the will Edward leaves these bequests:

The church of Banbury, 6s.8d.
The poor of Banbury, 5s.
Grace Keelinge, daughter, £20 and one cow, at 18.
Suzanna Keelinge, daughter, £20 and one cow, at 18.
Marie Keelinge, daughter, £20 and one cow, at 18.
Katherine Keelinge, £20 and one cow, at 18.
William Kelie, my brother, 2s.
Brother John Keeling's children, 12 d. each.
Brother Valentine Keeling's children, 2 s. each.
Brother Tobye Keeling, 3 quarters of barley; one but of barley and one but of pease; all my apparell; and to his children, 4d. each.
Margarette Embrie, sister, 5s.; and to each of her children, 12s.
Residue to Katherinie Keeling my wife.
Overseers: Thomas Pratte, Tobye Keelinge, Simon Bunge.
Proved by Katherine Keelinge, relict and exex.

(Banbury Wills and Inventories, 1591-1620)


Edward and Katheren had the following children:

1. Thomas, christened 28 July 1594 in Banbury; buried 3 October 1603 in Banbury.

2. Grace, christened 5 October 1596 in Banbury; married William Dodson 16 October 1620 in Banbury.

*3. Susanna, christened 21 January 1599 in Banbury; married Thomas Hawkes 29 October 1627 in Banbury.

4. Marie, christened 19 April 1601 in Banbury; buried 19 December 1606 in Banbury.

5. Katherine, christened 18 July 1604 in Banbury; married Mathew Barnes 3 November 1623 in Banbury.

John Bowerman and Katheren married 23 June 1607, and then had four children. John was also a husbandman of Neithrop in Banbury parish.

Katheren and John had the following children:

1. James, christened 7 August 1608 in Banbury.

2. Anne, christened 9 December 1610 in Banbury.

3. Mary, christened 13 September 1613; married John West 27 April 1636 in Banbury (name shown as Boreman in marriage record).

4. John, christened 21 April 1616 in Banbury.

Katheren died and was buried 28 May 1627 in Banbury.


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Thomas Keeling was born in about 1530 of Banbury. He married Grace.

Thomas died and was buried 20 April 1590 in Banbury. He left a will written 30 March 1590.

Thomas Keeling burial

Burial record for Thomas Keeling in Banbury:
"Thomas Keeling an old man was buried the 20 daye"

Thomas Keeling will

Will of Thomas Keeling of Banbury, 1590

In the name of God Amen, I Thomas Keelinge of Nethrop in the parish of Banbury in the County of Oxford yeoman, being weake of bodie but of good and pfecte memory (thankes being Almightie God) the xxxth daye of March in the yere of our Lorde God 1590 and in the xxijth yere of the raigne of our Sovereigne Ladie Elizabeth by the grace of God, Queene of England, Ffrance and Ireland, defender of the ffayth, doe make my last will and testament in maner and forme following: Ffirst I bequeath my soule into the handes of Almyghtie God, through whose great mercie (obtained by the death & passion of my Lorde and Saviour Jesus Christ and by noe other meanes) my sure and certeine hope is to be saved and to live with him for ever in everlasting blessedenes. Also my will is that my bodie in seemlie and decent maner be buried in the churchyard in the pishe of Banbury.

Item I geve and bequeath unto Danyell Keelinge my youngest sonne seven pounds to be paid unto him imediatlie after the departure of Grace my wife out of this naturall life. Item I geve unto my daughter Margaret the wife of Mr Embry forty shillings to be payd as yis aforsaided. Item I geve to my brother Steaven Keelinge to the use of his sonne Thomas twenty shillings to be payde as is aforesaid. Item I geve and bequeath unto my cosin Henry Lockwoode to the use of his children one yerelinge calfe to be delivered unto him imediatlie after my departure. Item I geve and bequeath unto my sonne John Keelinge one cow to the use of his two daughters Sara and Anne Keelinge to be delivered him imediatlie after my departure. Item I geve and bequeath unto Willm Higgins the heird and to the woman dwelling by the Pinfold and unto Rafe Winge of Wardenton to either of them one strike of malte to be delivered unto them as is aforesaide. All the rest of of my goodes and chattells moveable and unmoveable unbequethed, my legacies paide and my debtes discharged I geve and bequeath unto my welbeloved wife Grace Keelinge and to my two sonnes Edward and Thobey Keelinge to use and occupie yoyntlie together during the widowhoode of the said Grace my wife willing and charging my said sonnes Edward and Thoby that they and either of them doe dresse, husband, and till my living or houldinge during the naturall life of their mother, and ther to have between them till my goodes and chattells moveable and unmoveable after the decease of my said wife, whom (that is to saie) Grace my wife, Edward and Thobey my sonnes aforesaid I doe make and ordaine my whole executors in trust: to fulfill and execute this my last will, and testament, ffinalie I appoint John Keelinge my sonne, and my loving neighbour William Longe overseers of this my will, I wittnes whereof I the said Thomas Keelinge have putt my hand and seale unto thes psente the day and yere above written.

Wittnesses Thomas Brasbridge & John Kimble

Grace Keeling died as a widow, and was buried 28 April 1605 in Banbury.

Grace Keeling burial

Burial record for Grace Keeling in Banbury:
"Grace Keelinge of Neythrop was buryed ye 28 daye"

Grace left a will written 16 April 1604 and proven 4 October 1605.

Grace Keeling will

Will of Grace Keeling, 1604

In dei noie and the 16 daye of Aprill Anno Dei 1604, I Grace Kelye weake in bodye but of good & pfect remembrance thanks be to God do make & ordayne this my last will & testament in forme & manner following, bequethinge & gyving first of all my pryncypall good, which is my sole, unto my pryncypall frend which is my God, fullye assuring my selfe that He will recyve it & in holy hands keape it. Secondly I give & bequeath my body, to the ground, out of which it came there to rest until my changing day come.
Item I give to my fyve sons Willm, Valentine, John & Tobye & Edward iiijs apiece & to Tobye xijd more.
Item I give to my daughter Margret an open fine sheete.
Item I give to Elsabeth Emerye my best gowne.
Item I give to Tobye Kelye his wife a blacke apron and my hatt.
Item I give to Tobye Kelye his children among the halfe a quarter of barley.
Item I give to Valentyne Kelye his ij children Grace & Francys a patlett & a crescloth apiece.
Item I give to Edward Kelye daughters iiijd apiece.
Item I give to Grace Smyth a stryke of barley.
Item to Symon Bunche & to Thomas my servants vi d. apiece.
Item I give to my servant mayde Anne Myllner vi d.
Item I give to the church of Banbery xijd.
Item I give to Anthony Stevens & Anne Talyer vi d. apeece.
Item I give to Mr Houghton our vicarre ii s.
Item I give to my sonne John Keelye children iiij d. a peece.
Item all these of my goods & chattells whatsoever my debts & legacys payd I give & bequeath to Edward Keeley my son whom I make & ordeyne the executor of this my last will & testament.

Grace Keeling mark

 The mark of Grace Keeling on her will

An inventory was created for Grace's belongings:

The inventorie of all & singular the goodes & chattells of Grace Keelinge late of Neithropp in the Countie of Oxon widow deceased, seene, prised & valued by Mathewe Longe, Rowland Bull, Thomas Tayler, & Richard Kimbell the second day of October in the yeere of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lord King James by the grace of God Kinge of Greate Britaine, Ffrance & Irelande the thelve Anno Dominie 1605.

Imprimis the cropp of corne & graine prised at xxv l.
Item all her waringe aparrell prised at v l.
The whole some xxx l.

Thomas and Grace had the following children:

*1. Edward, born about 1565 in Banbury; married Katheren Pratt; buried 18 October 1606 in Banbury; mentioned in father's will of 1590; mentioned in mother's will of 1604.

2. William, mentioned in mother's will of 1604.

3. Valentine, mentioned in mother's will of 1604.

4. John, married 1) Eme; married 2) Barbara Knight 26 July 1602 in Banbury; buried 10 October 1630 in Banbury; mentioned in father's will of 1590; mentioned in mother's will of 1604.

5. Tobye, married Margret Clarody 11 September 1593 in Hanwell, Oxfordshire; mentioned in father's will of 1590; mentioned in mother's will of 1604.

6. Margaret, married Mr. Embrie; mentioned in father's will of 1590; mentioned in mother's will of 1604.

7. Danyell, mentioned in father's will of 1590 as his youngest son.

Other Keelings in early Banbury records:

SOURCES: Banbury parish register; will of Thomas Keeling, 1590; will of Grace Keeling, 1604 on