Clement Hill was born in about 1560 of Wardington, Oxfordshire, most likely the son of Thomas Hill of Wardington. "Clement Hyll" was listed as a scholar from "Wardyngton and Cotton" in the Williamscote School list in 1575.

Clement married Margaret Muddin 14 May 1587.

Clement Hill marriage

Marriage record for Clement Hill and Margaret Muddin in Wardington:
"Clement Hill & Margerit Muddyn was maried the xiijth daie of March"

Margaret was born in about 1565 of Wardington, the daughter of John Muddin and Annes Sabyne. Clement was a witness to John Muddin's will of 1598.

Clement and Margaret had the following children:

1. Thomas, christened 24 February 1588 in Wardington.

2. Alice, christened 1 March 1590 in Wardington.

3. Sarah, christened 10 December 1592 in Wardington.

4. John, christened 4 November 1595 in Wardington.

5. Marie, christened 17 July 1597 in Wardington; married Richard Cleridg 12 January 1631 in Wardington.

6. Clement, christened 2 December 1599 in Wardington.

*7. Elizabeth, born in about 1601 in Wardington; married Isaiah Moss 9 October 1622 in Wardington; buried 6 May 1665 in Wardington.

8. Susane, christened 1 October 1603 in Wardington.

9. Rebeccah, christened 8 March 1606 in Wardington.

10. Abigaill, christened 13 October 1611 in Wardington.

11. Richard, christened 3 April 1614 (no parents listed in entry).

Other Hills found in the early Wardington parish registers were:

SOURCES: Wardington parish register; will of John Muddin, 1598; will of Sir Walter Calcott, 1574;


Thomas Hill was born in about 1540 of Wardington, Oxfordshire. His occupation was mason.

Thomas died and was buried 8 February 1586 in Wardington.

Thomas Hill burial

Burial record for Thomas Hill in Wardington:
"Thomas Hill ye elder was buried ye viijthe daie of Fabruarie"

Thomas left an inventory dated 1587:

Thomas Hill inventory

Inventory for Thomas Hill, 1587

Thomas Hill, mason of Wardington, 1587
The inventorie of all the goodes and cattells of Thomas Hill of Wardenton in countie of Oxforthe, mason, lately diceased mayde ye xxiiijth daie of Fabruarie in the yeare of our Lorde God 1587 and in the xxviijth yeare of oure Soveraigne Ladie Quene of England, Ffrannce and Irlande, Defender of the Faithe.
Prised by these men followinge, John Lumbard, Robart Wilkynes.
In the hall
Ffirst a table, a fourme, a cubborde, a painted clothe with other impementes prised – vis viijd
Item, two brasse pottes, a panne, two littell ketells, a skimmer a chefen dishe prised – xs
Item, seven peris of pewter, prised iijs iiijd
In ye chamber
Ffirst his apparel prised – vs
Item, three bedstedes, a presse, a chaire prised – vs
Item, a matris, two blankites, a coverlit, two bowsters, two bed clothes prised – xs
Item, sixe paire of sheetes, a towell, two borde clothes prised – xs
Item, two coffers prised – ijs
Item, one paile, three lomes, a barell, a fatt, a lever, two wheles prised – iijs
Item, one cowe prysed – xxs
Item, the crope of a quarterne lande prised – xs
Summe totalis iiij vs
Exhibit 6 May 1587

SOURCE: Wardington parish register; inventory of Thomas Hill of Wardington, 1587;