Sarah Haucks was born in about 1628. She married Thomas Tims, a  carpenter, in about 1646, and they had children in Cropredy.

Thomas Tims died in 1662, and in a note written in Latin at the time the will was proven in 1662 Sarah is shown as "Sarah Times als Haucks". No christening record has been found for Sarah, but the only Haucks family having children in Cropredy in the right time period were Thomas Haukes and Susana Keelling.

Sarah Haucks Tims

Sarah's father, Thomas was born in about 1599. Thomas Haukes married Susana Kelling 29 October 1627 in Banbury. Susanna was christened 21 January 1599 in Banbury, the daughter of Edward Keelynge and Katherine Pratt.

Thomas Haucks marriage

Marriage record for Thomas Haukes and Susana Kelling in Banbury:
"Thomas Haukes and Susana Kelling of Nethrop were maried the 29 daye"

Susanna died and was buried 18 May 1665 in Cropredy.

Susana Haukes burial

Burial record for Susana Haukes in Cropredy:
"Susanna Haukes was buried upon the eighteenth day of May"

Thomas and Susana had the following children:

*1. Sarah, born in about 1628; married Thomas Tims.

2. Susana, christened 17 October 1630 in Cropredy.

3. Marye, christened 9 June 1633 in Cropredy.

4. Thomas, christened 24 April 1636 in Cropredy; married Sarah Tims 5 July 1660 in Banbury: "Thomas Hawkes son of Thomas Hawks of Little Bourton in the parish of Cropredy in the County of Oxon, and Sarah Tims of Great Bourton were marryed in Banbury".

5. Edward, christened 9 February 1640 in Cropredy.

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