Baptist Golde was born in about 1520 of Broughton, Oxfordshire, a parish about two miles south of Banbury. He had a brother, John Golde. Baptist married Margaret.

Baptist died, leaving an interesting will written in 1581, mentioning his wife Margaret, brother John, son-in-law Richard Tusten, and daughter Joyse, wife of Richard Tusten. In his will he also mentioned two sisters, Alice (Ales) and Margaret Arden. These may be his sisters, half-sisters or his wife's sisters.

Baptist Golde will

Will of Baptist Golde of Broughton, 1581

The last will and testament of Baptist Golde of Broughton late deceased

In the name of God Amen, I will that if I dye at Broughton that my body be buried at the place that I dyd appoynte in the churche yard of Broughton there by the lytle door that goeth in at the night yarde and my soule I trust with Almightie God. I would have a sermon at my buryall and he that maketh the sermon to have vs for his paynes and I geve to the churche of Broughton vjs viijd to be payd by my wieffe and Richard Tusten and his wieffe whome I make my executors and executrixe. Also I bequeathe to Messinger and his wyffe xijd, Roberts and his wyffe xijd,  Mannsill and his wyffe xijd, Greene and his wyffe xijd, Cropwell his wyffe and his daughter I would have them have iijs iiijd a peece bestowed in sheetes, smockes and lynnen for there three parlours and everie one of them to have for me a black gowne the price as ye will and I take them the some xl  and gyve them these dinner or supper and iijd a peece in bredde and money and also Goodwiffe Collens and her children xijd, Hilton and his wife and her childerne xijd to the poore of Newton as ye shall thinke good iiijd apiece. And if there be enie poore of Banburie, Bloxham or ells where I praie ye bestowe xs or xxs to them in bredde as soethe as yt will goe. I would have ye same some refreshing of my neighboures at their retorne some home from the churche some xxx but not muche. I gyve my wieffe all my goodes that I have to use them and governe them to her discretion during her lieffe. And I knowe verie well that she will leave them to Richard Tustian his wieffe and his childerne. And if yt pleas my wieff that she wolde bestowe and gyve to anie her kindered I praie youe let her. And if she will bestowe anie thinge of my kinedred as pleas her and you, and for my brother John Golde at Salisburie if praie ye gyve hym xxs in money, one of my cotes and dublet, one of my paire of hose, a paire of Venetians laid with velvet and lace and one hat in rememberannce I was his brother. I would also that my wieffe, Richarde Tusten & his wife shoulde live together or as nowe I left them at my deathe. And as I truste that my master wilbe good to my wieffe for my living dueringe her lieffe for my sake. That then my wieffe to have and to knowe her three yarde lande to use and to occupie for her selffe to kepe her house  & this my yarde lande and use yt as pleas her. And I wold give Richarde Tustian and his wieffe to have and occupie Cooles yarde lande to there use to increase and forsee to gett after living  or money for there fyve childerne to lyve by when God shall call for them. So I meane between my wieffe Margaret Goolde and Richarde and his wife, yf they wold forsee to have regarde to there owne childerne. And if they do see that Baptist Tusten will not be learned as I hope he wilbe a good scholler put hym owt to apprentice and to the rest of the childerne also. And if Baptist will learne I charge you in the name of God to helpe hym succoure hym and ayde hym with muche helpe as you may that he may be a devyne and another daie to helpe all you and yours. And because I have geven as litle from you as I may yet will I give that shalbe my gyfte to Baptiste and the childerne in rememberannnce that I was his grandfather vl. To Richarde Tusten his sonne iijll, to Harrie iijl, to Annye xl, to Ursula vil xiiijs iiijd to be paid owte of my wives goodes. And myne if was nowe hers in occupyinge. And for my wiffe and Richard Tusten and his wiffe will forth right well for there childerne besides that I gave them. And if yt fortune anie of these v childerne die in the meane season before they come to discreasion I meane that I will have that child that dye other heis portion or her portion to come to the one other minor children, and yf they die all save one the one of them to have all the gifts that I gave the V children to the longer liver man or woman. My meaning is trusting in Almightie God that you will live all together as I lefte you and to agree godlie one with another as Christian people shoulde doe and one with you to helpe another with the trust that God hath provided for you. And if yt pleas my good master Mr. Richard Ffenye to let your have the living that I had till I die I doubt not but you wilbe carefull of youre children and myne that I left behind. And yf my master will not let you have the living I had, put youre trust in Almighyie God and he will forsee you shall not lack another for you and yours. I Knowe he wilbe good unto you and yours and therefore I do charge you and yours to helpe him, to serve him, to runne for him, to ride for him and as I did for him and his tell you called for me in space and tyme cometh grace and there in end quothe Baptist Goold. I make my overseers Mr Marmyon and Mr Merick requesting them to take some paines for me to breake uppe my will and to see yt fulfilled so farr as they may. Requesting my good Mr master Richard Ffenys & his good wieffe Mysteris Constance Fenys to be good unto my wyffe Margaret Goold, Richard Tusten, his wyffe Joies Goold, to Baptist Tusten and to the rest of my poore children, brother and sisters to the said Baptist Tusten and as I have served alonge tyme his ffather and hym xli yeares. So I Baptist Goolde desire Mr Marmyon and Mr Merick to request my master and my  heirs to be good unto all them that I have put in my will and in this do I trust my master shall wyn the blessed inheritance in heaven (which I trust I am in heaven). Mr Marmyon I am sure yt I shall troble Mr Merick and you and I have nothinge to gyve you as you be worthie of but for the deede I praie you Mr Merricke doe for me in my request for this my living, in parte  to helpe what you can and I gyve you a pretie lytle stone bowe to kill birdes which as I dyd being alive in rememberannce of a good will, and Mr. Merick I gyve you my sworde that you have, my silver rapier and dagger with sworde girdle to ye of velvet that my master gave me. I render againe and gyve unto my master my little fier locke that he gave me. I kept yt as longe as I lyved for his sake. I gyve Mr John Arden of Kirtlington my lytle blacke gunne that I bought as London, desiring hym to be good to Richard Tusten and his childerne for his howse I occupied at Bodycote that he may have yt for his money before anie man for my sake which I know well he wilbe good unto hym for never anie of kindred dyd put anie owte unless he proved hym no honest man. I trusting he will finde Richard Tusten an honest man. I gyve to Mr Harrie Arden my snap harnett that is at the smythes at Barforde. I gyve to my systers Ales and Margaret Arden xs apece desiring Mr Harrye Arden and my twoe systers to be good to there brother for my sonne Richard Tusten for his halfe yarde land that I dyd occupie doing as another may will do I gyve to Mr Allen of Banburie my black rapier and dagger that I weare my selfe. I gyve Alexander a paire of grene hose laide with purple silk. I gyve Edmond apaire of black kersie hose and a dublet of black cotton this is at Mr Garlicks. I gyve to Harrie Warde the satten Venetians that my master gave me and the velvet hat with the fether that be at Mr Garlicks. I gyve lytle Willm Goode a canvas doblet with long ruffe and ye Venetians of whyte canvas with grene lace. This will made and confirmed by Baptist Gates the xxxth of Marche 1581 in the hearing of Rowland Merick, William Bentle and Robert Yodens.

Baptist and Margaret had the following children:

*1. Joyce (Joies), born about 1540 of Broughton; married Richard Tustin.

SOURCE: Will of Baptist Golde, 1581; will of Richard Tustin, 1598.