Thomas Gibbins was born in about 1560 of Wardington, Oxfordshire. He married first Alice Sharman 22 October 1581 in Wardington. Alice died and was buried 25 January 1591 in Wardington. Thomas married next Margaret Fyfeld of Williamscott in the parish of Wardington 28 October 1593 in Wardington. Margaret was the daughter of John and Alice Fifeild of Wardington.

Thomas Gibbons marriage

Marriage record for Thomas Gibbins and Margaret Fyfeld in Wardington:
"Thomas Gibbines & Margerit Fyfeld of Williamscote was maried the xxviij daie of October"

Thomas died and was buried 15 November 1616 in Wardington.

Thomas Gibbins burial

Burial record for Thomas Gibbins in Wardington

Thomas left a will proven in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury in 1616:

Thomas Gibbins will

Will of Thomas Gibbins of Williamscott, 1616

Will of Thomas Gibbins of Williamscott, dated 15 February 1615, proven 9 December 1616

In the name of God: Amen: the fifteenth daye of Ffebruarie annodom 1615, I Thomas Gibbins of Williamscott in the Countie of Oxford, yeoman being weake in bodie but of perfect remembrance thanks be to God, doe ordaine and make this my last will and testament in manner and and forme followinge, that is to saye, ffirst I comitt my soule into the hands of Almightie God my maker and my Redeemer hopinge to have full pardon and remission of all my sinnes by the bloud and passion of Jesus Christ. And my body to be buried in the churchyard of Wardington. Ffirst I give to the repayre of the church of Wardington tenne shillings to be payd within three months after my decease. Item I give unto the poore in Wardington and Cotton, also Coates the some of tenne shillings of currant English money to by payd three monthes after my decease. Item I give unto Robert Ffifeild the sonne of Robert Ffieild tenne shillings of current English money to be payd fower monthes after my decease. Item I unto Thomas Hunt the sonne of John Hunte tenne poundes of currant English money to be payd unto him at the age of one and twentie yeares. Item I give alsoe unto the child which nowe my daughter John Huntes wife goeth withall tenne poundes of currant English money to be payd at one and twentie yeares of age. And I doe will the said twentie poundes shall be delivered into the hands of the father John Hunte within six months after my decease or within a moneth after the birth of the child which first shall come. And my will is that John Hunt shall stand bounde to the sayd children or childe lyvinge in the some of ffourtie poundes before hopeinge the said money to paye the said some to his said children which land shall remayne in the custodie of my overseers provided yf either of these said children departe out of this life before he or shee shall accomplish the said age of one and twentie yeares then that part and portion to remaine to the surviver but if both doe die then the said twentie poundes to be and remayne to the said John Hunte and his assignes for ever. Item I give unto Margarett my wife all my goodes and cattells to her use during her widows estate. But provided that is she doe marrye then the said goods and cattells or the value of them praysed shalbe and remayne wholly unto Elizabeth Hunte the wife of John Hunte. And if the said Elizabeth shall be then living (always provided that if Margarett Gibbins my wife doe marrie that then she shall have the lease of this my howse with all the bedd shee lodgeth upon and bedcloathes with two payer of sheetes, and a coffer nowe known and noo more. My executor I doe make Margarett Gibbins my wife to see my will performed, my overseers I desire Thomas Badger, Robert  Ffifeild, and William Reade to whome I give twelve pence a peece. Thomas Gibbis his mark, witnesses hereunto Thomas Badger, Robt Ffifeild and William Reade.

Margaret stayed a widow, and moved to Cropredy to help her daughter Elizabeth raise the children. "Other reasons for employing maids or recalling daughters, would appear to be the loss of a grandma or a maternal grandmother's arrival at the house in need of care and attention, though when Mrs. Hunt's mother widow Gibbons, arrived on the Green, she must have been able to help for no extra maid was employed." (The Town of Cropredy)  Margaret died and was buried 17 February 1633/4 in Cropredy.

Margaret Gibbins burial

Burial record for Margaret Gibbins in Cropredy:
Margaret Gibbins was buried the xviuth daye of February"

Thomas and Margaret had the following children:

*1. Elizabeth, born about 1594 of Wardington; married John Hunt 9 May 1610 in Cropredy.

Only one christening is shown in the Wardington parish register for a child of Thomas and Margaret Gibbins - Elizabeth Gibbins was christened 28 March 1597. The name Alice is lined out and Elizabeth is written above the entry. However, this would make Elizabeth only 13 years old at the time of her marriage in 1610, and this seems unlikely. Perhaps the wrong name was recorded or the dates were out of order in the parish register. The will of Thomas Gibbins does prove that he had a daughter named Elizabeth who became the wife of John Hunt.

Only one other Gibbins is shown in the early Wardington parish register:

  • Simone Gybbyn married Margan Garner 21 November 1585 in Wardington.

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