John Barton was born in about 1560 of Alkerton. He married Maude Tustyn 8 October 1579 in Alkerton, Oxfordshire. Maude was christened 3 April 1561 in Alkerton, the daughter of Nicholas and Kynborowe Tustin.

John Barton marriage

Marriage record for John Barton & Maude Tustin in Alkerton:
"John Barton & Maude Tustin maried the viijth of October"

Maude (called Magdalen) was mentioned in the will of her brother John Tustin of Alkerton in 1592: "Item I give unto my sister Magdalen fortie shilliinges. Item I give unto my sisters children Franncys, Jasper, John and Simon Barton to either of them tenne shillings." John Barton was a witness to the will.

Maude died and was buried 17 March 1602 in Alkerton, just ten days after her infant son Robert was christened.

Maude Barton burial

Burial record for Maude Barton in Alkerton:
"Maude Barton buried ye xvijth daye of March"

John died and was buried 6 March 1624 in Alkerton.

John Barton

Burial record for John Barton in Alkerton:
"John Barton buryed the 6 daye of March"

John and Maude had the following children:

*1. Fraunces, chr 24 August 1580 in Alkerton; married William Goodwin 16 November 1602 in Alkerton;  mentioned in brother Jesper's will of 1643..

              Barton baptism

Baptism record for Ffraunces Barton in Alkerton: "Ffraunnces Barton baptized the xxiijth of August"

 2. Jesper, christened 18 October 1585 in Alkerton; married Margaret; occupation - freemason; will dated 1643. Jesper's will mentioned wife Margaret, sister Goodwyn (Fraunnces), sister Mary, brothers William, Richard and John.

3. Mary, mentioned in brother Jesper's will of 1643.

4. John, mentioned in brother Jesper's will of 1643; married Elizabeth Reade 29 May 1627 in Alkerton; buried 26 March 1638; will dated 1638 in Alkerton. His will mentioned wife Elizabeth, daughters Mary and Joane, sons Thomas and John.

5. Simon, mentioned in uncle John Tustin's will of 1592

6. George, christened 17 November 1592 in Alkerton.

7. William, christened 3 May 1594 in Alkerton.

8. Richard, christened 15 February 1595.

9. Kinborowe, (female) christened 18 March 1597 in Alkerton; married Robert Mais 8 February 1624 in Alkerton.

10. Katherine, christened 12 September 1599 in Alkerton.

11. Elizabeth, christened 23 November 1600 in Alkerton; buried 26 November 1600 in Alkerton.

12. Robert, christened 7 March 1602 in Alkerton.

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