Elizabeth Garner (or Gardner) was born in about 1560. She married Justinyan Hunt 20 October 1585 in Wardington, Oxfordshire. The Wardington parish christening registers start in 1572, so no record of her christening has been found.

These families are found in wills and the Wardington parish register:

Thomas, senior and Mary Garner of Coton seem most likely to be Elizabeth's parents. Elizabeth's second-born son was named Thomas.

Thomas and Mary Gardner did have a daughter Anne buried in Cropredy 29 July 1556.

Anne Gardner

Burial record for Anne Gardner in Cropredy:
"Anne Gerdyner the daughter of Thomas Gerdyner & Mary whas buryed the xxixth day of July"

Thomas Garner "ye elder of Cawton" died and was buried 26 April 1569 in Wardington.

Thomas Garner burial

Burial record for Thomas Garner in Wardington:
"Thomas Gardner ye elder of Cawton was buried ye xxvith daye of Aprill"

Mary died and was buried 28 November 1574 in Wardington.

        Garner burial

Burial record for Mary Garner in Wardington:
"Mary Garner the wyff of Thomas Garner was buried the xxiijth daie of November xxi Raigne of our Soveraigne Lady"

Elizabeth Garner Hunt, their daughter died and was buried 1599 in Cropredy. Her children were mentioned in the wills of two Gardners of Wardington, indicating a possible relationship:

Thomas and Mary had the following children:

1. Anne, buried 29 July 1556 in Cropredy.

*2. Elizabeth, born about 1560 of Wardington; married Justinyan Hunt 20 October 1586 in Wardington.

3. Thomas, born in about 1560 of Wardington; married Jane; died 4 January 1608 in Wardington; left a will dated 1609.

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