JOHN OCKENSHAW of Euxton was christened 30 January 1632 in Eccleston, Lancashire, the son of William Ockenshaw. He married Margery Waring 16 May 1670 in Leyland. John is shown as being of the village of Euxton in his children's christenings.

John Okenshaw marriage

Marriage record for John Ockenshaw and Margery Waring in Leyland:
"John Okenshaw - Margery Waring of Euxton July 19"

John was a churchwarden in Leyland in 1672 and 1690. John died 6 April 1706 in Leyland, and was of Euxton at the time of his death. Margery died and was buried 26 September 1729 in Leyland, and was a widow at the time of her death.

Margery Ockenshaw burial

Burial record for Margery Ockenshaw in Leyland: "Margery Oakenshaw of Exton widow 26"

John and Margery had the following children:

1. William, christened 12 February 1671 in Leyland, "of Euxton".

2. William, christened 10 January 1672 in Leyland, "of Euxton".

3. William, christened 26 January 1673 in Leyland.

4. Henry, christened 25 December 1675 in Leyland; married Rose Whittle 24 August 1708 in Leyland.

5. Richard, christened 16 October 1678 in Leyland.

*6. Elizabeth, christened 7 December 1684 in Leyland; married Thomas Thornley 23 November 1708 in Leyland; buried 9 February 1746 in Leyland.

Elizabeth Ockenshaw baptism

 Baptism record for Elizabeth Ockenshaw in Leyland: "Elizabeth ye daughter of John Ockenshaw of Euxton - December 7"

7. Ann, christened 2 February 1691 in Leyland.

8. Thomas, christened 7 May 1695 in Leyland; buried 25 December 1699 in Leyland, "of Leyland".

9. Richard, christened 2 July 1703 in Leyland; buried 2 July 1703 in Leyland, "of Euxton".

SOURCE: IGI: Ancestral File; Leyland parish register; Eccleston parish register;


William Ockenshaw of Euxton was born in about 1600 of Leyland, and was buried 19 October 1677 in Leyland. His wife, name unknown, was buried 27 May 1660 in Leyland.

Wm Ockenshaw wife burial

Burial record for the wife of William Ockenshaw: "The wiffe of William Occkellshaw of Exeyton buried the twentith seventh day of May 1660"

William had the following children:

1. Richard, christened 11 July 1620 in Eccleston: "Richard Oclishes of William of Exton".

2. William, christened 30 January 1622 in Eccleston: "William Ockleshe son of William de Exton".

*3. John, christened 30 January 1632 in Eccleston, "of Euxton"; married Margery Waring 16 May 1670 in Leyland; buried 6 April 1706 in Leyland.

4. Margaret, christened 7 June 1635 in Eccleston, "of Euxton".

5. Edward, christened 17 June 1644 in Leyland, "of Euxton". 

6. Edward, christened 17 June 1655 in Leyland.

SOURCES: IGI; Leyland parish register; Eccleston parish register.

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