James Grundye married 1) unknown, 2) Isabell Sharplus 24 August 1595 in Bolton, and 3) Francis Kynge 5 November 1606 in Bolton.

James had the following children by his first wife:

1. Katheren, christened 10 November 1590 in Deane.

2. Elizabeth, christened 27 March 1592 in Bolton.

*3. Izabela, (twin) christened 23 September 1594 in Bolton; married William Holme 7 August 1614 "de Farneworth".

Isabel Grundy baptism

  Christening record for Anne and Isabell Grundy in Bolton: "Anne, Isabell twins of James Grundye - 23"

4. Anne, (twin) christened 23 September 1594 in Bolton.

James and Isabell had the following children:

5, Katherine, christened 1601 in Bolton.

6. James, christened 19 August 1604 in Bolton.

James and Frances had the following children:

7. Thomas, christened 17 January 1607 in Bolton, "of Dain parish"

8. Arbottle, (female) christened 30 March 1612 in Bolton "of Dayne parish". 

SOURCES: Bolton parish register on CD.

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