William Charnock was born in about 1600 of Eccleston, Lancashire. He married Elizabeth.



William was buried 14 March 1656 in Eccleston. Elizabeth died as a widow of Wrightington, and was buried 23 October 1681.

William and Elizabeth had the following children:

1. James, christened 28 February 1630 in Eccleston, "of Heskin".

2. Ellyn, christened 20 November 1631 in Eccleston.

3. Hughe, born before 24 November 1633; buried 24 November 1633 in Eccleston. "de Heskyn".

4. (Child), gender unknown, buried 8 February 1845, "A chillde of Willm Charnocke of Wrightington". This may be one of the earlier children, or another unnamed one.

5. Hugh, christened 29 October 1648 in Eccleston, "of Wrightington"; buried 6 August 1671 in Eccleston.

6. Ellen, christened 25 November 1649 in Eccleston, "of Wrightington"; buried 19 December 1649. 7

*7. Jennett, christened 13 April 1653 in Eccleston; married Thomas Thornley, "of Wrightington".

Jennet Charnock baptism  

  Christening record for Jennett Charnock in Eccleston: "Jennit the daughter of William Charnock of Wrightington"


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No christening records have been found for William Charnock in Eccleston. as the parish records start in 1603. There were two Charnock families with children christened in Eccleston parish in the right time period: the family of Hugh Charnock of Heskin, and the family of Roger Charnock of Wrightington.

Roger of Wrightington had the following children:

1. Eline, christened 25 February 1605 in Eccleston.

2. Elizabeth, christened 18 April 1607 in Eccleston.

3. Elizabeth, christened 6 February 1612 in Eccleston.

4.  Ann, christened 11 April 1615 in Eccleston.

Hugh of Heskin had the following children:

1. Ceceli, christened 10 October 1607 in Eccleston.

2. Thomas, buried 5 October 1608 in Eccleston.

3. Margaret, christened 31 January 1615 in Eccleston.

Hugh died and was buried 19 September 1621 in Eccleston. Hugh is likely William's father, as William had two sons named Hugh, and his first few children were of Heskin.



Other early Charnocks include William Charnock, buried 21 June 1634 in Eccleston, and "Ould Charnoke wife de Heskin", buried 3 October 1622 in Eccleston. William is listed as Hugh's father in


SOURCES: Eccleston parish register.


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