Robert Whittle was christened 28 August 1591 in Croston, Lancashire, with no parents listed.

Robert Whittle baptism

Christening record for Robert Whittle in Croston:
"Rbt Whittle the xxviijth"



Robert had the following children:

1. Margaret, christened 13 April 1618 in Croston; married William Jackson 20 August 1630 in Penwortham; buried 23 June 1668 in Leyland.

Margaret Whittle baptism  

  Christening record for Margaret Whittle in Croston: "Margaret dr of Rbte Whittle, May xiiith"


SOURCES: IGI; Croston parish register; Penwortham parish register; Leyland parish register; 

The early Croston records from the 1500s unfortunately record the name of the child being christened without the parents' names. The children christened about the same time as Robert were:

It seems likely that there were at least two couples having children in Croston in this time period. The couples married in Croston were Thurstane Whittle and Mary Walton, married 4 December 1581; William Whittle and Jane Blackhurst, married 28 January 1582; and Richard Whittle and Alice Wearden, married 2 December 1593.

Going back in time one more generation, the children christened were:

The only couple married in Croston in this time period was John Whittle and Jenett Bank, married 15 January 1548 in Croston. There were probably two couples having children at this time.

The individuals who were buried were:

SOURCE: Croston parish register.

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