Margaret Robinson was born in about 1670 of Penwortham parish. She married Thomas Mackerell 29 March 1692 in Leyland. The only Margaret Robinson christened in Penwortham parish was Margreat Robinson, daughter of John and Margreat Robinson, christened 9 June 1678 in Penwortham. If this were our Margaret, then she would have been 14 years old at the time of her marriage to 31 year-old Thomas, a weaver of Leyland. It is possible, but unusual.

There were two families having children in the parish in the right time period - the families of John Robinson and Thomas Robinson, who were brothers. If John were Margaret's father, then it would have to be the 14 year-old Margaret, as a later daughter named Margaret would be much too young to marry in 1692. Thomas does not have any daughters named Margaret, but there are some gaps in the records. Both John and Thomas were the sons of Richard Robinson of Penwortham.

There are multiple marriages for John Robinson in Penwortham:

Parish christening records at this time do not list the name of the mother, only the father. John  had the following children:

1. Richard, christened 1 April 1660 in Penwortham.

2. Alice, christened 13 December 1663 in Penwortham; buried 13 January 1664 in Penwortham.

3. William, christened 18 April 1665 in Penwortham; buried 3 May 1665 in Penwortham.

4. Alice, christened 14 January 1666 in Penwortham; buried 22 December 1669 in Penwortham.

5. Richard, christened 25 October 1668 in Penwortham.

6. William, christened 21 February 1669 in Penwortham.

7. Richard, christened 21 January 1671 in Penwortham.

8. Jane, christened 11 June 1676 in Penwortham.

9. John, christened 8 October 1676  in Penwortham. (The christening dates for Jane and John are too close, and may indicate two different John Robinson in the parish at this time - one married to Ellin Heale, and one married to Margrett Bucke.)

10. Margreat, christened 9 June 1678 in Penwortham.

11. Richard, christened 28 November 1680 in Penwortham; buried 22 February 1682 in Penwortham.

12. Thomas, christened 1681 in Penwortham.

13. John, christened 1683 in Penwortham.

There is a will indexed in the Court of Chester for John Robinson, of Penwortham, yeoman, Admon 1716.

Thomas Robinson is also listed in several marriages:

Thomas had the following children:

1. Thomas, christened 15 April 1660 in Penwortham.

2. Thomas, christened 4 January 1663 in Penwortham.

3. Ellen, christened 30 April 1665 in Penwortham.

4. Jenet, christened 28 March 1676 in Penwortham.

5. Richard, christened 5 May 1678 in Penwortham; buried 4 October 1678 in Penwortham.

6. Richard, christened 27 July 1679 in Penwortham; buried 1 January 1680 in Penwortham.

7. John, christened 25 September 1679 in Penwortham.

8. William, christened 1683 in Penwortham.

In 1653, a Thomas Robinson was vicar of Penwortham parish.

John and Thomas were both the sons of Richard Robinson of Penwortham. Richard was born in about 1600 of Penwortham. He married Alice Ball 25 September 1631 in Penwortham.

Richard and Alice had the following children:

1. Margerie, christened 24 March 1627 in Penwortham.

2. Jane, born about 1629; buried 4 September 1640 in Penwortham.

3. William, christened 24 November 1631 in Penwortham.

4. Richard, christened 25 November 1632 in Penwortham.

5. John, christened 1 September 1633 in Penwortham.

6. Thomas, christened 20 December 1640 in Penwortham.

7. Ellin, (daughter of Rich. Robinson of Penwortham) buried 22 June 1668 in Penwortham.

Other Robinsons found in the parish records in the early 1600s may be Richard's siblings:

 Earlier records are found for:

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