Robert Kircall  was born in about 1565 of Bolton. He married Elyn Fell "of Wigan parish" 10 November 1589 in Bolton le Moors.

Robert Kirkall

Marriage record for Robert Kircall and Elyn Fell in Bolton:
"Robarte Kircall, Elyn Fell maried de Wigan pish the xth of November"

Elyn died and was buried 30 June 1620 in Bolton.

Ellen Kircall

Burial record for Elyn Kircall in Bolton: "Ellen wife of Roberte Kirkall of Boulton - 30"

Robert married next Joanne Abbie 16 June 1612 in Bolton. Robert "of Boulton" died and was buried 28 September 1623 in Bolton. The same day, one of Robert's children, unnamed in the parish register, was also buried.

Robert Kircall burial

Burial record for Robert Kircall in Bolton: "Robt Kerkall of Boulton - 28" and also "a child of Robt Kerkall of Boulton - 28"

St Peters Bolton

St. Peter's Church, Bolton

Robert and Elyn had the following children:

1. Roger, christened 16 October 1592 in St. Peter's, Bolton.

2. Lawrence, christened in 1601 in St. Peter's, "of Bolton". 

3. Elizabeth, buried 9 January 1603 in Bolton.

*3. Elizabeth, christened 9 January 1604 in St. Peter's, "of Bolton"; married Richard Houghe 14 August 1627 in Bolton le Moors; buried 19 April 1649 in Bolton.

Elizabeth Kircall baptism

  Christening record for Elizabeth Kircall in Bolton: "Elizabeth Kirkall of Bolton daughter of Robert - 9"


5. Elline, buried 26 October 1611 in St. Peter's, "of Bolton". 

Robert and Joane had the following child:

6. Joan, buried 24 March 1620 in Bolton.


SOURCE: IGI; Bolton parish register on CD;

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