JOHN HAMER was born 9 August 1777, the son of Samuel Hamer and Nancy Hodgkinson, and christened 11 September at Bank St. Presbyterian church, Bolton, Lancashire. He worked as a laborer. John married Jane Bentley 15 April 1800 in Bolton Le Moors, Lanchashire.

John Hamer marriage

Marriage record for John Hamer and Jane Bentley in Bolton

Jane was the daughter of Thomas Bentley of Bury and Martha Woolfit, and was christened 2 October 1774 at St. Peter parish, Bolton.

John and Jane had the following children:


1. Jonathan, born 8 June 1801 in Bolton le Moors; christened 8 July 1801 in Bolton.

*2. Samuel, born 28 May 1803 in Bolton Le Moors; married Jane Thornley 7 March 1824; died 7 August 1843.

Samuel Hamer baptism

3. James, born 31 July 1805 in Bolton Le Moors.

4. John, born 18 December 1807 in Bolton Le Moors.

5. Edward, born 18 January 1811 in Bolton Le Moors.

SOURCES: Parish registers- Bank Street Presbyterian Church, FHS# 560877; Bolton Le Moors FHS# 942.72/B3;


Samuel Hamer was born 3 September 1746 in St. Mary, Bury, Lancashire, the son of Thomas Hamer of Bury. Samuel, listed as a tanner of Kersley, married Nancy Hodgkinson 3 April 1771 at St. Peter parish, Bolton, Lanchashire.

Samuel Hamer marriage 1771

Marriage record for Samuel Hamer and Nancy Hodgskinson in Bolton

Nancy was the daughter of John Hodgkinson and Ann Holme of Heaton.

Samuel and Nancy had the following children:


1.John, born 20 September 1772, christened 21 October 1772 at Bank St. Presbyterian Church, Bolton.

2. Esther, born 4 August 1774, christened 24 August 1774 at Bank St. Presbyterian Church, Bolton.

*3. John, born 9 August 1777, christened 11 September 1777 at Bank St. Presbyterian Church, Bolton; married Jane Bentley 14 April 1800 in Bolton.

John Hamer birth 

  Christening record for John Hamer at Bank St. Presbyterian Church, Bolton


4. Thomas, born 19 October 1779, christened 22 November 1779 at Bank St. Presbyterian Church, Bolton.

5. Ann, born 12 September 1784, christened 15 October 1784 at Bank St. Presbyterian Church, Bolton.

6. James, born 21 July 1787, christened 23 August 1787 at Bank St. Presbyterian Church, Bolton. 

7. Susanna, christened 26 June 1791 at Bank St. Presbyterian Church, Bolton.

SOURCE: Parish registers- Bank Street Presbyterian Church, FHS# 560877; IGI; St. Peter parish register;


Thomas Hamer was born in about 1720 of Walmersley, Bury, Lancashire, England. He had the following children:

*1. Samuel, born 3 September 1746 of Kersley, Deane, Lancashire; christened 7 November 1746 at St. Marys, Bury, Lancashire; married Nancy Hodgkinson 3 April 1771 at St. Peter parish, Bolton, Lanchashire.

Samuel Hamer baptism 1746

  Christening record for Samuel Hamer in Bury: "Samuel s. Thos Hamer, Walmersley"

Richard, born 14 October 1752 of Bury; christened 24 November 1752 in Bury.

A child, gender unknown, possibly Richard, buried 27 November 1752 in Bury.

SOURCE: IGI; Bury parish register.


The Origin of the Hamers

According to Geoffrey Hamer, in "A History of Hamer, the Origins of the Name and a Lancashire Family": "The name Hamer was originally classed as a local surname...Fortunately, we have the vast range of the Church of the Latter Day Saints' records, the International Genealogical Index (IGI), at our disposal. Of the 9,000+ Hamers currently recorded, approximately 75% came from Lancashire. Of those recorded before 1600, 90% came from this county, with the great majority of these coming from the Rochdale and Bury areas. In addition, evidence from wills registered at Chester from 1572 to 1858 for the counties of Lancashire and Cheshire reinforce this theory. A study of all births and deaths in the 19th centu ry for England and Wales also comes to the same conclusion...It is comforting to know the earliest known Lancashire record spells it the same way as it is today. Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Fishwick, F.S.A., one of Rochdales's most eminent historians, stated, "The Hamers, of course, took their name from the mere or small lake formed by the waters of the Hey-brook." It is also possible that the name was taken from the moor near the Hey-brook."

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