James Roscow married Margaret Collier 10 June 1616 in Eccles, Lancashire, England.

James Roscow marriage

Marriage record for James Roscow and Margaret Collier in Eccles:
"James Rosscow of the dayne pish, Margrett Collier of the pish 10 June"

James and Margaret had the following children:

1. Thomas, christened 21 September 1616 in Bolton, Lancashire, "of the Dayne parish".  

2. Thomas, christened 24 January 1619 in Bolton, "of Deane".

3. Thomas, christened 29 January 1620 in Bolton, "of Deane".

4. James, christened 24 June 1621 in Bolton, "of Deane".

5. Jone, christened 12 January 1622 in Bolton "of Deane".

6. Thomas, christened 2 November 1623 in Bolton "of Deane".

7. Alis, christened 29 January 1625 in Bolton.

*8. Esther, christened 1 April 1627 in Bolton "of Deane"; married John Mather 10 September 1658 in Deane; buried 4 March 1694 in Deane, of Middle Hulton.

Esther Roscow

  Burial record for Esther Roscow in Deane: "Esther Roskow de deane pish daughter of James"

9. William, christened 3 March 1627/8 in Bolton.

10. Elizabeth, christened 26 April 1629 in Bolton "of Farneworth".

11. William, christened 3 April 1631 in Bolton "of Farnworth".

12. Peter, christened 3 April 1631 in Bolton "of Farnworth".

13. George, christened 19 June 1637 in Bolton "de Farnworth".

SOURCE: IGI; Bolton parish register on CD; Eccles parish register; Ancestral File;

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