Richard Entwisle was born 2 July 1651 in Bolton le Moors, Lancashire, England, the son of Raphe Entwisle and Elizabeth Hylely. The parish register says, "Richard Entwisle son of Raphe of Harwood". Richard married Elizabeth Walch 29 March 1680 in St. Peter's, Bolton le Moors.

Richard Entwisle marriage

 Marriage record for Richard Entwisle and Elizabeth Walch in Bolton

Elizabeth was christened 30 June 1661 in St. Mary's, Blackburn, Lancashire, the daughter of James Walsh or Welsh and Joan Riley.

Richard and Elizabeth had the following children:

*1. Jane, born 10 January 1680 in Bolton; christened 16 January 1680 in Bolton le Moors, "of Harwood"; married Thomas Haslam 10 August 1703 in St. Peter's, Bolton le Moors.

Jane Entwisle baptism

 Christening record for Jane Entwisle in Bolton: "Jane the daughter of Richard Entwisle and Elizabeth of Harwood - 10"

2. Elizabeth, born 4 July 1682 in Bolton; christened 8 July 1682 in Bolton, "of Harwood".

3. Alice, born 12 March 1686 in Bolton; christened 21 March 1686 in Bolton, "of Harwood"; married Lawrence Hogg 12 February 1707 in February.

4. Richard, christened 22 August 1689 in Bolton le Moors; married Ann in 1712 in Bolton.

SOURCE: Ancestral File; IGI; St. Peter parish register online; Bolton parish register.



Raphe Entwisle was christened 14 July 1616 in Bolton le Moors, the son of Raphe Entwisley. The parish register says, "Raphe Entusley of Entusley son of Raphe". He married Elizabeth Hylely 19 February 1638 in St. Peter's, Bolton le Moors.

Raphe Entwisle marriage

Marriage record for Raphe Entwisle and Elizabeth Hyleley in Bolton: "Raph Entwisley Elizabeth Hyleley this pish maried 19"

Raphe is noted on his children's christening records as Raphe "de Entwisle", "de Edgeworth", and "de Harwood".

Raphe and Elizabeth had the following children:

1. Alice, christened 2 February 1639 in St. Peter's, Bolton le Moors.

2. Elizabeth, christened 1 June 1640 in St. Peter's.

3. John, christened 1 Febrary 1640/41 in St. Peter's.

4. William, christened 12 February 1642 in St. Peter's.

5. Thomas, christened 10 April 1643 in St. Peter's; buried 4 September 1658 in Bolton.

6. Ellin, christened 1 February 1645 in St. Peter's.

7. Ellis, christened 6 February 1647 in St. Peter's.

*8. Richard, born 2 July 1651; christened 6 July 1651 in St. Peter's; married Elizabeth Walch 29 March 1679 in St. Peter's.

Richard Entwisle baptism 

 Christening record for Richard Entwisle in Bolton: "Richard Entwisle s: of Raphe of Harwood b: 2" (born July 2)


SOURCE: St. Peter's parish register online; Bolton parish register on CD; IGI;


Raphe Entwisle or Entwisley was born in about 1570 of Bolton. He was named as the son of Rauffe Entwisle in the will of Hugh Entwisle, his grandfather, in 1590. Raphe Entwisley married Ellyn Holt (or Holde) 28 August 1599 in Bury, Lancashire.

Raphe Entwisley marriage

Marriage record for Raphe Entwisley and Ellyn Holte in Bury: "Rauffe Entwystley & Ellyn Holte ye 28 Aug"

The marriage is also recorded for the same date in Mirfield, Yorkshire. Ellen may have been from Mirfield, and the banns read in both parishes. Raphe was shown as being "of Entwisley" in the parish of Bolton at the christenings of this children. Raphe died and was buried 6 June 1617 in Bolton. Ellyn died and was buried ten days later, on 16 June 1617 in Bolton.

Raphe and Ellyn had the following children:

1. John, christened in January 1601 in Bolton. (This is the only christening for this family where both parents are listed, instead of only the father.)

2. Elizabeth, christened 4 April 1603 in Bolton.

3. Margreatt, christened 4 March 1604 in Bolton.

4. James, christened 8 July 1604 in Bolton.

5. Richard, christened 21 November 1608 in Bolton.

6. Alis, christened 6 October 1611 in Bolton.

*7. Raphe, christened 14 July 1616 in Bolton; married Elizabeth Hylely 19 February 1638 in Bolton.

SOURCE: Bolton parish register on CD; IGI; Bury parish register on


Rauffe Entwisle was born in about 1550 of Bolton, the son of Hugh Entwisle. He is named as executor in the will of his father Hugh in 1590, shown below. Rauffe is also mentioned in the will of Robert Entwysseley of the Foldes, husbandman, in 1573-4. Rauffe and Hugh were named as executors, and both Rauffe and Hugh were named as owing money to Robert. .

Rauffe had the following children, most likely born in the 1570s and 1580s, the first three as mentioned in his father's will:

*1. Raphe.

2. William

3. Janette

4. James, buried 1593 in Bolton, son of Ralph Entwisle of Turton.

SOURCES: The Entwisle Famliy, by Bannister Grimshaw, London, 1924, citing the will of Hugh Entwistle, proven January 1590 in Cheshire; will of Robert Entwysseley, proven 20 March 1574; will of Giles Entwissil, proven 15 May 1582.



Hugh Entwisle was born in about 1520 of Entwisle, Bolton parish, the son of Hugh Entwisle. He is mentioned in the will of his son, Giles, in 1582, and is named as executor in the will of Robert Entwysseley in 1574. Hugh died in 1589, leaving a will written 27 July 1589, proven January 1590.

“Will, July 27 1589 – Proved January 1590. Hugh Entwistle divides all into four parts, all to Rauffe, his son, in trust for his children, Rauffe, William, Janette, and the children of his son Giles. Rauffe and William executors. Codicil unto Lawrence my son, 1, 13s, 4d, Edwarde Entwisle, 1, 0s, 0d.” (The Entwisle Family; Bannister Grimshaw)

Hugh had the following children, as mentioned in his will:

*1. Rauffe, born in about 1550 of Bolton.

2. Giles; married Alis; died May 1582 in Bolton; will proven 1582. Giles' children were Anne, Elizabeth, Thomasin, Issabell, and Mergaret.

In the name &c the viij daie of May in the yere of oure Lorde 1582, I Giles Entwissill sonne of Hughe Entwissill of Entwissill in the countie of Lanc husbandman something sicke in bodye but of good and perfite remembraunce praised be God by the reason of the uncertayntye of deathe do for the setlinge of good and quiet order emongeste and betwene my wife and children do make &c this my last wille and testament in maner and forme followinge ffirste I geve and bequethe my soule &c and my bodye to be buried in the pyshe churche of Boultoun in suche place as my frends shall appounte. Item yt is my will and mynde that all my goodes be devided into three ptes one pte wherof I do geve unto Alis my wyffe one other pte unto my children Anne Elizabeth Thomasin Issabell and Mergaret to be equallie devided amongest theym and the third pte wch is my owne pte my will is that Alis my wiffe shall have the custodie therof after my funerall expensis and detts discharged to the use and pfermennent of my saide children. I doe make &c Alis my wiffe and Anne my daughter my executors and I humble praye and desier my worshipfull landislords Edward Tyldesley esquier and Thomas Tyldesley his sonne and heire to be supprovisors &c. Witnesses John Entwissil William Entwissill &c. I gyve unto my younge Mr a longe staffe.   (Proved 15 May 1582)

3. Lawrence.

SOURCES: The Entwisle Famliy, by Bannister Grimshaw, London, 1924, citing the will of Hugh Entwistle, proven January 1590 in Cheshire; will of Robert Entwysseley, proven 20 March 1574; will of Giles Entwissil, proven 15 May 1582.



"The Entwistles of Entwistle - One of several theories concerning the Entwistle family name has it as of Norman French origin, and that the early family members had acquired their lands as Norman Barons after the invasion in 1066. The name may be derived from 'Estouteville' as some authorities suggest. In any case, the Entwistles married into noble Norman families of the time. Another explanation has it being from the Old English or Norse origin - 'twisle' or 'twisla' meaning 'a piece of land at the confluence of two rivers' - a geographical feature of the local Entwistle landscape. The other portion of the name 'Henn' may have derived from the water fowl that were found in the vicinity - but this is very speculative. Many alternative spellings of the name have existed in early medieval times - 'Antwysell', 'Antwisel', 'Hennetwisel', 'Ennetwysel' and 'Entwissell'.

The small village of Entwistle, consisting of around 1668 acres, is named after the family who held these lands for many centuries. It is located between the towns of Bolton, Darwen and Bury. It is surrounded by the villages of Edgworth, Quarlton and Turton, and is on the main railway line between Manchester and Blackburn. 

The Entwistle township dates from the early 13th century, when it was part of the Manor of Entwistle which was held by the Entwistle Family. Their county seat was Entwistle Halland, originally built around the year 1200. Its most famous family resident was Bertine Entwistle, who is said to have been knighted by Henry V on the field at Agincourt in 1415. The present Entwistle Hall was built in the early 17th century. The Entwistle family also inherited the Castleton Hall from Dorothy, daughter of Robert Holt, who married into the Entwistle family in 1649."

From "The original hall (Old Living) is reputed to have been built in 1200 by Robert de Entwisle, around the time that Entwistle became a township in its own right. The present day hall (illustrated here circa early 20th century) was re-built in the 15th century. In 1657 it was divided into three separate dwellings, as it remains today."

Burke's Peerage gives these details about the Entwisle family: "The family of Entwisle was long settled in the township of Entwisle , on the northeastern extremity of the hundred of Salford ; and Camden speaks of Entwisle Hall in his time as "a neat and elegant mansion," the residence of "noble proprietors of its own name." Of its distinguished members in early times was Sir Bertine Entwisell , knight, viscount of Bricqbec , a gallant warrior of the martial times of Henry V. and Henry VI. He participated in the glory of Agincourt , and contributed by his valour to the conquest of France . Returning to England , after the loss of Normandy , he enrolled himself under the banner of the red rose, and fell slain at St. Albans , in 1455 . In that battle, the first blow struck in the fatal conflict between the rival houses, eight hundred men are reported to have fallen on the side of the Lancastrians, including besides the Duke of Somerset , John Lord Clifford , Sir Robert Vere , Sir William Chamberlaine , Sir Richard Fortescue , Sir Ralph Ferrers , Sir Bertine Entwisell , and many esquires and gentlemen. Over the remains of Sir Bertine , who was interred in St. Peter's church, appeared, until recently, his effigy in brass, with the following inscription: "Here lyeth Sir Bertin Entwysell , knight, who was borne in Lancashire , and was Viscount and Baron of Brickbecke , in Normandy , a baylife of Constantine; who died the 28 May , in the year of Lord God moocclv. on whose soule God have mercy. Amen ."  Sir Bertine wedded Lucy , fifth daughter of Sir John Ashton , of Ashton , and relict of Sir Richard Byron , knight, by whom he left a daughter, Lucy , from whom the Northamptonshire Bradens descended. Edward Entwisle , esq. of Entwisle , head of the family in the early part of the 16th century, died 08 Jul 1545, seised of the manor of Entwisle."

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