Thomas Halliwell of Haulgh married Betty or Elizabeth Marsh 26 December 1759 in St. Peter's, Bolton le Moors, Lancashire, England. Betty was christened 24 February 1740 in St. Peter's, the daughter of James Marsh and Jane Haslam. Betty died and was buried 28 November 1775 in Deane.

Thomas then married Catherine Pollits, a widow, on 11 January 1778. The marriage record shows Thomas as a widower, and they are both of the parish. Catherine was Catherine Openshaw, who married James Pollet, a weaver, on 12 January 1770 in Bolton. She had a son, Richard, christened 7 May 1773 in St. Peter, Bolton. James died and was buried 3 May 1776 in Bolton. At the time of her marriage to Thomas she was a young widow with a five year-old son.

Thomas and Elizabeth had the following children:

1. Mary, christened 17 June 1763 in St. Peter's, Bolton le Moors.

2. Joseph, christened 13 April 1766 in St. Peter's.

3. Thomas, christened 25 December 1768 in St. Peter's.

*4. Alice, christened 28 April 1771 in St. Peter's; married John Haslam 15 October 1794 in St. Peter's.

5. Elizabeth, christened 24 April 1774 in St. Peter's.

Thomas and Catherine had the following children:

1. Ellin, christened 7 June 1778 in St. Peter's.

2. James, christened 3 July 1785 in St. Peter's.

3. Ellen, christened 2 March 1788 in St. Peter's.


SOURCE: IGI; St. Peter's parish register; Deane parish register.


There are several possible christening records for our Thomas Halliwell:

Records on suggest that Thomas of 1735 died young, and was the child of William Halliwell and Maria Bomber, as was Thomas of 1740. That leaves Thomas of 1740, and Thomas of 1731 as possibilities.

Research in Deane parish records show that another Thomas Halliwell of Rumworth had children children christened at the same time as our Thomas Halliwell. This is probably Thomas of 1731, and son of James Halliwell of Rumworth. That makes Thomas Halliwell of 1740, son of William Halliwell and Maria Bomber, the most likely possibility for our Thomas Halliwell. Our Thomas married Betty Marsh in Bolton. Betty was born in 1740, making both Thomas and Betty nineteen years old at the time of their marriage.


William Halliwell was christened 21 February 1713, the son of Robert Halliwell and Elizabeth Shaw. William married Maria Bomber 4 September 1733 in Deane, Lancashire. Maria or Mary was christened 1 March 1713 in Deane, the daughter of Jana Bomber of Over Hulton. Mary died and was buried 10 March 1759 in the parish of Deane. The parish register shows the burial of "Mary, wife of William Halliwell of Great Bolton". William "of Great Bolton" died and was buried 9 December 1789 in Deane.

William and Mary had the following children:

1. Jana, christened 28 March 1734 in Deane, of Over Hulton.

2. Thomas, christened 8 March 1735 in Deane, of Over Hulton.

3. Giles, christened 20 November 1736 in Deane, of Over Hulton.

4. Martha, christened 7 April 1739 in Deane.

*5. Thomas, christened 11 April 1740 in Deane, of Westhoughton, married 1) Betty Marsh 26 December 1759 in Bolton, 2) Catherine Pollits 11 January 1778 in Deane.

6. William, christened 19 June 1743 in Deane, of Westhoughton; buried 8 September 1744 in Deane.

7. Betty, christened 2 August 1748 in Deane, of Great Bolton.

8. Esther, christened 4 October 1748 in Deane, of Great Bolton.

9. Mary, christened 10 September 1751 in Deane, of Great Bolton.

10. Ellen, christened 21 September 1755 in Deane, of Great Bolton; buried 8 April 1757 in Deane.

SOURCES: Deane parish register;; St. Peter, Bolton parish register.


Robert Halliwell was christened 29 October 1671 in Deane, the son of Ralph and Elizabeth Halliwell. Robert Halliwell "of Rumworth" married Elizabeth Shaw 1 April 1703 in Deane.

Elizabeth "of Rumworth" died and was buried 17 November 1729. That year was a year of unusually high mortality in Deane. The article Dying in Droves discusses this phenomenon: "We also know that across England the harvest of 1728 was a poor one, which may well have caused food shortages in the Bolton locality. Finally we have contemporary reports from several parts of the country of unusual levels of various infections, with doctors in 1729 noting outbreaks of 'suffocating cough', catarrh, 'inflammatory fevers' (any of which might be the result of 'flu), whooping cough, chicken pox and smallpox. And there's one further bit of evidence from the Deane parish register. Alongside some of the monthly lists of burials in these years there are marginal notes written by the vicar, James Rothwell. Against June 1729 he wrote:'Most of these dyed of agues, pluraisy, etc, tho a fever came ye first.' Agues meant chills and sweats, 'pluraisy' an inflammation of the lungs. Could this be influenza? In another note the vicar wrote that:' ... in some respects ye disorder resembled ye Plague and continued amongst us above two years.'" (Dying in Droves: History Mysteries and Parish Records)

Robert and Elizabeth had the following children:

1. Eleanor, christened 2 May 1704 in Deane; married Adam Howarth; died 18 June 1768.

2. Anna, christened 18 April 1706 in Deane.

3. Mary, christened 8 May 1708 in Deane; buried 11 May 1708 in Deane.

4. Mary, christened 4 August 1709 in Deane.

5. Arthur, christened 21 October 1711 in Deane.

*6. William, christened 21 February 1713 in Deane; married Mary Bomber 4 September 1733 in Deane; buried 9 December 1789 in Deane.

7. Martha, christened 1 July 1716 in Deane; married Thomas Ridgway.

8. Joseph, christened 5 December 1720 in Deane.

SOURCES: Deane parish register; Dying in Droves: History Mysteries and Parish Records,


Ralph Halliwell was born in about 1630 of Deane. He married Elizabeth. Elizabeth died and was buried 12 April 1686 in Deane. Ralph died and was buried 23 November 1689 in Deane.

Ralph and Elizabeth had the following children:

1. Arthur, christened 22 March 1656 in Deane.

2. Ralph, christened 1 January 1659 in Deane; married Jane Rothwell 18 April 1682 in Deane; buried 30 April 1728 in Deane.

3. Ellen, christened 22 February 1661 in Deane.

4. Thomas, christened 7 January 1664 in Deane.

5. Giles, christened 19 May 1667 in Deane.

6. John, christened 17 June 1669 in Deane.

*7. Robert, christened 29 October 1671 in Deane; married Elizabeth Shaw 1 April 1703 in Deane.

8. Jacob, christened 22 February 1674 in Deane.

9. Elizabeth, christened 14 April 1676 in Deane.

10. Infant child of Ralph Halliwell, gender not stated, buried 16 October 1678 in Deane. This may be Elizabeth or another child.

11. Anna, christened 4 February 1682 in Deane.

SOURCES: Deane parish register

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