No parish record has been found for Izabela Raedman in Deane, Bolton or nearby, but the only Redman family having children in the area was the family of Richard and Elizabeth Redman of Bolton.

Richard Redman "of Harwood" was born in about 1600 of Bolton, Lancashire. He married Elizabeth.


Harwood in Bolton parish

Richard died and was buried 13 January 1659 in St. Peter's, Bolton.

Richard Redman burial

Burial record for Richard Redman in Bolton:
"Ould Rich: Redman of Brightmit - 13"

Elizabeth died as a widow, and was buried 8 May 1668 in St. Peter's, Bolton.

            Redman burial

Burial record for Elizabeth Redman in Bolton:
"Elizabeth Redman of Harwood Widdow - 22"

Richard and Elizabeth had the following children:

*1. Isabela, born in about 1620; married Raphe Holme 6 April 1640 in Deane.

2. Richard, christened 27 June 1625 in St. Peter Bolton, "of Harwood".

3. Alice, christened 19 April 1630 in St. Peter Bolton, "of Harwood".

4. Elizabeth, (daughter of Richard) buried 8 January 1649 in St. Peter Bolton, "of Harwood".

SOURCES: St. Peter's, Bolton parish register;

History of the Redman Family

“Radman or Radnight was the name given to feudal vassals, who were attendant of horseback solely to attend upon the Lord and wait upon him. They were a species of cavalry bodyguard...The Radmans, Redmans, Rodmans, Redmaynes, or Redmund, are an ancient family of Westmoreland and Yorkshire; branches of them being also found in Worcester, Herefordshire, Cumberland, Lancashire, and several other counties.”  (The History and Antiquities of Harewood in the County of York, by John Jones)