Jacob (or James) Nettleton married Margaret Brooke of Rumworth 14 February 1614 in Deane, Lancashire.

Jacob Middleton marriage

Marriage record for Jacob Nettlton and Margaret Brooke in Deane: "Jacobus Nettleton et Margareta Brooke de Romwourth sponsati fuerent"

A marriage license application had been applied for on 9 February 1614:

Jacob Middleton

Marriage license application for Jacobus Nettelton of Deane and Margaretam Brooke of Bolton
(Cheshire Marriage License Bonds and Allegations, www.findmypast.co.uk)

Jacob and Margaret had a daughter, Ellen, christened in Deane in 1619. No other Nettleton children are mentioned in Deane christening records.

Jacob Nettleton of Over Hulton died and was buried 26 March 1621 in Deane. James Nettleton, blacksmith of Over Hulton, left a will dated 26 April 1622.

Jacob Middleton

Burial record for Jacob Nettleton in Deane: "Jacobus Nettleton de Overhulton sepulta fuit vicessimo sexto die"

The will of James Nettleton, blacksmith of the parish of Deane was written in 1621. His goods were divided into three parts: one part for "Margaret my wyffe", one part "to be devided equally betwixt my two daughters Marie and Ellyn Nettleton", and another part for other bequests. Other bequests were made to "litle James Alred son of Bylet Alred" his godson, and to "Allice Holme my servant". Margaret was made the sole executor. James left a list of debts he owed, and debts owed to him. A debt is owed to "Richard Brooke my brother in law in Bolton". A debt is owed to James by "Robte Brooke my brother in law". An inventory was made after his death which included farm implements, household goods, and "tooles for the smithie". (Will of James Nettleton, blacksmith of Over Hulton, 26 April 1622, Archdeaconry of Chester Probate Records)

Jacob (or James and Margaret had the following children:

*1. Mary, born in about 1615 of Deane; mentioned in father's will of 1622; married Simon Haydock 2 February 1635 in Bolton; buried 9 September 1680 in Deane.

2. Ellen, christened 26 December 1619 in Deane; mentioned in father's will of 1622. 

Ellen Middleton baptism

Baptism record for Ellen Middleton in Deane: "Ellena filia Jacobi Netletonn (de Overhulton) bapt 26"

SOURCES: Deane parish register; Bolton parish register; www.ancestry.co.uk; Chester Wills, www.findmypast.co.uk; will of James Nettlton, 1622.

Over Hulton

Over Hulton

Nettleton Origins:

No christening record has been found for Jacob Nettleton, and no christenings are recorded for any Nettletons in Lancashire between 1575 and 1600.

"The surname Nettleton was first found in Yorkshire where they held a family seat as Lords of the Manor of Nettleton some say from the time of the Norman Conquest". (www.houseofnames.com) Nettletons in the north of England were primarily found in this time period in the area around Thornhill in Yorkshire. Between 1570 and 1595, Nettletons were christened in the parishes of Thornhill, Dewsbury, Leeds, Rothwell, Monk Frystone, Collingham, Calverley, Bramham, and Kirkburton, all in Yorkshire.

Nettletons were a prominent family in Thornhill, Yorkshire. In the Visitation of 1612, this pedigree was given for the Nettletons of Thornhill: "In the Visitation, A.D. 1612: Nettleton of Thornhill
(2) John Nettleton, son of Thomas (1), (8 Hen V) married Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. Thomas Holgate; issue John, Edward, and (3) Thomas Nettleton. The last m. Jennett, dau. of Thomas Hall, by whom (4) Robert Nettleton, 3 Henry VIII, m. Elizabeth, dau. of Nicholas Savile, of Grimston Bank, of whom (5) Robert Nettleton, 36 Henry VIII, m. Ann, dau. of Arthur Pilkington, of Bradley (6), of whom Thomas Nettleton m. Margaret, one of the 3 daus. and heirs of Richard Charlesworth (7), of who Edward Nettleton, anno 1612, Robert aet. 11, and George." (Annals of the Church and Parish of Almondbury, Yorkshire, Charles Augustus Hulbert)

The family of Robert Nettleton built Lees Hall in Thornhill: “Lees Hall, in old records called “Thornhill Lease Haull”, is one of the most picturesque middle class edifices of the sixteenth century now extant. It was the home of the Nettleton family from the time of its erection by Robert Nettleton, about 1530, to about 1580, when it was abandoned to inferior and less interested occupants. Robert Nettleton sprang from a clothier family of that name of Nettle Hill, in the vicinity of Huddersfield, and married shortly before the earlier date Jane Pilkington, of Bradley, and then erected Lees Hall for their future…He died within a dozen years or so afterwards, leaving six young children: Thomas the eldest, Robert, Alice, Elizabeth, Jane, and Rosamund, all of whom, except the first born, being under age at the demise of their mother in 1550.” (The Bradford Antiquary, Volume 2) The home still stands.

Lees Hall

Lees Hall Thornhill