Richard Morris was born in about 1600 of Deane. He married Alice.

Alice died and was buried 2 February 1648/9 in Deane.

Alice Morris burial

Burial record for Alice Morris in Deane: "February 2 Alicia uxor Richardi Morres de Raushurste in Heaton"

Richard was listed as being of Heaton in his daughter Ann's marriage in 1653: "Anne daughter of Richard Morres of Heaton".

        Morris marriage

Marriage record for Ann Morris in Deane

Richard of Heaton died and was buried 7 July 1680 in Deane.

Richard Morris burial

Burial record for Richard Morris in Deane:
"7 Richardus Morres de Heaton"

Richard and Alice had the following children:

*1. Ann, christened April 1632 in Bolton, "de Tonge"; married John Marsh 29 November 1653 in Deane; buried 5 February 1675 in Deane.

Ann Morris baptism

Baptism record for Ann Morris in Bolton: "Anne Morris daughter of Richard de Tonge  - bapt"

2. Margaret, christened 26 November 1637 in Deane, of "Heatonne". 

3. Richard, christened 18 August 1639 in Deane, "of Heaton".

Deane map

Map of Deane parish (British History Online - Deane)

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