Hellena or Ellen Makand was born in about 1640 of Over Hulton in the parish of Deane. She married Raphe Rothwell 25 October 1664 in Deane.

There were several Makand/Makant families in Over Hulton in the 1640s, and three possibilites for Hellena:

Any of these could be our Hellena Makand. Other Makant families in Over Hulton were the families of Robert Makand of Over Hulton (who left a will in 1686), and Henry Makand of Over Hulton in the 1620s and 30s, and Roger and Anne Makand of Halliwell in the 1650s and 60s.

Ellis Makand of Over Hulton married Isabella. They had the following children:

1. Henry, christened 28 November 1628 in Deane, "of Over Hulton"; buried 6 December 1628.

2. Adam, christened 5 February 1637/8 in Deane, "of Over Hulton"; buried in 1645.

3. Hellena, christened 27 May 1643 in Deane, "of Over Hulton".

4. An infant of Ellis Makand was buried in 1647 in Deane.

Isabella, the wife of Ellis Makand of Over Hulton was buried in 1647.

Ellis Makant was listed as a witness in a lease 2 October 1650, between Adam Hilton of Hilton, esq. and Roger Rigby of Atherton. Robert Makant was another of the three witnesses.

Ellis Makant was buried 1 October 1681 in Deane, "of Middle Hulton".

John Makant married Margret Peak
of Over Hulton 3 October 1638 in Deane. John was a yeoman of Over Hulton. They had the following children:

1. Ellis, christened 17 February 1639 in Deane, "of Over Hulton"; buried 8 July 1640 in Deane.

2. Ellis, christened 13 January 1640/1 in Deane, "of Over Hulton".

3. Hellena, christened 3 May 1646 in Deane, "of Over Hulton".

4. Henry, buried 16 Aug 1661 in Deane.

Margaret, wife of John Makand of Over Hulton died and was buried 20 February 1664/5 in Deane.

John Makant, yeoman of Over Hulton, died, leaving a will dated 9 May 1687.

William Makant married Elizabeth Hindlie
of Over Hulton 1 May 1639 in Deane, They had the following children:

1. Margret, christened 1 September 1639 in Deane, "of Over Hulton".

2. Hellena, buried 6 May 1645 in Deane, "of Middle Hulton".

3. Hellena, christened 11 October 1646 in Deane, "of Hulton".

William was mentioned in the will of Henry Hinlay, dated 7 March 1652/3 and proven 11 Aug 1663: "I, Henry Hinlay of Over Hulton, in the county of Lancaster and parish of Deane. One half my goods to be equally divided among my six children; my brother John £10, and the workhouse made fit to lodge in during his life; my brother (in-law) William Makant, and Margret and Ellen his daughters. Charles Hinlay, my eldest son, to pay to four of my children Richard £6, Henry (youngest son) £12, Margery £6, Elin £6." (Remains, Historical and Literary, Connected with the Palatine Counties of Lancaster and Chester, Vol. 36")

Elizabeth died and was buried 30 January 1681 in Deane, "of Westhoughton". Elizabeth Makant of Middle Hulton left a will in 1681.

Earlier Makants:

These Makants were listed in the 1642 Protestation Oath in Atherton, which is about 1 1/2 mile south of Over Hulton:

Willm Makan
Atherton Makant
Ellis Makant, senr
Ellis Makant
Henry Makant
Richard Makant
Thomas Makant, senr

Henry Makand of Atherton left an allegation and deposition in 1624-5.

The Makants are mentioned in a history of Tyldesley: "Le Machons Landes - Sometime during the early 14th c. Makants first leaps into the floodlight of recorded documents. Adam was tenant at this time. The deeds are:
Know all men that I Adam Tyldesley son of Henry Tyldesley have given to Adam le Mason of Tyldesley and his heirs a certain part of my arable land, woods and meadows in the town of Tyldesley. Witnesses: William Atherton, Richard Hulton, Adam Bradshaw, Roger Bradshaw, Ralph Overton, clerk and others. To all men Adam Tyldesley sends greetings in the Lord. Know ye that I have leased to Adam le Machonn and his wife and his sons a piece of land belonging to me in Tyldesley for a term of 16 years from the feast of St. Martin in the first year of King Edward the Second. Witnesses: Hugh Bradshaw, John Harper, Roger Bradshaw, Roger son of Anneis and others.
The name Makants was pronounced soft at this period. Later the " c " hardened. The rent reserved was evidently 6s. 8d. per annum for among the Shakerley deeds there is a receipt of Adam Tyldesley from Adam Mason for that amount in the year 1312. Later in 1315 Henry Shakerley released to Adam Mason and his heirs all his rights and claim in the lands and houses of Makants. From Adam the tenancy eventually fell to Henry le Machon, whose wife was Agnes. In 1371 the widow surrendered all her dower right to her son Adam. In 1391 Henry Tyldesley leased lands in Tyldesley to Henry le Mason, which had been formerly granted to Adam the clerk and William his son. Then in 1402 comes the first recorded settlement of Makants. It was made by Agnes le Machon to Hugh son of Adam le Machon and his heirs, in default to Alice Bradshaw her daughter and heirs, remainder to the rightful heirs of Agnes. This Adam was living in 1432, for he conveyed his lands in Tyldesley to Simon Astley, who in 1450 reconveyed them to Geoffrey Shakerley the elder. Shakerley sold them in 1459 to Gilbert Urmston and the estate in this deed is styled le Machons landes. But the Makants still lived on at the yeoman house in Mort Lane; many of their stolid family were registered at Leigh where the name is spelt variantly, Maconde, Makant. Randulf was tenant in 1572 and Adam, who had £4. 6s. 8d. of goods, in 1585. In Elizabeth's reign Thurstan Tyldesley of Wardley gave licence to Thomas Fleetwood of the Peel to make a conduit through Makants lands. Randle took the oath in 1641 and Samuel in 1696. In 1838 Peter Makin was tenant of Old Hatters." (A Short History of the Township of Tyldesley, by John Lunn)  Tyldesley is about three miles south of Over Hulton.