John Jollie was born in about 1530 of Standish, Lancashire, England, possibly the son of Seth Jolie. He married Jane Haydock 13 December 1552 in Chorley, a parish about three miles from Coppull.

        Jolye marriage

Marriage record for John Jollie and Jane Haydock in Chorley:
"John Jolye maried Jane Haydock 13 day October"

The Jollie family had their roots in Standish: “A family of the name of Jolly, Jolley, or Jollie, was settled in Lancashire certainly in the sixteenth century, but probably at a much earlier date. They were then living in the parish of Standish. In the time of Edward V! (1547-53). James Standish and Seth Jolly were defendents in the Duchy Court touching the alleged tortuous possession of a messuage and lands called Bradley, situate in Standish. This Seth Jolly was buried at Standish 18th December, 1560. He was probably the father of John, Robert, Alexander, and others, but the positive proof is wanting. ” (The Jolly Family of Standish, Gorton and Altham, The Note Book of the Rev. Thomas Jolly) 



John and Jane had the following children:

*1. Cecilia, christened 14 February 1562 in Standish; married Richard Wills in about 1580.

Cecilia Jolley

Baptism record for Cecilia Jolley in Standish: "Cecilia filia Johnnus Jollie et Jane uxoris euis xiv die February"

2. Seth, christened 3 March 1565 in Standish.

3. Robert, christened 7 November 1568 in Standish.

4. James (Jacobus), christened 9 September 1571 in Standish.

5. Francis (male), christened 20 February 1574/5 in Standish.

Francis Jolley

Baptism record for Francis Jolley in Standish: "Ffranncisus filius Johes Joley et jane uxoris euis xx die ffebruarij"

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Earlier Jolleys in Standish:

Other Jollies having children at the same time as John in Standish were:

Possibly these were John's brothers.

Marriages in Standish:

Burials in Standish:
Seth Jolie

Burial record for Seth Joley in Standish: "Seth Joley xiiij die Decembris" 1560
John Jolley

Burial record for John Jolley in Standish: "Johes Jolley - Staindishe xxiiij die Martij"

The Note Book of Rev. Thomas Jolley proposes this pedigree for the Jolly family in Standish:

Jolley pedigree

Thomas guesses that Seth Jolly was possibly the father of John Jolly, Robert Jolly and Alexander Jolly. All were buried in Standish.

The burial date for John Jolly in 1570/1 is after the birth of John and Jane Jolley's son Francis. Was this another John Jolley or was Francis baptized later? No later burial record is found for John.

The origins of the Jolley name are said to be Norman: "The name Jolley has a history dating as far back as the Norman Conquest of England in 1066. It was a name for a person originating in France, and was associated with the French Huguenots. This nickname surname originated with an early member who was a happy and lively person. But we must look to Normandy where the earliest records of the root name was found. As a variant of Jolliffe, it was found there as early as 1195 with N. Giolif. Three years later Robert Jolif was listed in a census in the same area of Normandy. The surname Jolley was first found in Yorkshire where there are numerous variations of the name listed in the Yorkshire Poll Tax Rolls of 1379 including: Johannes Yoly, Agnes, servienes Joly Johnan, Henricus Joly; Ricardus Jolyman; Willelmus Jolyman and Johannes Jolyman. This distinguished Huguenot family were granted lands firstly in Staffordshire. Many moved north into Scotland where records there show Alan and Bervy Jolly were granted lands in the county of Edinburgh in 1450." (House of Names)