Jonie Horrobine married James Welch 19 February 1603 in Great Harwood. No christening record is found for Jonie in Great Harwood. There are only a few Horrobines in the parish.

Jonie Horrobine marriage

Marriage record for Jonie Horrobine in Great Harwood: " James Welshe & Jonie Horrobine the xvxth of feburarie 1603"

There is a marriage record for James Harowbine and Elizabeth Haworth 24 August 1588 in Great Harwood. This is the only marriage for a male Horrobine in Great Harwood. There is one other marriage for Jean Howrobine to John Holme 16 June 1586 in Great Harwood.

The only baptisms for Horrobines in Great Harwood were for George Hawrobine 1 July 1601 (with no parents listed), and for George's children Margaret (1623) and Anna (1627). The only burial entry for a Horrobine is for Margaret, George's daughter,  in 1626.


Great Harwood
It seems likely that James was Jonie's father. While his burial is not recorded in Great Harwood, there is an entry for James Horrybinn in Blackburn on 12 January 1609/10. Blackburn is about five miles southwest of Great Harwood, and is where Jonie raised her family.

James Horrobine burial

Burial record for James Horrobine in Blackburn: "12. James Horrybinn"

There is also a burial record for the wife of James Harobin in November 1607 in Blackburn.

"Horrobin is one of the oldest family names to come from the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain. It is derived from the name Rabin or Robin, which are pet forms of the personal name Robert. The name is preceded the Old English prefix har, which means gray. Hence, the surname Horrobin literally means gray Rabin or gray Robin." (