Elizabeth Higginson of Astley was christened 15 December 1611 in Leigh, with no parents listed. Elizabeth was christened the same day as William Higginson. Another christening is found for Ellen Higginson of Astley, christened 15 January 1614 in Leigh, possibly a sister.

Elizabeth Higginson baptism

Baptism record for Elizabeth Higginson in Leigh:
"Elsabeth Higginson - 15"

Elizabeth married John Withington 16 October 1633 in Leigh.

Elizabeth Higginson marriage

The only Higginson who was married in Leigh in the right time period was Thomas Higginson who married Margerie Walkden 28 Jan 1610 in Leigh.

These Higginsons were baptized in Leigh in between 1600 and 1630:

These Higginsons were baptized in Leigh before 1600:

These Higginsons were married in Leigh before 1625:

In a history of Higginsons the author discusses the Higginsons of Leigh – “Adam Higginson, of Leigh, was buried 25 Oct., 1569; another Adam was buried 29 July 1584, and his wife (presumably) on the 30 Oct., 1594. Other burials in that century were: James, 24 Dec., 1592; Samuel, 29 Nov., 1582; wife of Thomas, 26 Dec., 1589; William, 6 Mar., 1592/3; wife of William, 27 July, 1591; William, 26 Oct., 1596. Francis Higginson was bapt. 16 Nov., 1617; buried 3 Feb., 1622/3; Henry was bapt. 21 Feb., 1621/2, both of Tildisley.”  (The Higginsons in England and America, by Eben Putnam)

The Higginsons of Shakerley are mentioned in a history of Tyldesley: "The Shakerley family of Higginson were prosperous nailors. William was the grandfather of this scholar of Brasenose: sick of body by reason of the Lord's favourable hand of correction imposed upon him he died in 1596. His wife was Agnes and on the day before his marriage, he had agreed to a settlement of his property before the worshipful Geoffrey Shakerley, whom he asked to stand good and favourable according to that order and agreement and to keep it for the better upbringing of his children in virtue and religion. He appointed his wife and a Chowbent nailor Bonaventure Astley, " his beloved friend in Christ" to be executors. Thomas, his son, was industrious and when he died in 1638 he had lifted the family fortune from the £19 of his father to £243, a sum comparable with the estates of the Shakerleys, Chaddocks, and Garratt Tyldesleys. Thomas' wife was Elizabeth and there were four children, William, Thomas, Anne, and Joan. Thomas was sent to Cambridge, where on May 9, 1645, he was admitted a pensioner at Christ's. He later migrated to Brasenose, where he graduated B.A. in 1648 and the same year was elected Fellow. He became vicar of Church Minshull and was ejected in 1662. Only the very well-to-do in Tyldesley could afford a university training at this period for their sons."  (A Short History of the Township of Tyldesley, by John Lunn)

The will of Thomas Higginson of Shakerley in 1638 mentions his wife Elizabeth, children Anne, William, Thomas, and Joane. He also mentions sister Elizabeth and brother William.