The family of Sir Henry Salisbury has been well researched, and goes back over 32 generations, including Welsh and English nobility, royalty, Magna Carta barons, Charlemagne, Brian Boru, and finally Claudius, King of the Franks, born in the year 0006. To view the ancestors of Henry Salisbury, back one generation at a time, click here.

HENRY SALISBURY was born in about 1582 of Lleweni, Denbighshire, Wales, the son of Sir John Salisbury and Ursula Stanley. A poem about the love story of Sir John and Ursula was written by William Shakespeare, and it called "The Phoenix and the Turtle". The poem is dedicated to Sir John. It is believed that William Shakespeare may have been the tutor at the home of Sir Henry Stanley, Earl of Derby, for Ursula and her sister. Sir John's mother was the well-known character, Katherine Tudor of Berain, a relative of Queen Elizabeth I.

Henry Salisbury married Hester Middleton. Hester was born in about 1587, of Chirk Castle, Denbighshire, Wales, the daughter of Thomas Middleton and Elizabeth Danvers (the daughter of James Danvers).

Hester Middleton

Henry and Hester had the following children:


1. Ursula, born in about 1602 of Lleweni; married Sir Edward Lloyd.

2. Thomas, born in about 1605 of Lleweni; died August 1643; buried Whitechurch, Denbighshire, Wales.


SOURCE: Ancestral File at, citing source as Medieval Unit, Family History Department.

The Ancestors of Henry Salisbury

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