John Overton was born in about 1520 of Chelmarsh. His occupation was yeoman farmer. He married Joanna.

John died and was buried 10 March 1594 in Chelmarsh, leaving a will dated 7 February 1594:

John Overton burial

Burial record for John Overton in the Chelmarsh parish register: "John Overton of Chelmarsh the yeoman was buryed the xth day of Marshe"

"John Overton, Chelmarshe, in the diocese of Hereford. Will d. Feb. 7, 1594 - 'To the poor of Chelmarshe 20/- to be put forth in stock at the discretion of my executors ( ) Niccolles and Richard Wilckes. To Jhone Overton my wife my house lands and tentement in Myddelton Scriven for life if she keep herself sole, also four of my best oxen etc. To Richard Overton my son my great pan and all my waynes etc. belonging to husbandry. To Thomas Overton my son 6-13-4 within three years after my decease. To Francis Overton my son 13-6-8 when my executors and his mother and my overseers think well. To John Overton my son 5 which he owes me. To Elnor Overton my daughter 10. If my daughter mary with consent, my executors and overseers shall have power to make her portion 20 or 30: if without their consent she to have only the 10 and the balance to be equally divided among the rest of my children, viz. Richard, Thomas, Francis and John Overton. To Katherine Niccolls one of the daughters of Thomas Niccolls a caudron. To Sislye Nycolles daughter of the said Thomas a brass pot. To William Niccolles son of the said Thomas a brass pan. To Thomas Niccolls son of the same Thomas a brass pot. To Frances Niccolls daughter of the said Thomas a ewe sheep. To Elizabeth Niccolles wife of the said Thomas one ( ) in the keeping of the same Thomas. To my god-daughter Frances Overton's daughter of Walslowe 10/- To each of my godchildren 4d. To Richard son of Roger Wilkes a ewe. To Elizabeth Wilkes daughter of Richard Wilkes a ewe. To Frances Ouseley my servant 6/8. To Elnor Wilkes daughter of John Wilkes a ewe. Executor: Frances Farmar. Overseers : ( ) Owsley, Thomas Nichols and Richard Wilkes.' Witnesses: William Barnell, Richard Wilckes. Debts owing to me John Overton. Imprimis: Thomas Crafte 3-10-0. Thomas Dodsone 10/-. Anne Oseland 6/8. John Goodman 40/-. Christopher Bache 26/-. Henry Fahan of Middleton 20/-. John Farner of Dewxill 26/8. John Overton owes his son Richard Overton 6-11-0. Inventory 142-8-6. Consistory of Hereford, file O., 1574-1598."


John's widow, Jone, died and was buried 7 September 1613, leaving a will dated 6 February 1612:

Jone Overton burial
Burial record for Joan Overton in the Chelmarsh parish register:
"Joanna Overton vidua sepulta fuit
septimo die Septembrie"

"Jone Overton, Chelm'she, dyocese of Hereford. Will Feb. 6, 1612; proved 1612. To be buried in Chelm'she churchyard. To eldest sonn Richard Overton flock bed etc. etc. and the 3 he oweth I due frely give hit vnto his iii children wch he had by his firste wife, viz : 20s. each at 18. To my son John Overton 20, best pott etc. To son Thomas Overton 8 he doth owe also best pann etc. To son in law Richard Smythe 30 strickes of corne and dittor maulte of ye ould messure, also on pece of syluer tachhokes frying panne etc. To sonn in law Thomas Nyckols Table bord etc. etc. said Thomas and my daughter Elizabeth Nyckols to have use for life then to William Nyckols thir sonne. To euery of my children except my daughter Elinor on syluer spoone. To euery of my childre a sheepe. To godchildren I2d. each. To servant Margarett Harley one pere of harde sheetes on napkin etc. To rest of servants 18d a pece. To Elizabeth Goodma(n) a shepe. To Elizabth Crafte and Winifred Craft daughters of William Crafte on lyttell towell apece. To Ketherin Tedstell als Farrma(r) my landlade one Willingem and to her two daughters a ould angle apece. Whereas owe to sone in law Ric. Smyth 50 he to have four of best oxen and ditto kyne in part payment, Executor to pay 10s. to stock of Chelm'she for use of poore for ever. To Ric. Wilkes his five children an edward shilling apece. Rest to my syxe childre' Ric' Thomas, John, Franses, Elizabeth and Elnor the best to him and her that has most nede. Executors: kinsman Richard Wilkes and son Thomas Overton. Overseers : Thomas Nyckols and son in law Ric. Smyth. Witnesses: Thomas Acton, clercus, Joan Acton. Debts owinge me, Elizabeth Hawse 16s, Alice Pountney 10s. Richard Simons for a bull 31s. Joane Meddow 2s.6d. Richard Overton for 4. Sum 6. I9s.4d. Debts. I owe, to my sonn in law Richard Smith 50. Codicil (nuncupative undated) To son John Overton peece of hempe cloth. To daughter Elnor peice of hurden cloath. To son John Overton pece of wilen cloth. To son Frances Overton and daughter Elnor Smith ditto. To Joan Raynols on hudre smocke. To children one Angel each. To son in law Thomas Nicholas an Edward shilling. To daughter Elizabeth Nichols a yemd kercher and second gowne. To Joise Croppe a apron. To daughter in lawe Margaret my best petticoate. To Elin Smith best gown. To daughter Elizabeth Nicholls second ditto. To servant Margaret Harley second peticoate. To servant Mary Holland worst ditto. To daughter in law Margaret Overton a yard kercher. To daughter in law Alice Overton ditto. To George Pallmer two whopes of corne. To Edward Eymon one pecke of corne. Certen lynen to all my children and the overplud of my goods to three children viz.: John, Francis, and Elinor. Divers witnesses. Consistory of Hereford, file O. 1599-1626 (old 106 and 107 in file 1612)."

*1. Elizabethe, born about 1550; married Thomas Nychols 9 October 1575 in Chelmarsh.

2. Richard, christened 18 October 1557 in Chelmarsh.

3. John, christened 13 November 1560 in Chelmarsh.

4. Thomas, christened 15 January 1563 in Chelmarsh; buried 30 April 1564 in Chelmarsh.

5. Thomas, christened 20 May 1567 in Chelmarsh; occupation: yeoman; married 1) Margaret who died in 1617; then married 2) Johan; died and left a will dated 1640, with wife Johan as executor. Thomas names Thomas Nichols, clerk, my kinsman, Thomas Nichols, his son, and Johan Nichols, his youngest daughter, Fraunces Smyth, cousin, Francis Overton, brother, William Nichols, cousin, and his son Thomas, and Johan Overton, wife and executrix.

6. Elnor, christened 11 November 1569 in Chelmarsh; married Richard Smythe.

7. Francis (male), christened 21 July 1574 in Chelmarsh; married Margerie; alive and named in brother Thomas's will in 1640.


SOURCES: Chelmarsh parish register; will of John Overton, 1594; will of Jone Overton, 1612; will of Thomas Overton, 1640.

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